Amityville The House On The Hill

So there I am suggesting starting from a higher place on the hill and what pops up?

Yes of course the title is a pull out line from a popular song again going back to the 1980’s though of course I myself might of been considered to live at a house on the hill at that time during my life in the sense that I lived in the Tupsley region (district) of Hereford and the only way to get there was to follow the grand old Duke of York and march up the hill likewise the school I attended was also up that particular hill so you might say that having lived down the Belmont Road (A49) in the South of the City and indeed South Wye I moved to the North of the City and a district that was better situated for my School and likewise a somewhat differing mentality existed within the local Community or district to that which I had previously experienced living in the South.

The move was perhaps not to my own liking as I have suggested previously in the sense of differing kinds of attitudes and tribalism existing within differing districts-some changes you do not notice or miss and others you do-it could be argued for instance that for anyone familiar with having a local Shanghai type district that those Communities can be tighter and more closely knit although often around negative behavioural issues-whilst other districts can be knit around other type issues.  You could in fact possibly:-

Overlay a SPIRAL over any City Centre and then see where that SPIRAL overlays the PRE EXISTING Districts within any given location and likewise once you have carried our that task you could then APPLY another SPIRAL as an of-shoot of your main SPIRAL why carry out such task-well as I say you can gain insight into the Nature of SPIRALS of Influence within any given area and the attitudes that you might find along particular spirals and indeed BORDERLANDS.

As I say I lived on the Belmont Road and that was bordered by multiple districts that the road cut through and as a wondering exercise I learnt from quite a young age the differing types of other peoples that could be expected to be found in surrounding districts and areas-yes many a gang perhaps carried out similar explorations though it is interesting how you do take in on a non-conscious learning type basis the on-the-ground type knowledge for differing areas and so on.

The spiralling might also be considered in traditional medical type thinking in the sense that you could consider the main roads and arteries to be like your NERVOUS SYSTEM main roads and routes through towns and cities and so on and the lesser spirals as the  SENSORY CONNECTIONS within the sub-nervous system.

Likewise these things are not easy to apply together as SERIOUS and so on so you have to once again plunge into the ARTISTIC REALMS and a LEAP of the IMAGINATION.

The leap of the imagination is something perhaps that has to be returned to again and again until the shifts start happening for yourself.  I had an Email today from LS in relation to Spring Forest Qigong and Chunyi Lin and it explained how he had lived through the Culteral Revolution and lost family and Friends and so on and had as a young person gone to see an Energy Healer and the “FORGIVENESS”  teaching did not sit well with the mind-set that he had at that time in his life.  Many of Modalities relating to Christianity and Spirituality and so on all repeat this kind of a teaching of “FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT” in his case he followed and suggests the Meditational type Mantra of “I PRETEND THAT I LOVE YOU AND FORGIVE YOU” this goes along with another modality or two that I have suggested where you visualize people or persons that you have had conflict with within your life on a STAGE and you simply keep on imagining saying your mantra to those peoples one by one or one as an example of all-there are many VARIATIONS on this teaching though as I have said-I personally prefer the MEDITATION first and this type of MANTRA later-the difficulty having been getting the Brain or Mind to a place of CALM in the first place.

So the pretence and fake it until you make it is popular teaching and I guess the same attitude can be said for people in NEW ROLES in LIFE the NEW MANAGER or NEW ACCOUNTANT or NEW [INSERT LABEL] and so on.  Many people LACK CONFIDENCE when stepping into a JOB in a particular role and only being in a particular role can give you the underlying skills said to be associated with any given ROLE.  Having said that you can of course be congruent and be honest about such issues-at least in CHAIN OF COMMAND TERMS these things are EXPECTED.

Likewise OPENING FRONTS of CONFLICT on to many borders can be a SELF INFLICTED nightmare and far to many a person I encounter WALKS STRAIGHT INTO THIS kind of a SCENARIO TRAP.  Defending or even going on the OFFENSIVE against IMAGINED opponents.

So strip away all of your own STORY and STRIP away the STORY that LED to the STORY and just keep on going until you come to see that LITERALLY everything is simply a STORY MODEL of some description-and that you really can clear most of these things out of your system and start over again from a place on the HILL that is not Amityville.

I cannot of course mention a Hill without mentioning Napoleon Hill-he of course another of the Famed Authors that is often recommended by many existing Guru’s as one of they’re own sources of enlightenment and so on.

Not sure why I wrote this peace though felt like writing and seeing what came up so just one of those types of pieces and nothing to get het up or overly concerned about.

I can also of course mention that having said the word Dandy in multiple articles that that was actually another comic that I recall from childhood that I used to get at the same time as my Beano.  They had a differing character set and model and I think attitude was also differing although now that I come to think about it-maybe that was the point in the sense that when you can see the overlays and themes you can see that they were not to dissimilar.  The difference between Dennis the Menace and Minnie the Minx is not a HUGE LEAP is it?

Yes I am not going to go down those lines of debate though obviously having looked at drawing materials related to cartoony type images and so on I am perhaps recalling many a childhood read.

I am also trying to recall the name of one or two of the other comics from that era though cannot for the life think what they were and I think one or two disappeared though the characters were integrated into the other comic STABLES to use a phrase.  So a popular character own comic disappeared though the character was saved through being moved into another comic realm.  These things have occurred of course in multiple ways where we see GUEST appearances by Luminaries in each other Worlds and Realms. Will you be joining in the Guest’s Quest.

Hmmn TTFN 🙂