Wow A 9/11 And Not A Jihadist In Sight

Yes so every year on this day we tend to seemingly find ourselves with either a reminder of what happened to the Twin Towers World Trade Centre or simply waiting and watching to see if anything similar happens elsewhere-that is not to say that the terrorist act is one that we will see repeated so much as perhaps a level of hysteria has seemingly been maintained in some quarters as to CONSPIRACY and SECRET Governmental Plots and so on.

The problem for myself in witnessing such things is that I tend to find that as Bill Harris suggested (In relation to awareness issues) people have a tendency to have a belief and that belief is then seemingly supported by multiple aspects of the rest of the brain or any given persons own particular belief system until something perhaps brings you to a new belief or however one is to describe enlightenment and so on-and for myself at least I tend to think that many a CONSPIRACY belief around September 11th is partially seemingly nostalgic (yes I know the word seems inappropriate) and does not stand up to simply INQUIRY.

The latest for instance that I heard was that a man won a court case for implicating the BBC as being party to the Terrorist Plot-they reporting that a building was struck some 20 mins before the actual event.


The reason I ask these questions is quite simply that a great deal of confusion occurred during those events and it is easy to imagine that reporters and so on in a rush to get information out simply MADE MISTAKES-and that to my mind is a more sensible conclusion than CONSPIRACY!

The idea that large News Agencies and Multi National Corporations and Governments should be INFALLIBLE is a strange one although of course given the vast number of employees I would suggest nigh on IMPOSSIBLE.

So we can then perhaps ask-If I know that News agencies are fallible and Corporations are fallible and Governments are fallible-what reasons do I have to believe that I myself am not FALLIBLE.  If I am fallible what areas or aspects of my life and conduct might I be regarded as fallible for?

Of course some might say that such questioning leads nowhere and so on-my own personal view is that such questioning especially for MEDITATORS can rightly or wrongly lead you to a few home truths about the way Society/ The World and so on really is.  It can also give you an understanding as to why some arguments and cycles and patterns re-occur year after year and so on.

Are Meditation and Technologies and Teachers that I recommend EMPOWERING? I again personally believe that they are irrespective of prior knowledge or prior belief system that was operating.

Can I take such beliefs and teachings and so on and disseminate them amongst other people? Again such things are choice and given that it can take a year or two of using any modality to genuinely see any benefit-some folks might not be so keen to do that-personally I generally think it is a worth while activity-especially given that over the longer term such details could be the difference between your own success or otherwise.

In what way might that be true?

We do of course often return to the idea surrounding TRUTH and what is truth and so on-my own view is that truth is again in the realms of the BEHOLDER so whilst some folks spend there lives not examining they-re own beliefs and so on those of us that do can become far more flexible in belief and ability to adapt to change and so on.

Are their all-encompassing realms of belief that can be achieved?  I think again it is simply a matter of questioning and make ones own choice of progress or otherwise-far to easy time and again to get bogged down in debates that do not serve.  So for instance I said I was meditating with Holosync in a top-down fashion and was using Learning Strategies Modalities in a bottom-up fashion-as I have progressed with the Holosync I found myself asking questions that I perhaps missed during my early rushing through and the Learning Strategies modalities have gradually perhaps filled the gaps in terms of Question and Answer.

So perhaps the Top-down and Bottom-up references are no longer valid in the sense that as I have slowed down in more recent times with usage of the modalities I have generally found a greater balance and deeper level of enlightenment occurring-so I could in fact say that all-encompassing abilities are developed over time and that I was unfair in claiming one aspect for one company and not the other when clearly there is an overlap in knowledge and awareness and enlightenment and so on-so anyone irrespective of prior beliefs can raise they’re own abilities and skills and create they’re own level of all-encompassment whether that is in relation to the idea of NOW or wherever you are presently centring your own attention and focus.

 Yes I am going to have to start writing some deeper and better thought through articles and pieces of work-though in all truth I am likely to put that kind of effort into my other website development than this one-this simply a day-to-day writing practice.  They do say repetition can get you deeper and that might be true in some aspects though given the advancement of technologies in recent times I think you are better with technology than without.

thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂