So What Did Those Naughty Dr Who Writers Do?

Well I have caught up with the Christmas Dr Who episode and found it to be okay, there is little that I can really point to or single out as being of major learning significance to folks but I will mention one or two that I thought to be of relevance/interest.

So we had some Futuristic Church Ensemble and were told that EVERYONE WAS NAKED except that we could not see the nakedness due to Holographic Technology.  That for myself goes back if you like to THE EMPERORS NEW CLOTHS, How many of us man or women are born fully clothed or incubated fully clothed?  So as you progress if you have not been made that deeply aware you might say that it is once again the ADAM and EVE covering themselves with FIG leaves after biting the APPLE story.

What else well I was trying to figure out what triggered Rose into choosing the Episodes that she later watched.  The Christmas episode had a child named Barnoble that of course to readers who know bookshop names will have heard of Barnes and Noble, Noble also being the given surname of former assistant Donna Noble (Catherine Tate).

Now I was also trying to figure out the Significance of Red Heads because I watched that Pompeii episode and that had Karen Gillan ( later Amy Pond) as one of the Sisters of Sybelline.

Well going back in my own time line I can actually mention several real life redheads, the first of significance to myself was at Six Form College and I cannot for the life of me remember her name, I just remember a strawberry blond girl that I kind of electrically clicked with, we were somewhat wicked to each other in a fun kind of way, and then of course I died hmmmmn.

A couple of years go by and I then start getting out and about again and Another Red Head works her way into my life, and I have long suspected that this second red head may have placed a curse on myself such were the circumstances of the relationship.  Now the actual strange thing for myself is that I do not generally think oh there is a blond or brunette or redhead and so on (as so many other blokes seemingly do) I just either click with someone or I do not regardless of outward appearances, having said that I can site reasons why I might run from blondes brunettes and redheads lol, although whether those reasons were self inflicted is of course debatable and dependent on ones own awareness level.  

So I have previously mentioned that in Family tree Terms I am a British Mongrel and can point to having ancestry from the Four Corners of the United Kingdom, and daughter Rose can say The Commonwealth.

Well this morning when I woke up a song popped up into my consciousness MOLLY MALLONE, look it up if you do not know it, it is an ancient IRISH FOLK SONG. We have also I noticed in recent years had a rather large number of Female Redhead Heroines in Children’s cartoons-Jessie in Toy Story, Ariel in The Little Mermaid, Merida in Brave and of course FIONA IN SHREK.

So what else well I have mentioned the Irish roots but of course Scotland tends to get more of the red head associations, and the Queen and Royal Family tend to spend the Christmas and New Year time period in Scotland.

What else, well I did notice over recent years that many of the Polish ladies all opted for some red head look as have some major international pop stars, I think everyone from Rhianna down has gone through a red head stage.

Is that a significant colour relation to FIRE, is where my own intuition is leading, perhaps each of the main hair colour groupings can be linked into Earth Fire Water Air and so on, yes I know that these things are not necessarily strict anymore given the amount of population growth and spread but in KISS terms (Keep It Simple Sweetheart) the more that we can on an individual basis return to the core essentials and let go of many multitudes of non-essentials, mash-ups and mix-ups the more likely we are to free ourselves from all the multi-faceted confusions that arise through lack of awareness.

So I will leave it at that for now until perhaps some other materials chooses to make its presence felt in my awareness, I should of course perhaps also mention that one of the first girls that I dated on my return to Hereford was once again a redhead, arrrgggggggg. and I know thank my lucky stars that I have mostly cleared this strange anomaly from my system and indeed that no redheads slip through the recruitment net where I work.

thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well  🙂

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