Yes a topic I have not spoken upon greatly, though will perhaps seek to explain one or two conumdrum’s involved within various realm deliberations.

So first off, wiki FISHER KING in relation to FISHER KING stories is quite an interesting topic and exercise, in understanding some of the historical interpretations and how things are converted across differing psychology’s and from generation to generation.

What else well I was thinking about the title because of course we have seen within TV MOVIE land the use of ever improving systems of computer generated visuals and of course most progressions occur within one realms IDEAS and then trickle or work their way through various other realm history’s and so on until all is seemingly connected in some fashion.

So morphogenics suggest that much like the Terminator Robot that liquids could change shape and form and we do of course see such things animated and discussed or demonstrated within various fictions.

I spoke on the IDEA of the United Kingdom as a Witch or Human Figure type shape, interestingly I had the face pointing WEST whilst of course in coinage we see the Queens head pointing or facing (in profile) EAST.

We also of course within some Religious Realms hear of Gods with many Arms and so on.  Typically I liken that to a mother perhaps changing a nappie or dressing a baby or however, where the baby whether consciously or otherwise has yet to have come into a realm world FOCUS of what they are seeing and sensing and so on, we also see such effects with MOTION BLUR.

Anyway of course we also later had the Royal Family being presented with a Christmas Tree and that is much like the Ancient Egyptian Pyramid in the sense of having some point at the top and a general pointy shape toward the heavens.

So The Christmas tree mapping might have been decided upon as a way to replace or ENHANCE WITCH MAPPING type IDEAS in the sense that you can spin a tree around and so on having giving yourself an IMAGE in 3 Dimensions instead of a classical 2 (often seen within classical cartoon realms (for example).

So whilst I joked as London being the Derriere of the United Kingdom (French word not to be confused with district of Northern Ireland).

We can in theory at least give some SPIN to the map and imagine what might occur if it were facing the alternative direction and so on, Making London the Front of the FIGURE and Somewhere in South Wales the New Derriere.  Just to be fair to Londoners.

Of course in reality give body shapes and sizes and dimensions, we can see that a rotation translation on a STRICT interpretation of the UK as a Witch shape or outline cannot be achieved though a PINE TREE type shape is far easier to carry out a translation with.

So I think that is what many people who studied such things have done.  Realised that strict translation is not currently feasible with a presented MODEL, and then sought something far simpler or easier as a BUILDING BLOCK to later being able to work out the appropriate TRANSLATION COORDINATES and so on.

Getting people to a state or point without some mental blocking intransigence, really does seemingly have to occur through explorations of all possibilities and so on.  Likewise building blocks are easier to put together in modular framework fashion than trying to do the WHOLE THING in one go or manner.

So yes I think that we are presently entering one of those MELTING POT TIMES of the cycles and patterns.

Today I saw a headline relating to some UK forces operating within Afghanistan under the NATO UMBRELLA and of course I spoke on LATIN previously where AFGHANISTAN in LATIN words and meaning linkages is akin to the Worlds backside, in many ways.

So strange how one realm gives way to another and likewise hands down generational knowledge, though likewise we always have to consider that ALL IS INVENTED, so the language of UNIVERSAL TRANSLATION and IDEAS as to such things are nearly always going to be reinvented over and over again within the mind of the beholder.

Yes we can take already operating systems, if they work for us ourselves, or more typically seek to do as every other generation has done previously and seek to create a new tier of lessons and learnings and scope for changes and so on.

It can probably be demonstrated much like Leonardo Da Vinci exploring the possibility of Flying Machines, that many an idea whilst appearing within one time period or zone, can often be returned to by future generations who may well have worked out the SCIENCE or developed the TECHNOLOGY to actually be able to achieve what were seemingly previously impossible feats.

I also noted a Learning Strategies email that spoke on Cooperation versus Selfish and that I think often comes down to INCENTIVE and MOTIVATION.  They suggest that most folks work out that a COOPERATIVE system of operations is better than otherwise, though many a realm will without proper guidance and leadership fall into the selfishness trap.

Interesting debate to be had of course, though I think given my own experience and indeed studies, deciding on what is cooperation and what is selfishness is again up for debate, much like deciding what has been crafted and coordinated and choreographed through cooperation and what has occurred by drawing EXCALIBUR from the STONE.

Yes the Fisher King stuff seemingly utilised the ARTHUR LEGENDS though more interesting to myself was that it was based around stories of PERCIVAL.

I of course have PER within my name and generally regard myself as CIVIL, though some folks clearly have little regard for being civil to fellow humans. Interesting for myself is perhaps how I would recreate those FISHER KING styled stories for myself.

Yes I can see some similarities within my studies and indeed find why some folks who appear more wealthy and successful than myself might seek to do myself harm.  Interesting plots and themes all round in many ways and respects.

Anyway I have gone off topic perhaps though yes, I was thinking about the various WORLD WIDE TRANSLATIONS and MIRRORS and of course SATELLITES and as technology ever seemingly advances, we come to ever more heightened level of further AH-HA’s and so on.

Whilst I like to introduce CHOICE and OPTIONS for all, it is interesting that within some demographics and audience sectors such things are regarded as weakness to be abused and so on.

Anyway, THRESHOLD is in my opinion one of the best SOLUTIONS.

I can of course take from the FISHER KING story that PERCIVAL failed to ask the QUESTION.

We then have to perhaps decide upon what that question actually is.

Whilst great proclamations are made as to being of service, whether to King Queen and Country and so on, within some realms, you cannot help to not ask what some folks may or may not want, not for fear of what the answer may be, so much as an extremist attack from some quarters obsessed with protecting some deep dark secret within themselves.

I have generally found through improved thinking and raising threshold that few secrets go untold and few puzzles truly remain puzzles to those who do work through their own various ego issues and identity problems and so on.

Yes so whilst I may be perfectly happy to ask someone questions and indeed be receptive to their ideas, understanding that throwing out prejudice and judgement’s whilst a popular activity is not conducive to being a good well rounded personality or indeed long term good relations with other peoples and persons you may one day want or require to help you.

Yes international politics demonstrates that each country has developed a level of strength as to maintain boundaries and borders, though likewise waiting for others to catch-up in the knowledge that it may not occur within your own lifetime is also an interesting topic to think upon.

Anyway I have descended into that melting pot of processes and it will perhaps be interesting to see what new characteristics and so on of David (if any) occur.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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