What Are The Best Clue Triggers?

So you have made a mind map and improved your doodling and drawing capabilities and your questioning capabilities-so what might be the causes of self sabotage?

So the most obvious self sabotage in sports and sports gambling are usually inbuilt BIAS’ and ALLEGIANCES.  I am English and have an inherent bias and allegiance towards any given England team or even British team and players in multiple sports-in terms of being in the ZONE and actually WINNING you do often have to throw such ideas out of the window-that is not to say do not support your team-by all means fly the flag support the local and be patriotic and so on-though when it comes to gambling and money-always put your money where the strongest clue pointers are at that you can win-and always ask yourself-can I afford to lose this cash-if you know your team is going to lose and have no desire to support or back the opposition-keep the money in your pocket-how hard is that?

So again I have on multiple occasion stated that FAVOURITES ARE FAVOURITES FOR A REASON-how can I take advantage of such thinking?  Well whilst Worldwide tours and so on are taking place you do see UPSETS on some occasions during the year though very rarely do upsets occur in the early rounds of events.  So you might be better of for instance placing a high bet on an early round victory for a FAVOURITE than a low bet for a tournament or competition win-at least whilst you are testing such theories and so on and again only ever bet or gamble what you can exist without-some folks laugh when I suggest practicing in the so-called low pence range of gambling-though given all the online sites that is a perfect way to practice and they will happily take your pence as well as your pounds.  So I can put £1 in an online account and make 10x 0.10p bets-easy.

So what are the best kinds of clues-well the most obvious is what the experts are saying hence the idea of FAVOURITES as being safe early on in many a tournament-little knowledge is required for that assessment-though as any competition continues you do of course  face greater RISK.

Risk strategy and theory is perhaps not an area I have spoken on very much though worth a study for those interested in our gambling system-you can again find a multitude of books and courses and so on relating to RISK and lots of statistical data as to how to Navigate and question your way through RISK scenario’s and so on.

Now given that clues can come from anywhere and anyone at any time is it worth taking note of COMMENTATORS and CHARACTERS and PERSONALITIES and INDIVIDUALS with a Historical Connection with your chosen sport?

Well I have found that since taking up meditation and so on that I have a heavy bias against taking notice of professional pundits who often have they’re own “PLAYING DAYS” BIAS’ yes you can take such things into consideration as support of your own Theory though in the TV and MEDIA roles that such people carry out they are often playing the neutral zone and generally have a habit of staying in the HEDGING BETS ZONE.  So you yourself could of course carry out the same though that is not our purpose-our purpose is to choose and select WINNERS.

So we have our drawing and doodling and we have questions and visualizations and following the sporting favourites is it possible to find other ways of realization of INDICATORS and POINTERS triggers that are not in your face obvious?

Well one of the things that I used to regularly carry out was simply writings poems and rhyme so anyone can do the same and see how you can then relate such information to your chosen sport. If all is now then at any given moment of inspiration you will likely write or create ways and means of association.

So in the practice of following a sport you have made many a mental cog and link-in the practice of writing poetry and rhyme you might be providing further clues and again you could for instance like particular clues for particular players and so on-so be aware of players Nicknames and rhyming slangs and all the weird and indirect ways that very usually go unnoticed by those who do not pay attention.  I have on some occasions seen huge clues pointing to particular upsets in some sports and so on and I am sure that dedicated day after day of simply writing blogs such-as this one can also contribute to your knowledge base-yes much written here can be somewhat dull though I could of course write my life-got up went to shop bought a newspaper and so on.

you can also be asking the question what is new in my routine or World or Environment Today that is differing to yesterday? yes sometimes you suddenly find yourself becoming aware of car positions in streets and new posters in windows or all sorts of little things that previously went unnoticed-all I ever suggest is that you take a note and then see if that note later has any thing of meaning to where you are placing your FOCUS.  So in the last few days I have spoken heavily on SPORT GAMBLING and so on though that is ONE FOCUS and you can place focus on ENLIGHTENMENT if you are just starting out-or any number of other areas-getting a new partner/job/health/lifestyle etc.  I simply like going with the sports gambling because many a person does anyway and we all want that little bit extra cash in our pocket to make life that little bit easier.  Meditation when you have advanced enables you to start a focus and maintain a focus when very often maintaining and keeping focus is unnatural to the average brain (especially for some things in life that we carry out on autopilot)  so we want to take the autopilot of line and start bringing anything and everything into conscious awareness to either be let go or have a related AH-HA of some description with.

Yes so be pragmatic give things an opportunity to work-carry out a post mortem when they do not-though again from the perspective of Improved Solutions & Navigation or Decision Making Skills rather than debating failure.

How Can I improve this element or idea or how can I improve that element or idea and so on.

CIAO FOR NOW he says in highly repetitive fashion 🙂