What Reason Might I Have To Doubt this Teacher

Now another aspect that can potentially cause conflict or confusions is the issue of trust in a process that we have personally purchased and made a financial investment or commitment in or perhaps simply followed through our various media.  Is there a difference?

I know that that I can impart knowledge and indeed learn knowledge and separating wheat from chaff on what is important and helpful and what is not can at times give me headaches.  The reason for these issues I think is in part brought about by the determined efforts of many teachers to stay within particular boundaries of how they are presented and viewed by the World at large and it can be difficult (IMO) to understand some of the reasoning’s that went into these decisions.

For instance a great deal of effort is placed to stay within science and current scientific knowledge and development-so a course might say that according to science the largest capacity memory that you and I have is our Visual memory and that in order to better our abilities we can learn or adapt to ways of placing our thoughts, feelings, and incoming sensory inputs into our Visual database.  Sounds great nothing to argue about there he says-yet how can we be sure, for instance I live in the City of Hereford home of a Blind College for many years.  Do blind people put there sensory knowledge into a Visual database that they have never had.  I guess this can lead to testing such theories on Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines.  So perhaps the question I should be asking is what is Visualization? Is it really a narrow field associated with the eyes or is it something more and the word is just a word used to describe a process by the predominant sighted population.

For myself at least the option when studying courses that are supposed to enhance abilities is to see if I can come up with something better.  So I might disagree with the sighted researchers prognosis and say for instance that all memory is Sensorization Memory and it is this memory that is being confused with Visualization by those who have not thought things through to completion.  A central Sensorization memory allows for visualization memory to exist at a lower level within it’s super-structure.  Some might say that a CPU within the brain is the sensorization process sorter and that a sensorization memory is not necessary-for my own teaching purposes and for introducing GREAT DOUBT I think it is.  You can still have a CPU like thinking strategy and think of the sensorization memory as being like a double buffer set-up (technophobes can ignore my technology knowledge and preaching’s).  This then allows for improved COMPARISON – is the data in the Sensorization memory the same or different to the data in the Visualization memory, what were the filters that were being used that caused the disparity?  how can I alter these filters to improve the internal comparison or checking/feedback loop? and so on.

So yes you might say that I got lucky in stumbling onto Holosync and so on but that only came several years after other studies my Electronics Engineering and Computer Science/AI/Robotics and later hypnosis and NLP, and those came many years after I had already been through the college system immediately on leaving school-though it was heavily disrupted at that time of leaving school through industrial accident.  I was initially housebound like a caged animal for some time before the physical healing was advanced enough for me to ‘re-join the human race’ I say that with heavy heart as I had effectively been knocked out of play before adulthood and was through maybe a form of POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER and bodily functions shutting down no longer able to compete effectively.  That is all gone, unimportant-what is important is the questioning process and looking at situations with distance to see if doubt can be brought into scenario’s.  When I first started with Holosync for instance I did have a level of resistance to Bill and the reason for this was in part that he and his buddies had started using these technologies at the time of my big death accident-there was a level of nagging in the back of my mind that these folks were blindly using these technologies and that I had somehow been affected by these ungodly meddlings? that may of course be put down to my own failure to take full responsibility for my own life and mental World yet when you have suffered great traumas and loss and I know that many of you have then the aspect of human nature that many of us least like about ourselves is this capacity to place the fault and issues at someone else’s feet.  Anyway that is enough from me for today.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Lets Hope the Baby is worthy of Being a Royal or as my Astrologer would say-who would be born on a day like today.  🙂

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