Follow the Synchronous Paper Trail

Anyone who loves a good detective story and is interested in connecting the dots and details or exploring there own inner workings generally does this in one form or another, it can be consciously or unconsciously if it’s already part of your life’s routine.  For many people it fulfills or satisfies a deeper need, that most people have on a conscious or unconscious level.

A typical example might be reading your daily stars in the paper in hope of relating to others of your star sign, you could explore further by going to Wikipedia and seeing who was born on your  birthday, you choose a historical figure and investigate them further perhaps finding commonalities between you, you choose a commonality and investigate that further and so on, you can also step back return to Wiki and choose another figure and start the process again.

I’ve often found in these types of investigations that the ‘6 degrees of separation’ principle often applies.  You could even investigate your partner’s or family members commonalities in similar fashion and generally again you will find links or relationships that take you deeper into self discovery and awareness.

When you can dismiss the outward scenario’s of differing time period’s or indeed the fantasy Worlds created in a good book, the all to human frailties and behaviour’s will often appear again and again, you could say then why bother.  Well it really is personal choice, but if you were someone like myself to whom lady luck hasn’t ever truly smiled upon, you might be simply wanting to find yourself on the ‘life is great’ side of the coin instead of always feeling desperate and having your back firmly pinned to a cross or wall.

You could also do the old trick of say-looking up which star sign has the most millionaires and then deciding from now on I’m going to be that star sign, of course life has never been so obvious easy and simple, the rich in general have either inherited such wealth or have created a  business or product or idea that others will trade money time and effort for.

We often let our own beliefs and prejudices get in the way of doing exactly the same and putting the effort and work into how we want to be,live and so on.  Saving some money to get started can often be the difficult part,  I know I seem to have an aversion to money on some really deep level, I could back all the so called favourites in a weekend of football fixtures wanting to raise the cash only for them to lose me my money.

Where once as a youngster I really followed all the sports, I gave that up at seventeen when the bones of my  left shin were shattered to pieces, I spent two years on crutches healing and learning to walk again, sports lost my interest because they could no longer be a part of my life; you could say I mentally rejected and distanced myself from activities I could no longer participate in.  Foolish perhaps, but I was a teenager, whilst all my peers were out partying and pursing the call of adulthood and the various pied pipers the free World offered, I was holed up at home, like a tiny Tim or the kid who couldn’t follow the Piper.  Am I too blame for being lame, well again where once self-hatred and resentment are attributes it’s all to easy to have as a teenager, as I’ve grown older and perhaps wiser I choose to explore my own demons and where possible come to terms with them and let them go.  I could perhaps say that as a child I related to much to the losers and underdogs but as someone who was good at sports in his youth perhaps life was dealing me a punishment for my arrogance; always a debate to be had and finding causes understanding reasons isn’t necessarily good if we don’t like or cannot handle what we discover about ourselves.   

Finding and living life on a path that fits how we see ourselves can be a real toughy especially when we’ve rejected so many possibilities in our younger hormonal years and in fits of jealousy rage and anger which whilst it isn’t good to bottle up, may have genuine validity in being expressed.

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