Dear Dave

Dear Dave

I do not see how it is possible for you to complain of peoples attitude and behaviours towards yourself when you advertise games that make boasts such as the following and I make a direct quote:-

Elite: Dangerous is the next instalment in the seminal series of games that started with Elite. Once again you are invited to head for the stars, take a ship and 100 credits to make money legally or illegally – trade, bounty-hunt, pirate, assassinate your way across the galaxy.

So what have you got to say about that?

Yours sincerely


Hi Mongo

Well I of course regard myself as KNOWING the difference between FICTIONAL MEDIA and real life-where unfortunately great swathes of Society do not make such distinctions.  The failings of one CONTROL FREAK or FAILURE to control such individuals in any given circumstantial environment might be regarded as tantamount to NEGLECT or DERELISION of Duty whereby someone has signed up to be responsible and then not acted in accordance with aforementioned RESPONSIBILITY and we are all aware by now that few people can step forward and claim to be HOLIER THAN THOU because someone somewhere is always going to object in some fashion.  The problem often one of the INMATES TAKING OVER THE ASYLUM coming about through PEOPLE LIKE ME SYNDROME.

Games and consoles and other so called boys toys might be regarded as outlets for extremist type feelings that are not given voice elsewhere in life and likewise perhaps the same can be said for the girls and the kinds of activities and pursuits that they enjoy-the problem perhaps for both sexes are in the realms of pretending that you are separating out LIKES/DISLIKES TRIGGERS and so on and so forth when you are clearly not-or constantly finding yourself seemingly under HARASSMENT or under the INFLUENCE from some quarters that you think through personal History you have to comply with when in reality you can be better of clearing the shit out of your own life however repressed any set or subset of thoughts feelings and so on is and having new strategies for dealing with those quarters that does not entail compromising what might be regarded as CORE HUMAN VALUES.  So many people of course refuse to go through or purchase or buy modules that might expose some deep dark fear or shame or guilt from some past misdemeanour and like I do repeat quite a bit you are better of without such issues-far to many people try to remove issues by removing people when in reality the people can only TRIGGER things that you yourself CONTAIN somewhere-so like I say and some of the experts say “We have to learn to love and value those moments where past traumas are brought into our awareness and take the opportunity to do some Soul Searching and cleaning and so on”

So is CONTROL FREAK an issue in your life?  Are you are CONTROL FREAK? are the family? friends? colleagues? CONTROL FREAKS?

My own study and research suggests that you can find this to be exceptionally high on the list of identifiable traits from many a person-and MANIPULATION very often occurs where the CONTROL FREAK like behaviours are passed of as “NORMAL” and again these things can become AMPLIFIED when peoples with particular issues pass off CONTROL FREAKERY as part of the job they are employed in, so again it comes down to “use of prior experience” and “asking the most appropriate questions of yourself” and “giving yourself a brief moment to take a deep breath and think” when you look at just how many jobs there are in some environments it is easy to see how uninformed  opinions and ulterior motives can lead to tragic endings.

So a middle of the Nighter though I suspect I will be back later going of in a differing direction that I have not at present thought of-such are the vagaries of life.



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