Make It Up As You Go Along

Last night I dreamt I was in a maze within a maze and laid out before me were a collection of woollen threads representing each colour of the rainbow all going off into differing directions within and without the maze.

I stretched out my hand and tugged on the red woollen strand and suddenly some musical notes echoed and scaled through the World about me. Caught of guard I was momentarily stunned and wondered what the other threads and cords might have to offer, one by one I tugged at each and every thread to see what it would do. All the threads and cords gave a similar reaction to the first yet each was seemingly slightly different to the last.

Settling on the green thread I gripped the woollen thread and began making my way along the journey and path that this thread was leading, after moving a few paces forward I turned a corner into a new direction unsure as to what to expect I again gave a tug on the chord to see what would happen now. Again a set o musical notes echoed out from the air around me this time the instrument  had seemingly changed yet the tonal qualities that the green represented somehow seemed the same or familiar in characteristics to the initial pull of the thread.  Hmmn this could be along day I decided no matter plenty of time to explore this thread and plenty of time to return to the selection of threads and take a new path.

Yes here we are again and no I am not going to go through the psychology of the above-I already demonstrated the kind of techniques to use and the blog still holds those ideas for anyone to go backwards and forwards through at any time of there own choosing. 

One of the most interesting concepts that I again have not really talked about are the areas of forgiveness and energy and one of the interesting things about the stories we tell ourselves are how they perhaps other people are characterised.  For instance we often in TV escape have characters such as Vampires and in business or motivational coaching we often hear of people known as energy vampires those that seemingly drain our wills to live and so on.  Now as someone who has genuinely experienced the effect of rapid blood loss and so on I know that some things can only be experienced by the self, I could describe myself lying on a concrete surface, my lower leg in a combination of trousered pulp with blood flowing out freely from where it was no longer in a contained body and so on-we can see these thing’s hundreds and thousands of times via TV and movies but real life is often very unglamorously different to what you see in designed scenario’s.  There are many experiences that the physical body can shut down to and once shut down it often seems like an improbability that reversals will happen.  I am of the opinion the more that I have progressed that reversals can and do happen all the time especially to those that with awareness go in pursuit of those reversals.  That in non-traumatic ways can often seemingly be done through the awareness of the idea of forgiveness and the repetition of this idea of forgiveness as an opening into regaining seemingly lost levels of flow states and energies. 

Anyway it seems such a nice day that I should enjoy some of it and let others go in pursuit of life as they so wish-a directionless and failed human being or person such-as myself can not really be a blessing in disguise for those that only harbour hate and malice towards persons so tired of existence as moi.


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