Do You Cringe? Or Become SALACIOUS when you see the Words:-


It has now been sometime since I began this blog and I really do not now what is safe to write about and what is not safe to write about-I recently set a challenge for people to see if they could come up with there own character for a major animation picture and of course today is the deadline-I mean what if-what if they think that I will want the information and character detail attributes that they have so lovingly been crafting and putting all there energies into over these last 48 Hours.

Of course I am quite sure that anyone who has put any kind of work in will begin to see more and more links between the so-called SIGHT BEYOND SIGHT REALMS and the boring day-to-day life type information that most of us find ourselves living our lives.  I guess in judgment terms that so-called boringness is the choice that we have made for lack of EXCITING ALTERNATIVES and of course the TRUTH is that anyone can become or create for themselves a more satisfying life than they POSSIBLY currently have.

The other part about DEAR DIARY type pieces is of course that they are supposed to contain information that you might not find anywhere else about a persons private thoughts and feelings and so on-I just hope she is not reading this because if she truly knew how I feel about her-it could cause a situation.  I guess I will just have to let those thoughts and desires go and find someone else and just thinking that is tearing me apart I mean have you ever felt this way about anyone else-can you just walk away knowing that she could be the one-one person that was absolutely right for you from head to toe in every respect of the word SIGH.

What else well I was recently thinking about this issue of CLUES and of course I have made multiple links across multiple MEDIA and so on-so for instance I recently quoted the CHARACTER of FRANCIS URQUHART (You may think that-though I could not possibly comment) and that show for myself was something that I really liked-there was something SALACIOUS about the way the character BROKE the so-called FOURTH WALL in making asides and comments to the VIEWERS.

This is of course something we see in PANTOMIME-though rarely in BIG SCREEN DRAMA and that particular drama was even better in the sense that it was about Politics and Whitehall and so on-IT MADE POLITICS INTERESTING.

Likewise I am unure as to where else the FOURTH WALL is broken though I guess it must happen in THEATRE a fair bit in some form or other.  I noticed that KEVIN SPACEY was playing a US Character Version of the “House of Cards” character and he of course if memory serves joined the RSC That’s Royal Shakespeare Company not Raisins Sultanas Currents.

Where else well I was sat in the garden and a ROBIN appeared and started TESTING myself.  You  know how they will sit on a fence and then fly a little closer before darting of again-it was quite strange to BEHOLD there I was just sat quietly and the Robin was getting closer and closer before whizzing of again to a (I guess) safe distance.  That perhaps something that relates to Monks and so on (I said I worked at Belmont Abbey and the abundance of creatures around there tend to have that UNHUNTED or safe kind of existence).

What else well because of the Francis Urquehart quote I was of course reminded of the film WHERE EAGLES DARE and that was of course (if memory serves also related to that Arctic Troops Reference) so as I say when you peel back the layers of so-called sources and think and follw your own CLUE set you do often have more and more Ah-ha-not sure where the Richard Burton link is though of course I did recently mention Burt Reynolds of JJ (canon ball run fame).

I saw that Forest Gump was on yesterday when I was at work and again that is a Fantastic kind of storytelling and portrayal by the cast-that I am sure many a person can relate to in some fashion or other.

What else ummn well returning to the Diary theme I found myself wondering about early childhood memories and of course the first early wallpaper that I remember was having NODDIE wall paper-Noddy and Big Ears being chased by GOLLIWOGS-golliwogs were of course the Original naughty toys in the Land of Noddie’s Toytown? not sure what the place was called.  Further to that I also found myself thinking that the earliest TV character that I can remember was THE LONE RANGER with the WILLIAM TELL OVERTURE as the theme-I have not seen the more recent Johnny Depp release though reviews were not encouraging-having said that I have of course read many a review of a film and found myself being happy enough once viewing from a non critical viewpoint.

So these things you can of course go into the realms of SELF INQUIRY-I did perhaps previously mention how an Indian (I think) girl was one of the earliest kinds of nursery school girlfriends before dying of Leukemia.  My brothers (Timothy) Missus Christine also went through having that although she survived the treatment.

I also of course married a mixed race person-so I guess it can be easy to find THREADS throughout someone life when you go seeking for them-although many a TEACHER or MASTER does say that these things are only APPLICABLE in the meanings and so on that WE OURSELVES given them.

From the POINT of VIEW of looking back over ones life-it is easy to have returned to one or two of those threads though from a continued Existence it can perhaps be better to become WISE or WISER as to where the original thoughts feelings and so on ORIGINATED within your own life story and so on.

So what else do people put in diaries-well as someone who does not have a requirement of a work diary and appointments and schedules I guess most people perhaps have more than one-though of course most are perhaps of the P.A. (Personal Assistant) secretarial variety.

I am quite sure many a person does not keep a personal Diary given the SALACIOUS way in which people are often shown to think I WILL JUST HAVE A QUICK SNEEK PEEK.

I was of course also thinking where do we get such attitudes from in the first place-obviously we are perhaps of a CURIOUS nature and so on-though surely some inquisition and enquiry of others is unnecessary-so many of the teachings I find myself returning to are often related to this IDEA of THE HEART and so on-Who remembers Heart to Heart (WHEN THEY MET IT WAS MURDER!)-yes plenty of reason to not run around meeting people. lol.

Now a criticism of myself is perhaps this one of mentioning SAS when I actually have zero links to them-far to easy for people to think otherwise although I have stated that on multiple occasion.

However the other issue is of course that many folks do buy books and so on and you do come to realise that many of these things are MENTALLY at least a Two-way street in the sense that I mentioned Von Ryans Express and yellow Taxi and then thought-hold on was there a taxi of that description in one of those former SAS men’s Books? and likewise the Cakemix talk of recent days led to my thinking of the Mcnab stuff.

So they folks have CREATED they’re own Legend (for lack of a better term) and we often as youngsters and so on buy into those TALES OF DARING and so on.  So given that we buy into these things and so on-you do sometimes have to wonder what are the so-called sources that you might HOLD RESPONSIBLE for bad things happening within your World and Life-and it could for instance be argued that any of us lads who had all the military type toys as kids and so on and watched I WANT YOU TO DIE MR BOND and so on-could have been negatively affected by some of these influences-all though generally most of us (OVERALL) perhaps regard it as the other way around.

that is why I simply say take folks as you find them not as you might like them to be or indeed as an EDITED book can appear-books and TV/FILM are very often EDITED over and over again leaving out the toilet trips and so on-unless RELEVANT to PLOT.

So anyone can probably find that they have enough information within they’re own life to write a story of HIGHLIGHTS that could sell to someone somewhere even if it is simply CRAFTED into a third person and so on.

I do actually quite like that BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL THEME from theatre and think it has been used in Historical Movies far more often than NOW-the “Road” films with Bing Crosby and Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour used to use them excessively-as did many an earlier comedy from the black and white film era-and perhaps one or two Disney editions-DID THE GENIE in ALADDIN (portrayed by recently deceased Robin Williams) say an aside or two to the audience?

Yes that of course another VIETNAM link he of course playing the shock jock in another film that highlighted that era-did Tom Hanks ever work with Robin Williams? I will have to do a search on that one.

Yes so BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL and utilising that as part of story or script and so on-these things INTERSTING simply because you can go on to wonder OKAY so we have identified a 1st,2nd,3rd, 4th Perspective and of course a DIE or DICE (think roll the die games) have six sides and each opposite side adds up to seven although that again was someones idea of cleverness in some fashion-who ever tried to roll double-six in a game of monopoly-these things are all calculated as moment chance-though of course we do not consider these things to RESET because we do not regard ourselves as having the ability to RESET.  We clearly do when you do the meditation and so on.

Anyway that should be enough to be getting on with and remember ALL MEANING IS THE MEANING YOU YOURSELF GIVE-as opposed to any suggested by myself-I am not being critical of anyone or any group here merely presenting another form of ENQUIRY EXAMINATION into BELIEF and so on and so forth.



Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂