Snake Oil And Slip Gnots

So as someone who seemingly likes to do do the “Last week as you may recall” I do have to note that we do all too often get sucked in by cliffhangers?  Whilst in more recent years many shows and indeed some film series follow cliffhanger arcs I cannot envision a media time where they have not been used.

For instance many years ago I used to watch a lot of black and white re-runs of ancient shows such-as Flash Gordon and those shows really did have Hero escaping from the impossible on an almost weekly basis-the humour of course being the how the hell are they going to get out of that scenario to continue the series, very often strategic alternate angles are given so a cliff for instance has a ledge or branch sticking out below the view given to the viewer in the previous episode.

Serialisation in this fashion also has a history in comics and in some literature, Sherlock Holmes was originally killed of by Conan Doyle during a fight with his arch nemesis after so many books-yet the author had it demanded of himself by his readership that he bring Holmes back which he later did.  Other more recent comics that I recall have all followed the same pattern and formula.

Referring to the title of this piece it is very easy to imagine that many providers of Enlightenment methodologies and so on are nothing more than snake oil merchants-my own view and why I am happy to recommend Centerpointe and Learning Strategies is that the products do lead somewhere-I cannot go to Bill Harris or Paul Scheele and make claims to the contrary, if I do make claims to the contrary then I will likely not be working in alignment or from a position of very much empowerment.

The technologies do make you susceptible to suggestion but they also make you aware that you have been susceptible to suggestion your entire life and give you a means of working from whatever level of awareness you are currently living from to higher states of greater truths.

If I could just go around saying you will experience overwhelm, you are not your map of reality, you will blah blah blah then that would be great but unfortunately such tactics without a given somewhat stronger stimulus seemingly do not work.

I recently mentioned the language you use and I think it is interesting as you progress that even deciphering’s of so-called codex’s and secret codes can be transcended if you so wish and that is not necessarily a bad thing-IE transcend the languages and then come back to them from a more empowered position whether you want to operate or live from within the scientific realm or live from within the spiritual realm.

I have personally found the “you are opening up your bodily channels and all the cells in your body are vibrating and glowing and resonating” and so on types of talk to be highly therapeutic even if they are mere placebo’s, and as all in the World about us is invented then perhaps all science is placebo, all medicine is placebo, all spirituality is placebo all that is is placebo, but I would rather have simple efficient overwhelm and re-organisation at higher levels of awareness and being than not I think.

And of course one of the teachings is to not take my word for it but go out and experience these things for yourself.  I think that some of the youtube stuff is actually very good and again because some of it uses differing frequency combinations that you might be used to from Holosync they can again give you the triggers and overwhelm and higher map re-organisation.

The reason it might be unwise to jump right in is of course INTENT, early on in my own meditation experience I constantly chased thoughts without bringing myself back to a place of being CENTERED, once you know you can think from a place of being centered then that might be the time to try the stronger or alternate materials.  That is important because if we are responsible for all of our being then a CENTERED INTENT for example HEALING is going to be more therapeutic than a wishy-washy chasing thoughts intent that we all perhaps experience early on in these processes.  Of course Neuroplasticity is another interesting area or topic in the sense that if we have this plasticity then we are constantly opening up to new realms where long lost thoughts feeling are going to return us to wishy-washy states of being non-centered and again each level seemingly reveals how far we have advanced in reality to how far we have advanced in truth, there does seem to be a bridge building exercise of working your way gradually up to what you and your physical body can handle in stimulus, my own concern is the strength of my nervous system as that is the communication highway perhaps and I like most folks want to be on the information super-highway or freeway to use an American  term.

Well lets see what these ramblings bring about in the World that I witness.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 🙂

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