Is Talking To Yourself Madness?

Now returning to self inquiry many teachers follow along the path of “I desire to speak to the part of myself that is…” and as I said previously you can use ready made lists.  Further to that in Qigong (as taught by Chunyi) you can actually do similar communication with your bodies ailments whether it is aches and pains or lumps or pretty much any condition.  In that particular modality much repetition is placed in opening up your senses.  When you are opened up and communication is happening among your senses many things can be released.

I mentioned Arnold Patent a few days ago and he lived with shingles for 2 1/2 years in his younger days and used a similar strategy of acknowledging his pain and so on.  (taking the view that all is LOVE, and anything we experience is LOVE, and so on) The interesting thing for myself is that it is very easy to be told with pain you have to live with it and accept that from external sources-yet as I mentioned I have just had my best pain free year since I was 17 so although stepping into the discomfort and perhaps feelings of stupidity (from societal expectations) you can work your way into releasing all these things and the body really can heal itself, and that is also described in A Course In Miracles.

I was thinking about these issues because it seems that the problems for many people are that we are basically shut down in so many ways and I was thinking about whether it was possible for myself to replicate and write scripts that can work towards opening up peoples senses.

Then I think well it is better for myself to point folks to peoples and technologies that are already proven in these particular fields hence my prior recommendations.

So however best any of us try to communicate thoughts feelings actions and so on we can seemingly only ever be as good as our present map of reality or our level of awareness.  That is one of the reasons I say this blog is only for folks who are using product recommendations I have made. 

This months book given for photo readers is “The EFT Manual” by Gary Craig, though I think a kindle version is found under an alternate writer Dawson Church.

Book wise myself I found I have been going through psychology/sociology type materials people such-as Freud, Jung, Maslow hence my recent one or two references to psychology, interestingly I did go through their material in my teens because I studied Psychology. I mentioned Nate Silver earlier and he is perhaps closer to statistics and I have looked at work (returned to work) by Jared Diamond who is a favourite of myself amongst the Economists.

Another interesting aspect of the Photoreading course is that Paul Scheele reported that some individuals can get so into the photo reading and so on that they get a pins and needles type feeling in there heads and that is something also related to some advanced types of martial arts, apparently it occurred in say one in fifty Photo readers, for myself it is interesting from the perspective that as I have already gone through multiple brain re-organizations with Holosync can or has the Photo reading given me added value or am I just knocking out with one what the other is taking away.  That is perhaps similar to the Dilemma I gave at one stage in relation to Sedona where I suggested it was an exorcism mechanism stopping further growth-and at that time that I wrote that I was not seemingly getting the breakthroughs hence my criticism of Sedona at that time.  However the reality I now seem to face it that growth can simply keep on happening-yes there will be plateau’s or pauses but when we just keep on going more and more long lost or shut down areas in your brain will open up and further realizations happen and all the rest of it.

The challenge is perhaps as to knowing what is sustainable.  For instance the modalities mean that any of us who have progressed can see how huge swathes of folks in Society are actually Psychologically reversed in beliefs very often to the degree that any attempt at explaining these things can not be comprehended; despite all attempts at explanation.  Until we have an experience on a personal or individual level we are often unaware of just how asleep even during our waking life we have really been.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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