So On My Way Out Of Work This Morning

So on my way out of work this morning I have a realisation that I have not got my phone with myself-and the question then became did I not bring it to work with myself or have I lost it during my working hours-and I simply could not remember whether I had it with myself or not-the problem being that when you follow any routine for long enough all those daily memories blur or merge into one in some respects so one week or day is very much the same and you can very easily confuse aspects of the routine memories into the wrong day or moment.

So rather than run around looking for lost phone I decided to go home and see whether I had simply not taken it to work and sure enough there it was charging on the side where I had left it when I arrived home.

So another perhaps problem with some of the technologies that I recommend is that there is an element whereby some practitioners say you simply do not need or require much of the flotsam and jetsam in your noggin and other practitioners say well actually rather than have a massive housecleaning you simply need to reorganise the information into a manner and format that best meets your present day needs.

I think that there is truth in both practices and that the truth is perhaps getting to a state whereby the differing aspects or coin sides are complementary to each other rather than constantly at loggerheads. We all have duality aspects and we repeat the various cycles (as much as we personally want) to bring the non-conscious conflicts of old to the conscious so they can be let go of and so on.

The raising threshold issue is in my mind the quickest place to begin from because it enables you to slow down enough to see where it has perhaps been going all wrong previously-or where you have peoples in your life who are simply working from the very worst of maps and so on and you are unfortunately catching bad karma and bad influence.

Some folks of course do not regard themselves as any of those labels yet study very often shows that they are.

If someone says to myself hey look Dave the grass is green and I look and see that the grass is green all well and good, and the same can be said if they say hey look Dave the sky is blue and I look and indeed the sky is blue.

So do you want to be around folks who are straight forward and honest or do you want to be around folks who live in Mental worlds of CRY WOLF whereby one CRIES WOLF then another until everyone in an environment cannot be trusted with the most simplest and basic disciplines of telling the TRUTH.  Many a group will defend lying and deceit and dishonesty as claiming that it is simply the everyday banter of the environment.  I say how is anyone coming into the environment supposed to know that it is banter and not truth.

This is  the third or fourth piece that I have written or began writing today and I do not feel able to continue as it inevitably leads once again to some unpleasantness that I personally want to extricate myself from. 

Thank you for reading, god Bless and Be Well 🙂

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