The Ferocious In Iesus Works Wonders In My Precious

Of course I should not mix Latin with English as that might make one or either language impure yet in reality as we go about deciphering all the many languages we have at our disposal we come to see that many begin with the basic’s of musical notation and that we can with belief create the necessary associations to improve our practice of self-healing and self-awareness and all the rest of it-I know full well that bi-linguists have an advantage in this area yet it is not as big an issue as many think-for instance any person looking at any object in esoteric terms will see the same thing-only the label/language changes and that is why moving to a visual oriented practice can seed up awakening and enlightenment practice-scientific research has shown that the usually non-conscious thought very often proceeds the action or known thought.

So interactions in our brains are happening all the time and through use of our filters we choose those that we pay attention to and neglect those that are filtered-great if you are very rich powerful happy and living the dream-not so great if you are all to often filtering material that could be of benefit to yourself.

The technologies enable the changing of filters akin to the tales of the blind man declaring that they can see.  The problem for many is often that we have (for instance) unwanted thoughts and feelings related to various subject matters and so on and it can take time to overcome these self-created obstacles.

One from my own life for instance that I may have written of previously was that as a school leaving teenager I was highly motivated for success and everything was about the accumulation of money-I want money for a bike/car and there I am working in a Supermarket where they throw money at myself for stacking shelves, working tills, smiling at people, secretly using the pump trucks as scooters and all the rest of it, I had worked other jobs as a youngster also-paper rounds and even setting up a market stall each Wednesday at the Market prior to school and again always having money for these activities-this is ever so easy I was convinced.

So the day of my death I was not at work-I was out and about being laddish and playing pool and snooker at the local Snooker centre, another mate called in knowing was I was likely at and said they wanted  myself in on overtime if I could manage to spare a few hours of my day.  DAVE’S GREEDY FOR MORE MONEY BRAIN GOES-KERCHING KERCHING That’s great, so I finished up the game I was playing, said my goodbyes to those I was with and headed off to work.

So I will not spell out the entire work day as I have already been through that on several occasions-yet after waking up in Hospital and so on I gradually began associating money with death and pain and all the rest of it.  MY MONEY GREED LED TO MY ACCIDENT was the all new story I suddenly found myself living.

So in an effort to reduce the possibility of future death’s and pain and so on I started living an AVOIDANCE OF MONEY LIFE, get by on as little as is required without being GREEDY was the SAFE PLAN-at least that is what I was now gradually convincing myself of-whether that was being carried out consciously or non-consciously I do not fully remember.

It did not matter what others said or did-the keep yourself alive on the minimum money trail was the now choice and that choice of course was self fulfilling.  Yes I’ll starve myself because I overspent here, no I will not do any overtime.  So one extreme of easy money was now swung or turned around to an alternate extreme of MONEY IS BAD THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL etc. etc. and of course how I saw the World and other people in the World also changed-I would not say I had become a dark person so much as was unwilling to invest my time and my energy in the pursuit of my own potential death.

So the shutters came down and all filters became about MONEY and SURVIVAL without money.  Of course developing a non compliance attitude towards other peoples was also PARAMOUNT-the modern equivalent is perhaps closely resembled in the Arctic Monkey’s Song “Whatever people say I am, That’s what I’m not”.

So my failure to attract and have money was a deliberate and acted upon strategy although not a very liberating one-it was all about what I was able to do at that time of my life development and so on-thank fully in my opinion it has proved correct in many side effect ways years later-being targeted and rejected by racists and foreigners and heterophobics on my return to employment in Hereford for instance.

So the best course now for myself having moved on from the above is to remove all remaining filters and fears and issues surrounding money and associations related to debt and lack of money-return to my easy money attitude that I had as a youngster combined with the wisdom of knowing my own mind better than others who seemingly want to battle at every turn simply because I refuse to comply with bigotry and prejudice and misrepresentation of truth.

One of the easiest truths in life is that all money is merely money-we see this in the UKRAINE/CRIMEA situation where whilst everyone is saying we will carry out sanctions against Russia-at the same time Russia is still supplying GAS to most of Europe including the Countries declaring sanctions.  So GLOBAL WORLD TRADE continues irrespective of TV reported horror and scare tactic stories.

So I would like to reassure everyone that I have no wrong side that can be gotten on when you want to give myself money-the infrastructure and turning curve and learning curve does of course take time for many of us wrapped up in our own version of SATORI yet extremism of any kind whether through name calling or however these things happen is not going to be rewarded.  Far better to ignore the constantly toxic individuals raise ones own vibe and attitude to address the compliance and company of the moderate & willing and take out of any Hannibal lectures the seed of truth that can be beneficial in my own life.

So Easter and Suffering and Hardship is once again being Highlighted-one can only seek to address these issues in ones own life and circumstances and the pomposity of some individuals is a sight to behold (If not read).


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