Oh that Is Interesting

So after having done some of this dream & image streaming I found myself going into reflection of the differing techniques that we are given from different cultures and looking for the commonalities and so on and so forth.

What do I mean-well anyone who has followed myself for some time will likely recall that I did speak previously on the Budhist meditations and self inquiry.  Self inquiry being where you have an inner questioning session with a  non-conscious trait or personality.

Very often it would start with “I wish to speak to the inner voice or part of myself known as Mr Grumpy (I suggested using ready made lists of traits from characters such-as Smurfs & Mr Men and so on).

That technique does of course assume a level of control and that you are going to get the response from the part of you-you are enquiring of.

The dream consciousness is very much more like the kinds of techniques used by indigenous tribes peoples around the globe.  In the dream space you might say well how can I enquire of anyone.

The big issue for many folks is that in dream states ANYTHING CAN AND DOES HAPPEN, those who tried my Last Night I dreamt technique and then wrote and wrote whatever came up into the imagination allowing anything to happen will understand this.  The genius code type courses go a step further suggesting active vocalization of what you are seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and feeling.  You might well think that that is for nutters and Freudian Psycho-analysis, but then that thought is likely coming from ego-defense type mechanisms.

The interesting thing is that you can take two characters.  Character A says that they act with integrity throughout there life and live and act in the same fashion throughout whether at work or at home-what you see is what you get-very commendable.

Character B says that they recognise they are not there job and perform the job as a compartmentalised function of who they are and you may find them to be very different outside of a work environment.  Again perhaps more scope for Criticism but an attitude and approach accepted as a societal norm as was character A.

These two models are both considered quite normal but unfortunately both can lead to Reginald Perrin type unravelling’s and mental health breakdowns, the reason is quite obvious to anyone who has adopted the technologies I recommend 

However and who-ever we have tried to be there are non-conscious parts of ourselves that have been suppressed in this way or that way and with out putting the work in to bring that material to surface it will likely force its way through and again lead to dysfunctional behaviours and beliefs and so on-how often do we hear of this character or that character having mid-life crisis (for instance).

You might say that using the technologies and then doing self inquiry or dream running can unravel all these suppressed materials.  By that I mean that if you think about it-dream states are very often highly chaotic and we often think or it has been shown that people in confused states of awareness very often think if my dreams are chaotic then I must be chaotic but again you are not your dreams just as you are not your body.

You might say that in verbalising and transcribing your dreams as they appear you are developing a rapport with yourself (instead of the prior suppression) and when you develop rapport with your own inner self you can (in theory at least) actually work towards the INTEGRITY that you always thought you had but this time in greater alignment with yourself.  So practice might seem ridiculous to some folks but I honestly believe that if you speak your inner dream truths as they come to you and verbalise them or transcribe them in some fashion, you are becoming honest with yourself and in greater CONGRUENCE,

CONGRUENCE is the word that I have left out of the discussion up to this point and the reason is that we all have what might be described as higher or lower levels of CONGRUENCE.  We all of us can sense (to varying degree’s) when others are being honest or dishonest with us-yet we do not need to concern ourselves with the congruence of others merely raise our own personal or individual levels.  CONGRUENCE itself does appear to have multiple levels in the sense that when you begin meditating to how you will be a couple of years down the line are likely wide apart.

That does of course take us into the realms of polarities-I can only given guidance to the best experience and technologies I have tried.  For instance I like Holosync and LS because they have a certain level of structure in the progress that is made, even though I have tried the freebie type stuff on YOUTUBE for instance I personally still prefer to follow some of the guidance from the more experienced practitioners.  You might say that we all have differing COMPETENCIES depending on where we have placed our focus and energy.  I have tried to have a balance among all competencies raising them across the board-hence my reading across a multitude of categories and subject matters.

Likewise others have focussed purely on financial gain or health and so on-I do not believe it possible to focus on any aspect without affecting some other trait or aspect in some fashion so you do have to be aware of polarities and Yin and Yang aspects of nature.

traditional teaching debates have of course nearly always focussed on Nature versus Nurture-I am of the belief that debate is worthless given the technologies that I recommend-anyone can become more personally empowered regardless of societal pigeon holes and so on based on prior lack of awareness.

So go into those fearful dream states and unravel the chaos and nonsense and look to the wider world for feedback and metaphorical interpretation and you may become not only into a position of long sought integrity but a greater depth of congruence with the nature of who you really are.

thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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