Peeling Back The Years

Another one of those phrases that can take on a meaning all of it’s own, I of course enjoy and have always enjoyed peeling and eating the festive fruits, all those exotic Apple and Orange variants and other strange and obscure fruits that we find in our festive fare.

Of course for those who have only eyes for the TV news Hell’s that we’ve witnessed this year, I for one will find it easy to peel back the years and to find and stigmatise the culprits so, Do you know anyone who has claimed ‘Grease Is The Word’ since that abomination of a musical Grease appeared in the Cinemas of ’78?  I of course was an innocent Superman fan in that year.   This has surely been Olivia Newton John’s and John Travolta inspired carnage,   I say this only partially  tongue in cheek, because another phenomena that seems to be making a comeback is that of Medallion Man (perhaps more linked with Saturday Night Fever) yet Medallion Man is definitely making his presence felt.

Did you say peeling back the ears? ear’s of course can have many prefixes, we have years, fears, tears, shears, and I wouldn’t want you to miss hear,I say with a ‘Touch Of Irony’ as we all have the ability to be nosey parker’s and curtain twitchers such is our unconscious or subconscious natural instinct, and like any instinct it can cause us mental blocks and awry filters, I know I am personally dogged by my filters though I am working on them.

Yes Peeling Back The Years is also a popular self expectancy of the Wealthy and Glamourous Body Beautiful Set with the money for Plastic Surgery and Regeneration and BeautyProducts, something once only dreamed of by Dr Who fans, so yes please do go and indulge yourselves with your peelings , 2013 is surely going to make 2012 look like a Christmas Party,and when Hell arrives you should write a memo to self  #REGARDLESS OF YOUR POPULARITY RATING AND SOCIAL STANDING OR WEALTH FAME AND FORTUNE, OR POVERTY ILL HEALTH AND SOUR DEMEANOR—–YOU CANNOT TAKE IT WITH YOU#

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