Well That Was Better Than Expected

So of course when you plough through so many books you do tend to have likes and dislikes and knowing where to go next can often simply be a case of following your nose.  I was looking around for something different and could not for the life of myself find something different and then ah-ha I stumble across a new book by Andy McNab former decorated SAS veteran and this book is not one of his novels-in fact the book was a co-authored psychology effort entitled “The Good Psychopaths Guide To Success” and the book was a very enjoyable effort-so nothing to complain about there then.  I mention that book because of course the Hereford links yet it was well put together and should not just be dismissed as it really is a good all-round guide and at a level of comprehension that most folks can buy into without feeling they are being battered over the head by big words and bullshit and so on-very straight forward and no nonsense and delivered with a level of humour that most of us I think can relate to and understand.

Yes that was one book among many yet I would not normally buy his books because I tired of the novels that he wrote in competition with Chris Ryan years ago-they were somewhat formulaic and we as a species do like formulas yet in growth terms it can be all to easy to settle into one groove and this new book does allow personality and so on to come through that may have not previously been seen.

Where else well as you are all well aware-everything seemingly goes round in circular like spirals and so on and you could probably put together a relatively small collection of works that you live your life by-or like myself you could continue to look for something different or something new or however one wishes to describe such things.

I was thinking about this thought becomes things issues and I can see that many folks reject the idea that I mentioned that we are all to varying degress like Electronic Arts Sims-further to that I think that the Marie Diamond works and so on existed before the game and I simply used that as a model that existed from my own noggin (if you like).

So how does it works-well Holosync clears all the crap out of you or as much as you yourself allow is probably a better way of looking at it.  Then you might think that something like Photoreading where you are told to focus on a point at the back of your head yet that is just one point.

Multiple modalities retune your body to linking each colour to a colour in the rainbow and in terms of computers you might liken it to the old serial port mode or one line processing bottlenecks and traffic jams-the Riainbow bridge if you like is further akin to a computers parallel port mode whereby you have differing information coming in all at the same time-so you might say well I have always had that and yes we all perhaps have-yet few take the time to become attuned enough to develop the so-called RAINBOW BRIDGE-and that bridge if you like is the link between the so-called SOUL AND SPIRITUAL and the HUMAN.

So most of science came about through study of The Liberal Arts and of course our respective threshold’s and so on and when we look at those things from a Spiritual Idea you can see that cause and effect debates are not very life enhancing very often keeping us stuck.  All technology started as a thought and thought and teaching and learning are predominantly gathered through books and courses and life experience and so on.

So science rather than what many want to believe as being incompatible with a belief in God actually seemingly enforces that-and further more the only difference perhaps being that we are all as a COLLECTIVE GOD and as INDIVIDUALS ANGELS-the further you open up your senses and put the work in to developing and using the assorted processes the freer you become in your own decision making and all the rest of it-the problem of course can be in knowing from a point of philosophy (your own or one that you have learned) versus a philosophy that is often limited from childhood and all the rest of those things.

So I am seemingly at a point where I am looking a great deal at the ideas of principles and processes-I seemingly find myself whatever way I look to research returning to those subject matter and of course when I have made progress in one area I can often return to already purchased books and courses and see them in a whole new light so to speak-so it can of course be very tempting to go rushing of thinking that all I need to do is find out what the latest greatest technology is and then find associated books-the problem is that many of the courses and teachers have built up there own collective tool-boxes over many years and whilst we know that if they can do it we can do it too-the specialization in many areas and so on has led to some areas being excessively expensive-for instance I have though oh that’s interesting wanting to look at degree post graduate biology books and engineering books and so on and many of those works cost upwards of £100 or more-so from that aspect I think the tech’s I recommend are well worth the far smaller investment to achieve the same level of mental functioning and so on.

The pain of the earlier levels and teachings can give way to become more discerning and wise and so on and of course some versions of the technologies are free on youtube all you need is an internet connection.

So does my constantly being led to processes and principles mean that is where I need to personally develop-possibly yes-though as I say simply doing keeps on running up against some old patterns of procrastination and so on so every stage seemingly has an old pattern or wall that needs adjustment to function in successful fashion.

We have all of us by now had plenty of opportunity to do our own homework and make our own choices-likewise new folks are always going to be taking up technologies and learnings and teachings so how different do you want your frontiers to be to those that have already been explored-I think I quite clearly need to develop some system of my own that follows and is not to dissimilar from those that have gone before-though of course choosing your own debates is better than having others foist debate upon yourself-and that is perhaps the truth of some work environments and school playground politicians and so on.

Clear the environment and World in your own mind-and make your own progress and choices as to where you most trusted guidance at any given time is going to come from.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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