So very strange though true, upon returning home from work this morning I found myself hunting hi and low; for the sound of my younger childhood.

Whilst typically parents listened to one kind of music, I myself of course also took in what was on Top Of The Pops and whilst I generally recall perhaps the later 70’s where Punk and rebellion was coming very much to the fore, the very very best music was DISCO.

Typically this morning I found myself listening to D.I.S.C.O and indeed one or 2 Boney M tracks and they strangely still as CATCHY as the first day you might have heard them.

In fact I had been searching for an even older song from the Elvis years due to the recent news and shooting in California (I think it was) strange though true I was looking for “Down by the Riverside” although I perhaps prefer more modern Gospel to that of 50’s and 60’s and so on. Yes Money M of course did “Rivers of Babylon” among there very many hits and I could not help to wonder whether the Current President Putin is sung to down the White House phone line, Ra Ra Rasputin, Lover of the Russian Queen and so on.

What else, well it has strangely been a Disco oriented week at work also, some guy called Phil who worked within the Factory when I started and had moved on to an alternate Factory (I work Grandstand Road and the Company also has a production retail facility, known as Yazor Road).

So for some reason Phil and some of his colleagues have been making visits this week to Grandstand Road Facility.  Unknown to myself though known by another colleague, he is apparently a fan of DISCO, and that was the reason given to myself as to his musical preferences, a phone goes off and blasts out some such music and likewise he seemingly obliviously practicing his dancing whilst walking up and down in the canteen, a pirouette and spin here and there, to the amusement of folks such-as myself who take in the scenery about ourselves and so on.

What else, well today was a TELEGRAPH day in terms of reading materials, once again perhaps going in a somewhat aspirational direction as to getting greater pick n mix as to sources and resources, Newspapers typically always demonstrating an inherent BIAS of the respective Press Barons and so on.

Another Newspaper related story this week was the SALE of the FINANCIAL TIMES for over a Billion Dollars (I think) and I was somewhat GOBSMACKED at the given EVALUATION.

One can perhaps wonder as to whether it is going to remain a steady ship under new ownership and so on, especially if there is little wrong with the present Direction that the Paper Sets Itself.

Yes similar perhaps to the surprise acquisition of National Geographic by News International Corporation earlier in the year, I say surprise, although have often suggested that you do see a certain amount of I want that one “IN MY PORTFOLIO” etc. as we see long term winners and losers within such industries.

Rupert Murdoch, irrespective of how he is reported on, is clearly able to manage his Company far better than perhaps many of his appointee’s over the years.

What stood out in the telegraph?

Well I enjoyed various film and interview type sections, above and beyond much of the other stuff though today’s issue does cover a rather broad base of materials for a diverse readership and I think that generally most of the broadsheets manage such things quite well.

Interesting as to how Quintin Tarantino got Morricone to do his Western film score for “The Hateful 8” for example.  Moricone perhaps among my favourite composers, simply for his Legendary soundtracks to all those Sphagetti Westerns I watched when younger.

Likewise an interview with Mark Hamill as the build up towards the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Scandal this week?  Well Hoverboard’s apparently expected to be big Christmas sellers apparently not very FIREPROOF, hence various Customs & Excise seizures and so on.

Elsewhere we are hearing that the Royal Family are now notable targets for Acts of Terrorism, strange though true, the Royal Variety Performance already took place back in November so unsure as to what the fuss is about, targets much like favourites, are given such monickers for a reason.

So always a Target anyway, just a little incy wincy more of a Target than previously?  Yes Prince Harry has been on official duties in South Africa this last week and has again been HIGHLIGHTING various charitable works, some of his own, some related to his mother and indeed some related to his Brother and Grandfather (I believe) in terms of the World Wildlife Fund.  Protecting Horned Rhino’s and Elephants from POACHERS.  I did actually at one point think The Rangers should be given some Apache Attack Helicopters to trace and track such peoples down, such is the large area that they have to protect.  Similar news was related to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt quite recently as to them meeting a legless guy to make a movie about his life in KENYA (I think).  He lost his legs in an accident believed to have been caused by ENEMIES, he said to be responsible for changing much of the Culture of Hunting and Poaching and so on back in the 60’s and 70’s (I think).

The danger perhaps as to greater amounts of people taking IDEAS and so on into there own hands, I already suggested Vigilantism coming to the fore, though typically RACE HATE PREACHERS such-as Richard Dawkins rarely rounded up as they should be.

Yes whilst so much emphasis is placed upon Muslim cultures, it seemingly allows all other groups and factions and so on to pass beneath radar or indeed leads to POTENTIAL issues of SUSPECT CULTURES within ESTABLISHMENT PROFESSIONS.

Likewise one can often be led to wonder what it is that is worthy of taking note of and what is not.

This week we saw this minor issue of a Syrian Airstrike vote given rather large percentage of MEDIA.  We are also seeing some Parliamentary Grandstanding as to by election results, when in fact the sad truth over many a by election, is that they are unlikely to EVER SWING in some major fashion within what are Heartland Seats for particular Parties.

Society was given a vote to change first passed the post when the Liberals shared Government, and now despite large complaints from all sectors of society the opportunity “For Genuine Change” has been somewhat let slip away.

We are also now seeing continuing reports of Great Britain being next up on a terrorist target list, though I still think beyond LOCALISED BULLYING, that mainland Europe is the place where most focus is required.

Elsewhere we are apparently short of MANPOWER in terms of protecting the UK from SMUGGLERS and so on, whether for people, or goods or drugs and so on.  The reality perhaps one of what can any of us do about such issues and topics.

So everyone Police, Military and all the other Departments listed within the Autumn Statement claiming a shortage of manpower and resources and so on.

Likewise you then get into debate as to whether PRIVATE ENTERPRISE does such things better than the state can, clearly my own study suggests that they both can and they cannot.

So some of the SHARED and HALFWAY House systems that we have seen in recent years, where companies and banks have been bailed actually worked better than any one given sector having FULL CONTROL.

Up North we are now on D for Desmond in our Alphabet Storm name wise system, though clearly given the approaching Star Wars movie I have to wonder as to whether I became an unlikely STORM TROOPER, yes strange though true, one of the Learnings strategies Guru’s is actually Kadi Storms I think was the name and I do wonder as to whether I go into some kind of TRUE PER mode non consciously simply though childhood film influence and a belief in honesty and truth and so on.

Most arguments and debates I have faced in recent years have predominantly been about seeking to resolve PREJUDICE & CONFLICT and we can see that all the NEWS MEDIA and indeed people in day-to-day society want to do is go headlong into INTRANSIGENT impossible missions with many such “RIDICULOUS” when it comes down to it angles and perspectives on life the Universe and everything.

Elsewhere Boxer Tyson Fury is criticised for suggesting that Jessica Ennis Hill? is tasty in a dress, OH THE TRAUMA she must be suffering.

Yes I looked at the Sports Personality of the Year vote and have already cast an online vote for international STAR of the year, though we cannot vote for the BIG VOTE until the Broadcast NIGHT.

5 Pence, 5 Pence, 5 Pence a bag has not gone down well with Shoppers apparently who prefer the tuppence a bag of Mary Poppins, to be seen in the Royal variety performance or is that a spoonful of sugar.

Now I did ataully want to speak upon France because it has actually been triggered within my mind during this week, though not necessarily on the subecjt matter that is highlighted and commented upon by EXPERTS.

Strangely of course we do have to practice our various own versioning’s of CROSS REALM INTERPRETATION, though I kept seeing French references and then thinking of childhood AH-HA type thoughts, though they were literally quite FLEETING, in that I did not immediately follow up or make a note and later failed on my RECALL.

Now one major story is that of BRIDGES, we hearing that an important Bridge up North in Scotland is shut, and indeed for many years the City of Hereford, England, United Kingdom (just the City) has had 4 river crossings, although over the last couple of years a Fifth River Crossing Bridge has been added, and that is a small though important piece of information for those more LA-DI-DA types out there.  However I am not going to do all the work for you.

Hereford of course has build some flood defences, though all they ever do is displace the flooding to elsewhere, much the same as occurs with coastal resorts building PIERS and so on.  The Old Bridge in Bridge Street has on occasion of course been closed and I have it on good authority that the river has been quite high recently.

Yes all very exciting, OH NO IT ISN’T, yes I did buy the Benn Diaries when he died, though do hope I am not expected to also by those of other Politicians and Celebrities.

Elsewhere I was once again considering my childhood thoughts or teenage thoughts as to HIBERNATION and indeed that perhaps triggered by continued watching of STARGATE UNIVERSE and those aboard the good ship DESTINY going into STASIS CHAMBERS aboard the Vessel.

I was wondering how useful any given tool or technology that we learn about is, if we never ever use them, though clearly you then get into debate of course as to what a technology actually can do versus otherwise perhaps.

Yes I was confused in many ways prior to doing various courses, and despite having higher threshold and greater awareness or enlightenment, still feel that beyond presenting people with IDEAS as to OPTIONS & CHOICES, very little progress has been made in terms of getting appropriate alignments and so on.

What can I declare myself an expert in, what experiences might people be interested in reading or hearing about, what supersonic ephiphanies and realisations might I have that other peoples and persons are strangely switched of too.

Yes I have more questions than answers, though I have been once again seeking to stimulate imagination and some creativity, the problem of course in that dismantling much of the mental flotsam and jetsam I seemingly also lost many a possible SOLUTION, though research does suggest that we can take the time to relearn or STIMULATE those areas that we want again to return to in some fashion or manner.

What did I miss on my first sweep of the Telegraph that I might note on a second read through or likewise the same with a book.

I do rather get the feeling that a BATON DOWN THE HATCHES approach is being encouraged at present.

Likewise I also thought on this HIGGS BOSUN and particle physics issues, the hunt for SUPERSYMMETRY of course having taken over, though Boatswain that later became Bosun was a ship deckhand responsible for the HULL? not sure on PORT STARBOARD, and the various AT SEA directions, though a good compass and wave geometry can of course be SPECULATED upon, just as any other sector of merit and worth can.

Todays football, well I am not great at premiership prediction though we shall see.

Man City


Man Utd

Aston Villa Draw

Leicester Draw




Do I make it hard for myself, or easy for myself and is it a case of VESTED interest in the outcome or some other yet unestablished issue that has not come to the fore within my research.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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