Well Of course It Was Not

So of course anyone who read recent articles will have seen myself refer to the words FEEDBACK and RESPONSE and anyone who spent a millisecond mulling over those words will likely have come to the conclusion that at surface level at least EVERYTHING WE DO ALREADY IS FEEDBACK AND RESPONSE.

For the most part I would not hesitate to agree with people on that score though obviously I do like to make people THINK and further to that if all we do already is FEEDBACK & RESPONSE then you do have to wonder WHAT LIES BELOW.

So you might say that your outward VERSION of FEEDBACK & RESPONSE is generally governed via those mental pathways and patterns that your present COGNITIONS and so on are being directed to and you might say that through regular usage and what are seemingly successful strategies can  lead to particular behaviour’s and so on becoming the CASTING VOTE option when it comes decision making and choice – the this is how I have always successfully operated and will not be told otherwise – kind of thinking strategies.

If people take up Meditation (for instance) with Holosync via my website posted in previous posts then a whole new World of thinking strategies and so on can possibly open up to people or persons.

So for instance you might be a manager of 20 years standing who has long worked in tougher than usual  environments that have caused you to apply a one strategy fits all mentality to dealing with  people and persons within those environments- whilst your strategy actually worked and fitted the people you were dealing with in the early part of your career let us say the first 5 years – THE LANDSCAPE HAS CHANGED VASTLY – and the INABILITY of a MANAGER to know that Things have changed is simply a matter of the so-called mental PATHWAYS in use having to great a sway in decision making.

So for instance you might if I had a diagram-imagine have photofit characters A, B, C, D, E and you have through experience in first Five years dealt with all characters A with sub-modality C, B with sub-modality E, C with sub-modality B, D with sub-modality A, E with sub-modality D, sounds great (Dave MY HEAD HURTS say some readers)

So of course this is an example where regular usage of AUTOPILOT has set in and whilst it has served you well (still a manager perhaps increased income, respect of peers, and so on etc.) very often these autopilot pathways can later on in CAREERS or in ENVIRONMENTS where the DYNAMICS have changed VASTLY and so on become a LIABILTITY.

Again these kinds of subject matter can be debated until your blue in the face yet all I ever repeatedly suggest is that folks seek to try out some technologies for themselves and start developing skills that better understand NUANCES and so on-why would anyone want to do that?

Well let us say for instance that character A in our imagined diagram was highly Hostile to all authority figures and whilst the techniques used worked-they also acted to reinforce the Hostility to authority and further to that our character A is quite popular among colleagues and so on and so forth-perhaps even a mentor to many new starters when the Company was going through difficult times-the problem becomes one whereby a particular mind set  has been encouraged or allowed to develop that grows or has festered through staffing generations the IF YOU DO WHAT YOU HAVE ALWAYS DONE YOU WILL GET THE SAME RESULS PARADIGM.

This is where when we want to change the landscape or recognise that circumstances have changed we very often have to change ourselves first and all to often people get caught up in or swept up into patterns that can be highly detrimental if little thought has gone into direction over the longer term.

This perhaps becomes an issue of responsibility-most managers of course have demonstrated a willingness to take on responsibility however you still have to consider if there are conflicts between Company and Personal values and so on because in truth as most of us are well aware-some circumstances perhaps a HEATED situation led to values coming into conflict and once such scenario has happened it can be all to easy to continuously use PERSONAL VALUES and PRETEND that they are Company Values whilst all around can well see where an operative (BE THEY MANAGER OR STAFF) is operating from.

So we want some ASPIRATIONAL VALUES, we want some BEARING and HEADING and DIRECTION and we also want to carry out those activities in such a way as to make those things the GENERATIONAL STAFFING MINDSET.  If someone were to ask myself if such things can occur-I generally think that they can though often it can simply happen through GETTING LUCKY-whether some things happen through luck or design is of course DEBATABLE yet I do think for instance in my place of work that were an old member of staff from 5, 10 20 years ago to return they could well find much has changed from the possible memory they personally have or indeed the Local Community Memory or Perceptions that tend to get handed down again in generational fashion.

So you might say you go from to many directionless old agitations being handed down to one whereby everyone can see benefit in stamping out old ways or paradigms and moving forward as a collective-yes differences will always exist from person to person and group to group yet when an overall empowering system or model has been offered then change becomes easier.

Well that went on for far to long and I do not know why I bother given the popularity of Dave’s blog.

So where else can I turn my attention to- OOH OOH OOH

So I recently mentioned taking advantage of FREEBIES and WOW it just so happens that I found myself being given a Freebie at work so whilst I could easily fall into hostility and criticisms-there is a dwarf somewhere who wants his mug back-I am not going to do that because it cost myself nothing and Dwarfy if you’re reading this-I hear that the Mad Hatter was collecting china and pottery for some tea party that he was organising so he is your suspect number one (In My Opinion). yes twas emblazoned with lots of positive messages and words too -very good- and the real reason for the size is obvious in that it has been designed to fit in with how much you can drink within a company break-time-one size fits all of course never goes out of fashion in some areas. So thank you very much for the Mug whom so ever I am to thank. 🙂

Where else well of course we are now in the very month of July and just a few short weeks from our major holiday season so I can well imagine that many a person who has not already booked could well be beginning to search for Holiday Destinations and so on for some forthcoming Holiday they have booked and of course those who have done the same over the years know all to well that many a cheap flight or cheap hotel can be found for those that are prepared to go bargain hunting-I say this of course because having once been generally family oriented so to speak it was often easier to book well in advance for a larger group than try and find last minute group bookings-having said that you can find just about any kind of bargain these days so stay calm and do you homework-your research and so on.

What else

Well of course because I have tended to live a life of eat sleep work repeat in recent years-I will not be discussing CAUSE and EFFECT I too have a number of patterns and so on that I require changing within myself-unfortunately I set about creating huge changes around myself and somehow left myself out of the PARADIGM-NOW that things have settled down somewhat I am ready to shift to the next level of greater reward for myself the question of course being one of direction-life is of course one of PROGRESSION yet I have not progressed so what to do with myself hmmmn.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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