Is Repetition A Powerful Tool

We are all I am sure aware of the power of repetition and that repetition can be used for good or bad and that progress is not necessarily best served through progressiveness of thoughts, behavior’s and patterns that do not put you in synchronicity of CONSCIOUSNESS with the greater Godplexicity window on the World of life the universe and everything.

Even though I know that through meditation I have become more and more conscious I still can go back as I suggested others do and listen to the original Centerpointe materials and then find myself feeling like I am going through a carwash without the protection of the vehicle.  You might say well that is your lookout but then you may not have the deep-seated issues that need breaking up that I myself within the inner consciousness of this body have.

The other exploration that I encouraged was more diversity of sources and reading especially for those of you who may have health issues.  I recommended A Course In Miracles a lot early on and am still happy to photo-read it now.  I have also read and recommended Sedona and Louise Hay (Hay House) uses pretty much similar ideas and concepts in her early books now available in collections.  One of the main issues for many might be the size of some reading recommendations and the fear that they induce simply through being xxx hundred pages, there is little I can say or do to remedy that, I invested in Photo-reading to enable myself to whizz through the materials with the confidence and belief that they were bypassing my conscious filters on some level.

I know I have long had aversion to Stephen Hawkins and Richard Dawkins but I still have looked at there work.  Another less known author that is in a similar vein to them is Daniel Dennett, he is perhaps like a Mercedes Benz or BMW in that his books seemingly hold there value long after publication and some may find his philosophy style and explanations more useful than the other authors. (He is however expensive in book terms).

In the so-called game of black and white stakes and shadow integration the models you explore you are very much in the zone of popular versus academical, some manage to be both but very often popular means watered down in some fashion.  I for instance bought a recent Marianne Williamson book and whilst populist I am unsure as to its value in the zone of shadow work.  I also have the Learning Strategy recommendations Meeting the shadow (quite light reading) and the massive tomb The Future Of The Human Body which is probably the most in-depth and complete work I have read on the game of black and white and shadow work, so choice is choice.  Deepak Chopra is another populist author as is Wayne Dyer.  So popular versus academic or even successful non-academic works we have to ask what knowledge can I take from these blueprints and so on.

I spoke of Ken Wilbur and decided to have a look at Integral work (books) more closely, I chose Integral Life Practice and found that it really does provide a model that seeks to integrate all the conflicting evidences of science and religion and so on into a workable solution.

You might say that in exploring all directions and angles and methodologies and belief systems I am pushing myself into the overwhelm and new model yet some shifts happen simply through moving to a new meditation CD and others when some as yet unknown past trauma or present trauma is triggered in some fashion.  Where once I might have rushed to anger in the face of someone else’s anger I can have the mental time to slow down and not be triggered.  We have to acknowledge that all events in our own life and mental World come from within us and we can take responsibility for our own reactions thoughts feelings until the appropriate lesson is learnt.

I personally do not think repetition alone is enough, I really believe you have to do the meditation and really get yourself into tune with all aspects and concepts you encounter. There really are several Threshold points you can pass through even in the early levels of Holosync where your outlook and perspectives shift or change given stimulus for those changes to occur.

Consciousness is explained in multiple ways that are all trying to say the same thing, Hale Dwoskin (Sedona) for instance encourages introductions as ‘Hi, I am called…’ as opposed to ‘Hi I am…’ the highlighting of ‘called’ being a pointer to a label.  You can acknowledge being called by a label but the body consciousness is greater than any of the labels.

You might say that as you progress you become more and more the full-time witness and watcher as opposed to what is being witnessed and watched.  I am still deeply unconscious (in my opinion) even though I have made great strides into greater awareness.  It is very easy to slip back into unwanted patterns behaviours actions, however the associated thoughts feelings are often different.

The best realizations are very often the smallest where once you may have been in constant conflicts of what you regarded as absolutes you can now think of your goals or values as preferences.  It is my preference to be …., rather than the totalitarian absolute to be …, you let go more and more of the absolutes as they come to the surface or are triggered and you can later reflect if not in the moment that they happen, you cannot control the thoughts feelings actions of others (often operating from unconscious herd mentalities) but you can always in always know yourself.

Well I have had a nice couple of days break from blogging and have used I hope the time in more useful fashion.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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