So What Happened There Then?

It has been a few days since my last post and the reason for this is somewhat mysterious and bemusing, I am somewhat unsure as to what reaction I myself should present!  Basically I have written a whole group of post’s during that time period yet was not able to publish any of them.  Magical thinkers might think or say that the inability to post those post’s was shapes and forms of resistence that I simply had to work through. 

After having gone back over the posts I actually decided that having being unable to post them, I should simply not attempt to.  So I have deleted them.  The Universe and I know what was said and I am sure that anyone requiring or wanting the information there-in contained would themselves have been informed in some alternate manner.

So what next-well obviously I have to have a more positive or more greater embracing of the adapt and overcome ideology.   Where once I may have junked the blog after those types of events, I simply proceed when and where I can.

Transformation from a mishmashed ego-centric World View to a Holistic All Embracing World View was always going to take time and repetition of techniques.  The more empty my Ego-Cup has become the more fuller my Holistic-Cup has become.  

Is it that big a deal?   this question really can only be asked and responded to by people who in there own various ways have chosen to follow similar paths.  I am sure the Holistic World view is one that is more empowering, regardless of how you see yourself in the present you are likely to already be aware that there is more to you than meets the eye.  It really is that difference between living in you’re own authenticity and living in an Ego-Centric Authenticity often contaminated heavily with fears shames guilts anguish etc etc etc.   

We all of us in our lives at times find ourselves in the position of playing Devil’s Advocate yet the self harms this can cause us physically and mentally are often huge (from the Ego-Centric Paradigm).  The shift or Transformation to a Holistic Paradigm is one where the Devil’s Advocate ‘IDEA’ is no longer relevant.  If we were playing the game of black and white you could say that actually you were being God’s advocate all along.  If you swear a lot and live by the comedy ‘Fucking Hell (I hope so cos I aint going to Heaven)’ you might want to start changing you’re tune to ‘Fucking Heaven (I hope so cos I aint going to Hell)’.

Yes as I have repeatedly suggested repetition of what you want to be saying and doing and thinking is beneficial but requires practice.

People who are not used to asking or speaking to themselves in appropriate questioning styles might want to locate or identify books that have these types of life affirmation questions.  I may well look for some myself whilst working through the continuing resistances.  

It is always looking for or seeking to take positive knowledge out of any given scenario however black or dark or depressing things may seem on the surface.  You could say that Transformational work to the Holistic World View is one of going into your own mental shadows and darknesses and re-evaluating and taking out or integrating the light that you find in the darkness.

Thank you for you’re patience and hopefully a more regular post will be available for folks to peruse in future, and if you do know of any books that list these types of questioning techniques, please post on facebook or inbox me and let me know.  🙂

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