So You See/ Hear Disturbing News and You Check

So you see or hear disturbing national news and decide to check the local news media to see if any related material occurred in your own area-this is something that I am sure many of us have done over the years and one does have to wonder whether it is good or bad as to whether any local news occurs.

I say that of course because in percentage terms when you see news of national arrests for some activities you expect at least some to have been local and when no local arrests are made you can think that they are not investigating hard enough or the local percentage are somehow managing to avoid detection.

So it has been raining hard over Hereford today and overnight we had thunder and lightning storms so I spoke recently about having looked up Norwich and then Farnborough and then it occurred to myself that as has been said previously you only need two points when orienteering to calculate the third or indeed you could simply create your own third.  for instance If I said lets have Hereford as the third point then you could say your in Heavens Breadbasket (Hereford,Farnborough,Norwich (HFN)) that is of course myself just making it up yet such ideas are valid and of course we all when we are younger often led to think of the British Isles as being the outline of a Witch in flight. I was thinking about the Witch aspect of course because we have recently had the Germans winning the FIFA World Cup and I mentioned Hitler-so it is only fair to mention perhaps a nearest female equivalent-all to often lack of balance occurs in the sense that we adopt a view of males/females without considering the other polarity-and such thinking often leads to an extremism of some description among some populations.

I did of course spend many of school holidays as a youngster being babysat so to speak by older relatives and the same has occurred for my own daughter when visiting and when I myself am working-so the older generation whether they like it or not are often cast in such roles as witches and so on though of course these days you get people claiming to be this that or the other at any age and if they are not claiming things for themselves likewise extremists claim things for others-I myself since returning to Hereford 10 years ago had much bullshit and so on directed at myself and that is of course one of the reasons why I wonder why local arrests have not been made-because all these nonsense & bullshit generators and so on clearly have some serious issues that if left unchecked can only ever lead to what we see nationally.

The other issue is of course that some environments are always going to attract or have peoples of this that or the other description passing through there doors whether as employees or indeed as customers-the issue then becomes one of what I spoke of recently-peer pressure and psychology-some companies use tactics that bring about good psychology among staff whilst some are seemingly run by the very kinds of peoples that society needs protecting against.  Again separating wheat from chaff is a full time occupation what ever life you happen to be living and leading-yet you can only do so much and society is seemingly only ever willing to pay for so much-local councillors are nearly always making budget cuts left right and centre and whilst good fiscal management is a good idea-one does wonder where if such things begin and end-perhaps it can begin with local politicians wages first and end again with local politicians wages-many are seemingly above LOCAL AVERAGE WAGES and any argument to be paid the same as NATIONAL AVERAGES does not go well with the local poor or indeed employees getting the workhouse treatment in local factories and shops and so on.

We have seen poverty inducing water/electric/gas housing/rent increases over the last 10 years and at the same time many employers have not increased staffing wages simply pegging and generally leading to a “REAL TERMS” huge cut in the ability of some such-as myself to survive-whilst that might fit well with those at the tops of there respective hills-it really is time for those of us at the bottom of the societal heap to start making shit roll up hill-these things can be achieved in many ways and again they can be a good experience for those who have had it there own way for far to long (In My Opinion) without being challenged.

Well I wonder what the weather has to bring for the rest of the Summer this week began with a heat wave and has ended in storms and one does wonder weather Goldilocks will ever find that porridge that is just right-or however the description goes.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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