A* A** A*** A**** A***** A****** What Did You Get?

So of course any idiot can see that at some point in the History of Education that RETARDS took over.  I am unaware of when A* first came into usage though the introduction was a pointless exercise in retardedness (IMO) when you consider that the only way forward is to make all grades A Something.

Yes extremist perhaps though the idea surely has to be mooted-lets clear out the the B-F and give everyone A’s.

So I mentioned Tsar Czar and so on and of course it might be considered about such words that they may have developed out of the most obvious STAR.

So whilst I do not desire to denigrate anyone who worked hard to get exam results and so on-I am merely pointing out that a huge lack of CONSISTENCY across the multiple Generations of EXAMS can often do more harm than good-I speak from experience having been in that very first year group that took the original GCSC’s-when all schooling had been geared towards GCE & CSE-the knock on effect of those parachuted in to place changes on many peoples lives was highly detrimental-though the politicians of course always promote their IDEA as a success.

So will we have an everyone gets A STAR SYSTEM-well I am not up on education though of course such ideas must surely have been tried at some time or other.  I know I did use a gold star system with the daughter when she was younger to encourage positive behaviours at home though at that time she was generally good anyway so it was easy for her and myself-of course once I was made homeless and so on and refused help from all local government services-going to local service provider departments such-as Housing with a non-standard (Hereford White) kid in tow does not help-INSTITUTIONAL SOMETHING is the only explanation I am able to give and YES I did everything they asked (In hoop jumping terms) for several years including getting letters from multiple professionals and organisations and so on.  They simply kept creating and changing the qualifying criteria-each time I met the new criteria a new set was pulled out of a drawer.

So that again is mostly HISTORICAL though someone somewhere may be going or have been through similar issues and all I would say is you are probably better off going to a SOLICITOR and taking local SERVICE provider’s to COURT. 

So that is exams dealt with and hoop jumping Housing Issues. What NEXT?

Well I found myself asking what very few people are likely to have ASKED (In order to better understand the enemy/opposition) etc.


So returning to the Jihadist issues-we perhaps have to look at the record of how these peoples and person came into being.

So you are young and impressionable and bored with the gang culture on your estate.  some Street Preachers start appearing in your district ranting and raging like know one has ranted and raged before-and they look quite strange with hook hands and wooden legs and so on.  So watching and listening is a bit of a joke though you do it anyway.  A year or two of BANTER with such individuals gradually seeps through your brain and then you start thinking well I have not got much idea what I can do when I leave school and an ARAB/PAKI Army Training is surely going to be better for myself than British Army Training given all the institutionalised racism that we hear about on the news and so on.

So you get to join an Army though you are perhaps unaware of what the Army does-you are told that you get to travel and all the rest of those things.

So once in the SYSTEM and so on it becomes HARDER and HARDER to leave-that can be applied to just about Every kind of IDEOLOGY that uses mind bending CULTIST type strategies.

So you go and do the Army Training in a desert somewhere and at some stage your TRAINNG MISSION becomes LIVE MISSION whereby you are perhaps TRAPPED into beliefs that you will be fighting for Muhammed and CALIPHRATES and supporting your Oppressed Muslim Brothers around the World like some kind of a MUSLIM version of an SAS/DELTA FORCE type UNIT.

So you go through years of these processes and again much of the 3 Square Meals a day and a roof over your head ideology works and of course the other issue is that having left the POXY estate and prejudice behind you are not particularly keen on returning to a Country that possibly or potentially treated you as 2nd Class Citizen or however such things are to be described (alternate/spin through list of prejudice/victim ideas).

So your unit is then activated and you find yourself going to support MERCENARY type activities as FREEDOM FIGHTERS against WESTERN ARMY INFIDELS and PUPPET GOVERNMENTS.

A few years go by and those who recruited yourself are DEAD or IN PRISON and all news from the original Homeland where you grew up is that you are UNWELCOME TO RETURN.  PERSONA NON-GRATIA

The next best option for any group of such individuals is SURELY TO CREATE A STATE OF YOUR OWN.  You have know homeland of your own and old style ARAB cultures were very much like Western gypsies and Romany’s and African Tribes-the BORDERS on MAPS are somewhat imposed and not real when you are living as part of such CULTURES.

So yes there is a case for an ISIS State for those that simply want to settle down without further continued fighting and so on.  The problem then becomes that the LOCALS do not want you either so you end up as a collective seeking to carve yourself a STATE out of desert regions that know one in particular owns or wants.  We know for instance returning to Afghanistan that those lands were full of the same kinds of TRAVELLING TRIBES and so on.

So enforced Borders only works for those in any given population that benefit from EXISTING SYSTEM and STRUCTURES.  The problem for anyone wanting to carve themselves a Homeland is of course that you still need an IDEOLOGY of some kind to motivate and cultivate good relations and when you consider that some Countries have populations that pardon the EXPRESSION “BREED LIKE RABBITS” then the obvious SOLUTION for your part is to have an OPEN INVITE to other OPRESSED and so on peoples.  So the CULTISM continues from generation to generation.  What started out as 1 Hook Handed Cleric 20 years ago is NOW 1000 Hook Handed Clerics or however the doctrines seep through the generations and so on.

You do get the impression that unlike TV/Movie Villians-the people persons within these Jihadist Soldier Units have fought and survived in the heat of battle and so on and are educated and articulate and likely the sons/daughters of UK Doctors and other areas that many of the Immigrants did well.

So people keep repeating about a Brit Accent though in all Honesty that means NOTHING.  Speaking More BRITISH THAN THE BRITISH is something that comes more from the COLONIES where old style British schooling has continued despite all the watered down lily livered nonsenses that have taken place in Britain itself.

We must also take into consideration that whenever a VILLIAN was required in an AMERICAN MOVIE they often TURNED to Brit Actors.  American Actors and films have a vested INTEREST in reminding the peoples of the United States of how they KICKED the BRITS out and so on.

So yes the recording I heard was highly convincing and the person sounded to be calm collected and capable-was it a voice over or carried out live with the rest of the recording (I have not watched or seen).

yes so JIHADISTS among US then.

There is also the Guantanamo Bay issue-were the Contents given deals to be freed? that might sound strange though we must remember that no nation stepped FORWARD to CLAIM it’s CITZENS.

So again of you are not claimed by your NATION STATE OF BIRTH-you have nothing to lose by seeking to create your own ISIS state.

Yes ADVOCACY has never been so much fun-though of course it is not much fun for those of us in the west that are BARRED BY EDUCATIONAL EXPECTATIONS in order for the most simplistic of jobs as Cannon Fodder and so on.

Some areas have seemingly had the bar raised for Political Reasons rather than for any other reasons.

Given the British History of recruitment-TAKING THE KINGS SCHILLING for SAILORS-CONSCRIPTION FOR WWII there is a long History and so on of understanding the NATURAL DOUBLE STANDARD that appears in most areas of Life the Universe and Everything.

My own view Post meditation is that you want as few ideologies to live by as possible-the KEEP IT SIMPLE SAVIOUR perhaps being the Mantra for the Modern Cultist.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 🙂

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