And The Rabi Said Between 4am and 5am GMT

Of course why anyone would ask a Rabi the best time to stage a Jewellery Heist is anyone’s guess and stranger still his ability to give an answer and that is of course unless you are exploring the realms of Genius Code and sub-modalities such-as borrowed Genius.

One of the most basic of all techniques being the walk a mile in another man’s shoes strategies.  The problem of course is that the shoes may very well not fit-yet when you step into the dream world of such activities all such issues and problems can be surmounted given enough leeway as to what is possible with current knowledge and available resources and so on.

One if the real issues that anyone might think of with a system like borrowed Genius is of course akin to the same issue you get with TV and film.  I often wonder if surveys are ever carried out in some Countries to ascertain whether the general population realises that many of the characters are not necessarily portrayals of people who speak the same language, have the same cultural heritage and so on.

It is very easy for people to think that they are true portrayals when in fact you perhaps need greater surrounding or more all encompassing  story and background to understand concepts, I as someone brought up in a quiet know-where-ville type City like Hereford have a different view on the World perhaps to someone born in the South China Sea’s and Scientific studies have demonstrated that not only language patterns differ throughout the World but the associated meanings and again trying to fall into line with your mental map and other Nationalities mental maps is always going to be a tall order.

Other examples of these kinds of incompatibilities can be national body size and weight measurements and so on and many a smile has been wiped of peoples faces when they discovered that the seemingly cheap and fantastic clothes supply deal they got from some warehouse in Northampton turned out to all be measurements of clothes for the wrong National Average.

So just how good are you really when imagining yourself to be X character or Y character. Of course role-play and many a computer/console game relies on the stepping into someone else’s shoes as an intrinsic part of the game.  Yet just like TV and film, real life does not chop and change from scene to scene without anyone ever going to the toilet and so on, or indeed the camera angle, so there are many things that can all be taken into consideration and then once you have done the considering you will likely decide to scrap much of what you thought to be true in favour of more simplified views and concepts, technologies are fantastic yet the ability to get by without such things or indeed have old fashioned methods that do not require solar power or electric or batteries can often be the best.  Smokers perhaps apply that philosophy when they buy a good zippo lighter that works with most oil-based type fossil fuels, a candle contains a wick and wax that can be used for other purposes.  One of the saddest thing about many electronics over the last 20 years was that in order to reduce manufacturing costs they very often designed surface mounted technologies and where once a TV could be repaired by a local electrician very many gadgets in this day and age are not repairable without having to send of for entire circuit boards and so on.   Of course you can argue that it is better to get a new phone/camera/gadget than have a repair but then that just binds everyone into the throwaway culture that everyone moans and whines about.

Yes pick a topic any topic then pick some characters any characters and do some Borrowed Genius-the other version is of course What would _____ do?  That of course does rely on you having a genuine knowledge of the workings of the persons mind or does it? hmmmmn

Yes so could not sleep this morning so gonna have some lunch and I also found myself walking a differing route home from work to the one I normally take, I did not go through the graveyard and I did not go down the dark narrow walkway instead choosing well lit routes that had one or two other peoples about-I do not know what caused the change but once I had deviated from route A the first time to route B, I found myself following the same pattern trusting route B.  Of course there are many routes that I can take and most folks can take when going about life, I just mention that because I did grow up next to the old lines as a kid and have heard some real horror stories of the place since my return to Hereford a few years ago so-why I am thinking STAY SAFE AND BE SAFE is anyone’s guess but maybe there is that little bit of heightened air of foul play/danger in the air or however one wishes to describe such things.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 🙂

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