So What Else Is Going On Around The World

Yes I decided that an earlier published post whilst still existing could have its setting changed to private as I am quite sure those folks who needed to read it would likely have chosen to do so or received information from someone who did.

Likewise I decided to see what else is going on and of course Andy Murray apparently lost to Djokovich in Beijing so the ASIA region from both North (China) and South (Japan) is currently being HIGHLIGHTED by World Touring Sports.  Likewise in the Motor World we are having or have had the Paris Motor Show though of course Paris perhaps more famous as that stuff they wrap around Dave’s broken bones when he suffers such injuries.  How did plaster of Paris come to gain that name?  Another link to perhaps research for myself after having concluded writing this particular post.

The other article that grabbed my attention was of course the Highlighting of the Leading Ladies for the OSCARS-I am unsure when that event is held though that is what my gadget is currently throwing up as current entertainment news and so on and so forth.

So in looking at sport and looking at motors and looking at Actors and Actresses and Entertainment and so on I can simply create a World so to speak that is not being CRAFTED by all the MPS and CABINET and PARLIAMENT and so on.  I think I have returned to this issue again and again whereby irrespective of what many a person claims-all the news that we see whether in the PRESS or TV MEDIA day-after-day is simply quite often ABHORENT for lack of a better description.  Yes I am supportive of our own military and so on though likewise do not necessarily want to WITNESS 100% News Coverage on every evil event that some evil and twisted individuals are carrying out on a daily basis.  Even when the News is not about The Middle East we seemingly find death and murder and mayhem and so on within our own doorstep.  I have often wondered as to how other Countries reference OUR REGION given that from their own position and perspective and so on they must also regard themselves as CENTRAL.  We of course have Greenwich Meantime though Likewise both America and Russia have designated Zones across there respective landscapes as to the PRESENT TIME.

Is there a UNIVERSAL PLANETARY TIME CLOCK of some description that is used by all who are signed up to it?  I know they do of course have ATOMIC CLOCKS and so on and those are supposed to be exceptionally precise though again that is taking instruments to measure instruments and that is of course differing to any Human Central Time that we as individuals might develop for ourselves.

So plenty of points of reference for anyone to do some point to point soul searching and relational information gathering upon and likewise I simply need to return perhaps to doing some meditation as I have actually neglected that in recent weeks-simply to see how much I could stay attuned when I stopped using the assisted meditations-so anyone who has been following myself successfully since early September can perhaps be pleased as to how the so-called training and programs and courses do stay with yourself even if you have had a break of some description.

Yes my other issue is of course that my Laptop is on its last legs and is going to require replacing though I still like DVD/CD components and they are seemingly gradually being phased out in favour of CLOUD computing and ALWAYS ON SYSTEMS and so on and so forth.  So yes meditation whilst initially quite intensive has after several years settled down to a point where I can have brief interludes whereby I do not feel I am being pushed against the THRESHOLD or under PRESSURE or STRESS and so on-I am sure many things can occur that make those things happen though likewise if I were experiencing major up-shakes and so on then it is somewhat easy for myself to shut up shop as I have not really been holding my own focus where I feel it should have been held in recent years-those self debates are of course endless though I do now have a better idea as to what things are truly important in ones life as opposed to simply being told what should be important-and knowing and feeling such things on an internal basis I think can make all the difference in the World to how anyone goes about living and experiencing life and so on etc.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well