Limbo Land A Strange Place Between Else and Not

So each day I sit down and have a think about what am I going to be writing on my blog today.  Sometimes material just provides itself and I can ramble on and on with any given topic that can been thrown at me.  However I do sometimes feel that I am in that Twilight Zone type place called Limbo Land for lack of a better description.

What is Limbo Land, well I like to think of it as a place of needing to move or wanting to move but not having the right kind of stimulus to do so, you might say that the SilvertoeVelocity website is also in Limbo Land in the sense that it is not economically viable or sustainable yes it is simply a pointer to expert enlightenment traders and dealers and coaches, but really to make it financially viable it does need to generate its own income in some fashion.  The problem for myself is of course in deciding how or in what direction I could take with it.

What is Else and Not Dave? the glaringly obvious part that I have not spoken of in the title.  Well I have been thinking about this double jeopardy issue that the local peoples of Hereford have whenever these HERE and NOW coaches open there mouths.  so in thinking about that particular topic I was trying to come up with counter intuitive ways to combat that kind of issue.

What issue? I live in a small City entitled Hereford and we have seemingly probably had some of the wettest weather we can possibly have had over the last 3-6 years in the Wye valley.  A dreadful situation (In my opinion) that not only effects the farmers crops but the peoples too, it has been akin to that cartoon character I saw a few years ago walking around with a cloud over his head.  Now some might think I am being unfair, I mean I have sometimes during some rainfall felt induced to have a tear in my eye but that is not the point, could we survive continued rainfall like we have been having these recent years, probably but it does not make for a rewarding place to be or live.

So trying to think of a solution to this issue of the HERE and NOW preaches I thought what-if, what-if actually they are wrong, what if the true secret is THE POWER OF ELSE AND NOT.  You can heckle as much as you like but THE POWER OF ELSE AND NOT must exist for myself to have brought it into being on this blog, the idea is in its infancy at present gesticulating and working its way through the synapses and asking all those important questions as to how THE POWER OF ELSE AND NOT can be used in a broader wider meaning in a responsible and non-harmful manner. 

What else well this does go back to that issue of polarities that we all know many coaches speak of, one of the best is of course Sedona, and I see that the Sedona Letting It Go Paraliminal is in that new bundle that is being sold, pretty much as was indicated to myself in that email some time ago that I posted from Learning Strategies, where I had said buy the book for a tenner on amazon and then wait for the paraliminal. Anyway it is available now without having to spend several hundred dollars on the Sedona course and along with those other new paraliminal’s probably represents a manageable investment (if you have been offered special terms or a payment plan as I myself was).

So yes Limbo Land, today I went to Waterstones the book shop, I have not been for a while since I started getting all my books electronically, but this time I was armed with a gift voucher from my recent 42 birthday, so had plenty of hunting around to do and see what grabbed my own attention.

I do literally walk around the shelves waiting for something to leap out at myself, today I noticed the Rhonda Byrne books “The Secret” and “The Power” and after having a quick glance at the book presentation and overall package concluded that they are somewhat overpriced for anything I could get out of them, my remedy? I did a quick PhotoRead of both of the two books and am quite sure any thing of value they contain is now working its way into my conscious awareness when I need it, I also PhotoRead a book on DNA and another on typography and typefaces and so on, again relying or placing faith in my non-conscious ability to take and use anything required from those works.  I did end up buying some books that I will not be saying what they were beyond the fact they were from the Business section and would likely like this blog be found to be exceptionally boring by any audience that I have, the secret of course to any self promotional work and success is to work to what pleases your audience and those that followed myself with the tech’s will gradually fall away from boring Dave as they come to the realisation that he is boring and dull and bereft of personality and not interesting enough to hold anyone’s long term interest.  So I have a couple of books that I did PhotoRead and will perhaps also possibly give them a new normal read through, if I can return to such leisure reading style.

Is it worth it to buy Tech’s such-as PhotoReading, and other Paraliminal courses when you can go straight to holosync, well I have personally found the courses I purchased to be useful in giving myself improved awareness and improved confirmation biases and so on, I think it comes down to that first rule of letting whatever happens be okay, and the reinforcement of a better life and a better self and confidence and faith and trust and health and all those other things that can be in short supply one you have banged your head against brick walls for so many years.

Blah blah blah

So Limbo number 5, a little bit of mambo by my side, a little bit of voodoo gone taboo, a little bit of…

I am actually dreading the Freebie Seeds of Enlightenment course I have a pass for, that Jeddah Mali is it?  I think I have somewhere in my soul a dread that she cannot possibly know what she is talking about and should have done “The Eggs Of Enlightenment”, I do sometimes wonder at the strange claims as to knowledge and abilities that the differing Godfathers and Godmothers of Enlightenment seemingly claim, then again it is a freebie and I have nothing to lose come early December by listening in on that freebie.

Thank you for reading, good luck in your questing and seeking and all that Jazz, do not join Dave in Limbo Land it is a peculiarly Hellish type place of its own, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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