So You Are In A Dire Strait And

So you are in a dire strait and make some weird rationalization as to how you are going to escape from aforementioned dire strait and your brain/body/spirit not knowing any different simply decides to follow the process or command that you have given yourself and in order to carry out the instruction your brain/body/spirit seeks out knowledge held within your own personal database or collection of thoughts.

~Why am I saying this-well as you recall I declared I would rescue the Princess and of course being relatively young and so on and having had a long history of playing video games what springs to my mind now is that my brain/body/spirit latched on to the example I held somewhere in my mind of Donkey Kong whereby Mario has to climb the assorted scaffoldings to rescue Princess Daisy from Kong and his throwing down of barrels and other assorted obstacles.

Further to that I found myself waking up this morning thinking about another game that I had as a teenager which was a simple three lane car racing game on my wristwatch that I generally wore on my left wrist.  The game was a top down move left and right avoiding on coming traffic obstacles game, very basic and simple yet also reminiscent of the TIME LINE kinds of process we see from some experts, you the player looking down from your forth path at the three paths below perhaps.

I played far to many assorted games to list them all as I was simply of that generation and the video games market was growing rapidly starting with classics such-as Pac-Man eating cherries in a maze whilst avoiding ghosts and space invaders descending to earth and yes well there are plenty of places where the history of such games can be uncovered-yet I was someone who did enjoy those kinds of challenges and activities as an indoor pursuit and was pretty damned good at them, though I can now say that I have not really been into video games for a few years and generally die quite quickly or lose easily to the young un when challenged to have a go-having said that I do find that many of the gameswhen I do try them have generally been targeted for age groups and are not in the one size fits all category that existed when I were a lad.

So anyway I mention the story above so that we can see that often desperation and dire straits does produce results just not necessarily in a fashion whereby the links and so on are obvious-and I think that continue learning and meditation can bring such links into consciousness so they can be released and let go of. 

The other issue is of course the so-called map that you are operating from and I have found that most of us have multiple maps that generally have not been thought through or are incomplete or are not maps that allow for growth and self-development.  My own study suggests that your average person in the street has a Gaia variant kind of map and usually operates within that map from a position of fear of some description-my own study has demonstrated to myself that there is a place beyond that position or developmental stage and model whereby the chaos and reorganization happens and dissolution of that map for a new map happens.  Of course you very often find yourself going through the same cycle and stages from a differing set of aspects in a new model yet know matter you are exploring all possibilities and as you go through the levels you once again find chaos and reorganization and dissolution of the old map when you move past the Gaia position.

So if we are talking musical notation then you have A B C D E F G, A B C D E F G

When we place that in terms of alphabet A B C D E F G H we can see that H=HEAVEN/HELL is on the other side of the G=GAIA that most folks operate from, I am in know way knocking folks within that model merely saying that when you do the study and put the work in you get choice and that working from a place of choice is better than working from a place of fear-you do also as I have said previously often have past behaviours and actions and statements of intent coming back to bite you in the arse-yet it can be quite fun working your way through these things should you so choose to do so-as many an advanced person has said there is little value in clinging to the past apart from taking out the learnings and moving on.

So whilst I have looked and studied many of these maps and teachers and teachings including those that are considered la-di-da I have progressed from the very worst kinds of maps to improved map after improved map taking the integrative kind of approach from a “books are resources” point of logic rather than a “men are resources” Gaia model.

Is that write well we all have decisions to make in our own lives as to issues such as sexuality and so on yet I have found that free choice is best for all parties when you put the work in and study such matters.

The other issue for most folks not just myself is of course FILTERS and I have read some works that explain these things better than others I think you simply have to follow your own path in many ways-I know my own are terrible and that is perhaps because I spread interest and given meaning far to thinly and have not sought to narrow down the areas that I relate information to.

You might say that most of us suffer from watched kettle syndrome-the theory being that a watched kettle never boils-you might say that if I go to my Coral account and decide that I am going to bet on X sport and then come here and write about anything-I have given myself an interest in an outcome much like the watched kettle-and many a scientific research shows that when you take interest in anything whether it is the missing Higgs Boson particle or whatever you are influencing or changing the outcome merely through the act of observation.

how much this theory has been explored I am unsure yet I do think that as a youngster I heard the kettle metaphor quite often-so one of the premises with any of these things is of course to aske IS IT TRUE? well a kettle when operating correctly and plugged in and containing water usually does eventually boil so I can say that the statement is FALSE irrespective of the quantity or repetitions claiming otherwise.

So repetition does not a truth make!

is perhaps also another statement that needs exploring-I think it was Joseph Goebbels (Adolph Hitler’s spin doctor) who said IF YOU ARE GOING TO LIE TELL BIGGER LIES, THE BIGGER THE BETTER and so on and so forth.

Strangely many guru’s also follow this model until it seemingly (from an outsiders perspective) has come true for themselves.

So maybe the “God u all” statement in my silvertoevelocity poem will work itself out into my life and map and so on and so forth,

Well enough from myself for today

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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