The French Lieutenants Shaft

So where can social commentating go from here I found myself recently asking perhaps imagining that I received the following

Dear Dave

Why does my moaning about your hair mean I am a Delilah whilst your moaning about work colleague behaviours responsible?


Wow that is an interesting and thought provoking question from you Mongo-I think for this scenario we have to look at or seek to address issues as to PERSONAL VERSUS SOCIAL responsibility.

First off I’ll give a brief account explaining the title which goes something along the lines of the following.

So there I am going from position A to position B I draw the mental map of the route I am going to go and as usual it is of course a well worn this is my fastest and shortest route to carrying out the goal of arriving to work in good time to have a cup of tea and be mentally and environmentally  attuned and relaxed prior to starting.

So I’m on my route and as I say do not tend to take in much unless unusual standout things catch my attention.  So first off I catch sight of a big 6ft coloured guy who is very different from the incongruent vibrational Gollum I mentioned a week or two back.  Whilst coloured folks in general are going to stand out in a predominant white populated City this guy was simply cool smart and seemingly harmless through Shaft type clothing and styling there was nothing negative to be triggered by in any way despite the fact that in size terms many folks might have felt intimidated.  You might say any fears (created by Racists and TV induced type prejudices and judgements and STEREOTYPES) were somewhat neutralized.

So nothing to see here or I belong and am comfortable was the kind of projected message and image.  I carry on thinking how different my thought processes might of been had he been styled otherwise and a little further along I come across a Pink Panther inspired type girl/young woman.  By that I mean a young women walking along in an Inspector Clouseau type coat.

The thing with that type of styling is that the coat tends to cover from Neckline down to perhaps knee type length giving the impression that there is nothing underneath especially when the individual has bare legs seemingly coming our of the bottom of the coat.  So you might in fact think its a coat with a head and legs, and the head end being young pretty and short styled curls tends to set off or trigger STEREOTYPES of French change in an instant type PASSION, look at me I am JAILBAIT.  Very much the I want you to look at me so I can turn my head and ignore you type styling-Dave being Dave rolled his eyes, thought whatever (meaning get over yourself) and continued on his way. lol.

So that is the title out of the way.

Now my hair is attached to my person and where I go my hair goes.  If I ask for a set of clothes from the store at the beginning of the night I return and/or leave them at designated areas for collection for cleaning, I make them my RESPONSIBILITY in asking for X sets of CLOTHES.  I have a break where I go to a COMMUNAL area to eat and drink and I place my RUBBISH in the BINS provided.

That is VERY different from a number of International colleagues in the Primary Department who have histories of leaving sets of WORK clothes from the stores in the canteen and leaving masses of LITTER on the TABLES.

So we go into a work environment and are asked to be responsible in our jobs and we have to signoff for the work we are carrying out.  That is PERSONAL responsibility for the work I am paid and employed to carry out.

The canteen clothes and litter issues are SOCIAL responsibility issues whereby I would hope that in clearing my litter and returning my clothes to designated areas I am making life that little bit easier for others who ALSO ALL HAVE TO USE THE SAME COMMUNAL/SHARED environment.  Some folks seemingly are incapable of taking or believing themselves to have any SOCIAL responsibility.  My view is that it is not pleasant having dictums sent down from on high to all staff in all departments simply through the lack of SOCIAL ETIQUETTE/MANNERS of one or two individuals who clearly think themselves above using BINS!

So yes it is easy to see how moaning and complaints occur-we all of us have those moments where we forget things-yet when dictums and so on have been repeatedly issued one can only assume that THE MESSAGE is being IGNORED in favour of “I AM A PERSON WHO NEEDS SOMEONE ELSE TO WIPE MY ASS” attitudes.

So you want good karma and relations with colleagues you find the EASY ways to make it for yourself and the others about you.

Yes I am on Friday so what did you want or expect me to say, lol GRRR

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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