Flippin’ Hell Mate, I Can’t Even Get A Knighthood For Me Troubles

So as any regular watchers and witnesses of this blog will know.  This weekend “in terms of Football/Soccer” was a complete BLOWOUT for myself in terms of the Win/Lose/Draw choices and selections I made.

HOWEVER, I can state that those choices listed were ones for the BBC’s PREDICTOR Application, and I did STATE beneath the list that my success on those SELECTIONS was Worse than for the regular blog lists.

So anyone much like a Coral or Williams punter could have optioned to utilise my poor quality selections and choices as a means to CULL their own selections and anyone who did that has probably seen some PROFIT.

Elsewhere I can be far more pleased that NEW ZEALAND won the Rugby and those prison colonists of Australia do not have bragging rights as to possession of the Web Ellis trophy or however it is spelt.

I can also of course be pleased that I also gave good pointers toward yesterday evenings, GRAND PRIX in MEXICO, having seen a Robin in the Garden and of course having mentioned Daughter Rose.

Many a person not keen to just go with an INITIAL or word root, though I have often found with progression, that you often have too.

So what is it about FOOTBALL, that makes it seemingly less compatible in terms of ALIGNMENT, than the other sports?

Strange though true, it does seem to myself that World Touring Sports such-as Motorsport Formula 1 and indeed INTERNATIONAL EVENTS such-as the Rugby, can be more accurately CLUED UP, than “localised” Events 7 leagues, even though of course we are given to being told these things are simply down to Focus and Concentration and so on.

The simple Solution to perhaps focus on the realms that seem most compatible with the Technology or awareness you have.

Elsewhere we are seeing the Funeral of Policeman Dave Phillips being reported, following those events up in Liverpool and we are also seeing Australia removing the Knights and Dames level of reward within their Commonwealth Honours System-Prince Phillip being perhaps the last recipient of an Australian Knighthood.

Yes, timing wise of course, it might be suggested that a bad loser is a bad loser whatever their race colour, creed and nationality, and the timing of the Aussie Announcement straight after losing the Rugby Final is EQUIVALENT to one of those FALSE MATHEMATICAL LOGICS as to CAUSE/EFFECT.

Elsewhere we are seeing continuing DRAMA as to the Russian Plane coming down in SINAI.  External Cause is now being pointed at, despite it having continuously previously being dismissed.  We also saw a Rocket being pointed and fired at Dr Who’s Airplane in that television DRAMA.  The Russian plane apparently had a damaged TAILFIN a few years ago, and whenever these investigations occur, you once again see many a POLITICAL ISSUE coming to the fore.  Even if some saboteur snuck a bomb on board or some STEALTH craft or externally fired weapon was present, you would expect to see some signal trace, likewise is it possible given hacking that the INSTRUMENT DATA was incorrect, wrong altitude and so on being given or sent to external monitors.  Each and every detail has to be cross referenced and so on.  Insatiable public appetites mean that Mount SINAI where “THE TEN COMMANDMENTS” (biblical Book of Exodus) were said to have been given to MOSES is going to stay firmly within HEARTS & MINDS and so on.  I have made it quite clear that despite the Bible having 2 Testaments and modern Religion being given to a following of Jesus, that I actually think some of the OLDER Religious Influence (Jews follow 1st 5 books Old testament Only, and similar amongst Muslims). That most folks prefer the IDEA of old time GODS, the difference between IESUS (Latin Jesus) and Zeus (Greek) is not all that great.  So What will “MOTHER RUSSIA” do now.  Some Countries will of course take opportunity to suggest that GOD IS DISPLEASED, with humankind and it is opportunity to RETURN TO THE 10 COMMANDMENTS.

Was anyone important aboard the flight?  Children in Need is of course fast approaching, and everyone is a child of someone, though once again “local” thoughts of rules and regulations and laws that people have grown up with tend to take PRESIDENCE over those reported upon from alternate states & Governments and other International Umbrella Organisations.

LEGAL AGE to be able to do this activity, or that activity and so on.  Whereby someone claims that this other Government or Country etc. Operates perfectly successfully with a differing set of laws and mandates and so on.

I personally like many of the British and Commonwealth structures, though do strangely feel that to much EMPHASIS is given to mental CUL DE SAC’S.

Elsewhere Prince Harry greeted the walking wounded of Help for Hero’s or the Walking With the Wounded Organisation, unsure as to cross-realm or body interactions, though most or many a charity within a given populace has links to other Charities etc.

In Fact, that might be suggested to have been one of the FEW GENUINE long lasting effects of the Original Band Aid, whereby many a charity through some of their weight and operational expertise under the Live Aid Banner etc.

These days of course we see charity scandal of various sorts, usually because a certain amount of seemingly MANIPULATION goes on.  The terrestrial channels BBC/ITV (for example) never used to show highly graphic adverts, that channels such-as Sky Introduced.

There you are enjoying your warm family evening prime time television and suddenly you are being presented with grotesque images of diseased or suffering peoples and animals and so on, and they wonder why recordable set top boxes and streaming and so on are so popular, when the choice to skip ads and not have constant overkill and bombardment of such imagery is available.

Now I recently spoke upon this issue of things such-as interview and they are always interesting because of course, you do not know what is going to be asked and likewise you probably always want to show yourself in a good light, despite potentially having bad light on a CV.  The question of HONESTY comes to the fore in such things.  Though likewise bad light can be demonstrated to be akin to a Lifetime Punishment Award, a reason to be striken from the process.

Likewise, again such things are perhaps akin to scales and measure, I personally like that you can meditate and stop punishing yourself for some silliness in your teens or younger years, though likewise you also know that EXTERNAL’S are always going to potentially TRIGGER or HOLD such things against you, hence a certain WISDOM exists in raising THRESHOLD and not over personalising things.

So I suggested a criticism for example of people being given positions of responsibility who previously could be suggested to have been useless in the role they are now given responsibility for.

I do think if you speak and talk on RESPONSIBILITY, MORE and less about COMMAND & CONTROL “POWER” issues you will get improved working groups and so on, though hard heads and intransigent individuals can be demonstrated to exist within most quarters and so on of working life, the problem often one of having little choice to rush to an extreme position through being mentally CORNERED as to CONSISTENCY and so on in some fashion.

So SPECULATIVE thinking and IDEAS is not necessarily the same as INTRANSIGENT, thoughts feelings and attitudes, though likewise given the World Within and the World Without we do of course have to seek perhaps LONG TERM Thinking strategies, and view SHORT TERM diversions as just that.

Now the Future Mapping course, says take a pen and draw a line back from the top right hand side to the lower left hand side, and that typically demonstrates that although you may want a straight line from A to B and GOAL ACHIEVEMENT, that in typical FLY-BY-WIRE fashion you will rarely be able to stay on some absolute path or course, planes and Militaries of course demonstrate this adjusting for WEATHER CONDITIONS and TERRITORIAL Boundaries.

Anyway after long digression and going on and on.  Yesterday I wrote of Sharm El Sheik and of course you can look around the ENTIRE WORLD and carry out a 5 DEGREE’S of JAMES BOND as to locations and so on.  Especially as SPECTRE has now been released and they (as an invented organisation of baddies) were one of the very best opponents of Bond that we saw within the earlier films.

On several occasions we typically SAW or WITNESSED a soviet operative working alongside Bond on similar type missions, taking in places such-as Turkey and Egypt and so on along the way.

So one, a belly Dancer quoted “I’ve lost my lucky charm” a golden bullet (I think) Man with the Golden Gun, though likewise I saw Belly Dancers whilst in Egypt and Egypt was featured within several films.

So the Charm reference AGAIN, and of course when we look to modern external World, we see that “CHARM BRACELETS” have become all the rage in recent years, my daughter has asked and received such things on Birthday or Christmas occasions, and differing retailers all jumped on the bandwagon for differing demographic audiences. They quite good in that you can start with a clear bracelet and then purchase a separate charm to add to such Jewellery in pick n mix, or mix n match fashion.

Some retailers are rather EXPENSIVE due to real gems and so on whilst others are coloured glass, baubles etc.

Anyway elsewhere we have also seen PAD DEVICES and Microsoft and other purveyors of Computer Software have taken to calling Operating system like ICONS CHARMS.

I had to look up the manual to see what the hell a charm “REFERENCE” was originally

They typically part of the operating system of the PAD rather than added 3rd party application Icons. Those little MENU ICONS that can be swept in from the side of your screen etc.

So a SIMPLE TRUTH that you will see over and over again, is that people SELL THERE SOULS to some particular REALM in gaining promotions and so on etc, and then at some point they GET STUNG in some fashion because such activities come with DEGREE’S of SEPARATION of outcomes and so on, and of course WHAT IS and WHAT IS NOT a REALM RELATED ACTIVITY and what is a PERSONAL ACTIVITY.

The prison guards who were only “following orders” at Holocaust Camps and so on.

We also of course see Bereaved Families turning on the Institutions that employed newly deceased and so on.

Yes a typical example of course within working life is that of PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS.

I having been stung at various points within my life through having close or intimate working relationships have generally AVOIDED such things for a number of years.  Likewise, I generally do not encourage them.

Quite simply you can go from working life realm to realm and find peoples OF BOTH SEX’S who have climbed ladders or influenced DECISION MAKING through “personal connections” when many a better decision is made based on simple FACTS and HONESTY.

This person is good for this role, and was chosen for this role because they fit a given CRITERIA etc.  The personal or family links or friendships can seem sensible though are often more DANGEROUS because FAMILY RIVALRIES can develop, and indeed couples separate or some new to a realm INDIVIDUALS feel PRESSURIZED into some dating etc, because it is someone who is a presumed sensible AUTHORITY FIGURE who is “doing the asking”.

Who among us wants to work in environments where such nonsenses are taking PRECEDENCE over what is actually required of us within our various roles.

Yes, so I spoke on this IDEA of BOUNDARIES THINNING between realities (due to Seasonal FOLKLORE) whilst at the same TIME suggested that recent months have suggested that some undesirable old patterns and behaviours and cycles are coming to the fore.

Clearly those among us who have taken up technologies etc, perhaps have greater wisdom, to step back from being in the STORY or how we are seen to behave within other people’s story’s, though likewise we still have to exist and get on with it and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be well 😉

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