So The Do You Wish Community

So the “do you wish” community is now appearing under attack albeit via a somewhat multifaceted group of sources.

First up we have George Lucas clarifying remarks made during interview suggesting he had sold out his Lucasfilm Company to “white slavers” Disney, though we must be fair and say that whilst many early Disney features were typical of the generation and attitudes of population who made them, that more World wide appeal is now found in its portfolio, it has gradually found beneficial inclusions for most geographical locations within its catalogue of characters and merchandise and animated history’s.

Likewise we have some reports as to an all new public execution video from IS, of alleged British spies, such descriptions are of course exceptionally debatable given how international communications and so on, operate and work, is my simple blogging of daily thoughts and feelings and actions the act of a spy, as a British Citizen or simply material that others can take as  style of keeping diary or journal and opinion dissemination etc.

Whilst I write here regularly I have little interest as to whom is reading and do not actively promote and publish elsewhere, people have to hunt and track the blog down not the other way around.

So I listened to a voice challenging David Cameron, timing wise clearly it can be suggested that someone is seeking to maximise UK Government embarrassment, what with the undermining of troop confidence through investigation reports of recent days.  Therefore they IS must have access to British media or peoples within the UK who keep them apprised of such opportunities.

Now without having seen such propaganda in its entirety, I can say yes that guy sounds like a British educated establishment type individual, though clearly such things have always been debatable anyway, the Royal family often suggested to be more middle class in appearance and behaviour than Classical Aristocracy.  So voice of propaganda suggesting Officer Level training and Lord Hawhaw attitudes of Nazi Germany propaganda, is the terrorist your local Dr or shopkeeper or what ever realms ethnic minorities exist doing within your neck of the woods.

The challenge to David (as a name) is threatening on multiple levels, purely because as a given name it has a longstanding History over the last couple of thousand years.

We must recall that David as a character was known not just in Old Testament Christendom but also within further afield knowledge and empires, the Koran and Muslim faith shares the knowledge and teachings from that era within History.

So we can also suggest that an attempt is potentially being made to draw the issue of Israel into the foreground.  Most or many a tribal faction and rivalry (Sunny and Shia not Sonny and Cher) gets put aside for the topic and debate surrounding Israel.

As an aside I just had a Groundhog Day (Bill Murray) moment as to the music he hit the repeat button ALARM for upon each awakening day.”I’ve got you babe” (I think).

So subversive attack on David, The Star of David and the state of Israel.

Likewise for locals, it might be suggested to be an attack on the Son’s of David Stirling, they of course perhaps trained to do the unthinkable and possibly train others elsewhere in some of these warring states after leaving the service and so on, we cannot be blind to the fact that many a Country has mercenary’s or indeed French Foreign Legion styled units.

Then of course there is little old me, who also shares the given name David and can claim to have perhaps made some Disneyesque type wishes upon my websites and aswell as the occasional post on @TheAngelAtHeist Twitter account.

Clearly in the isolation stakes and the ability to identify arabesque ideologies in all shapes and sizes and forms and nationalities, I can be thankful I am not famous or have protection guards and organization in the way David Cameron of 10 Downing Street does. The real problem of course that lack of a clear coordinated opponents means each and every day can be spent looking over ones shoulder

The IRA managed to hit Downing Street and the Tories at conference and various other dignitaries linked to establishment realms down through the years and we can be in little or no doubt that some determined or well connected and supplied terrorists can actively do the same now. were it deemed politically appropriate by those Countries and realms who must be providing these factions and group with support and infrastructure planning and strategies and so forth.

The speed and rapid progress of these groups suggest that some long hard training and investment over several years must have occurred in secret prior to  the eventual World-wide coverage they seemingly have.

So I am off to consider the possibility of a name change though do not feel imbecile is befitting of someone who grew up in a Country steeped in playground chants such-as  it takes one to know one. Yes the debate as to playing chicken with some distant balaclava wearing war monger is as interesting as wondering whether a short sharp bullet to the head is all that appropriate compared to some long drawn out painful and slow drawn out death such-as aging.  Hostages of course are an altogether differing kettle of fish, given how many are seemingly hostage to media and family and work and life the universe and everything as we know it.

Goldfinger wanted Bond to die with little interest in debate or talk or chatter and that is perhaps where many of us find ourselves within day to day life, after experiencing alternate choices or being constantly singled out for undesirable attention.

Thank you for reading, God bless and be well 😉



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