Detective & Criminal Psychology

So very often we have to go back into the depths of our respective life experience to see root courses of our particular life choices and direction and so on and that can sometimes be fun and in the realms of creative intelligence and other times having had particular direct experience such activities can be like dredging up the sunken battleship from [Insert War].

My own interest in detective type thinking started quite early on in life I having read many an Enid Blyton type children’s book that were very often detective oriented-I say that because we often had groups such-as the Secret Seven and The Famous Five and the stories were often of a Scooby Doo Nature although perhaps of a younger and older generation and age group.

Likewise I lapped up Agatha Christie & Conan Doyle type characters and shows and very often the CRIMES were solved through non-standard thinking strategies and actions.

So why say that?  Well quite simply it can often be demonstrated that many a person simply through watching Detective and Criminal type shows does develop CONSPIRACY THEORY attitudes towards the ensemble of people that they have in there life-how easy is it for instance for folks to read a blog such-as this one and then think that they are the person being referred even though that could be as far from the truth as it can possibly be?

So if I write LABELS such-as SCUM, RACIST, FOREIGNER, THIEF or whatever in all likelihood it is all to easy for some people to apply a label and then think it must be me-when in fact I might have zero idea that I am being followed by that particular person-that is why I often REPEAT unless you Hear something from the Horses Mouth it can be WISER to go with the DISCRETION option.

Likewise if you are TRIGGERED by a particular label then you can go into the “IS IT TRUE?” type self inquiry in the sense that being called a THIEF NOW because someone has misplaced or lost or had some item of property go missing could Trigger you simply because you pinched a sausage from your Spouses plate at breakfast or something ridiculous.  So you might be the label and you might go RED at the suggestion or accusation-though your GUILT response is from some other INCIDENT or historical guilt-perhaps being  the best way to describe such things.

I hope those that took up meditation can see how you are often better of without many an Historical thought feeling guilt shame or whatever-likewise I hope that people can also see that it is perhaps not in your best interest to clear out the Historical junk only to then go and start a new collection of same behaviours and so on-of course that again is within your own realms of how you separate working life and home life and so on.  Whether we like it or not these non-related triggers can make it difficult for anyone wanting to apply CORRECT DISCERNING METHODOLGY.

So for instance someone has a History of REBELLION against all and any change although the experiencial knowledge they have is often of some value-how can you separate the core truth of what they are saying and telling you-from your own (possibly) adverse reaction to the way they are informing you?

That is one of those great issues for many an environment that operates through the use of CONFLICT management training.  Whereby the techniques use are only ever going to produce conflict and those conflicts can last for many years and so on.

The other issue of course can be that any given individuals non-conscious can reveal itself in mysterious ways-so for instance you could take the names of any given group or management team and play around with them and come up with a diagnosis and that again can be helpful or unhelpful depending on whether or not you are operating from a higher place on the mountain or greater AWARENESS or however one is to describe such things.  Why do I say that-well returning to my own work History I found the thought “UNWISE PREJUDICED THUG” springing to mind in relation to a management team that I had regular contact with and one has to then question or WONDER where such a GROUP MIND creation or diagnosis CAME FROM?

So obviously differing managers and Human Resource’s Departments have to make choices on appointments and whilst it is easy to throw stones and cast doubts on such appointments you do have to work with any given set of applicants and as we PROGRESS IN AWARENESS we often see some of these “UNWISE PREJUDICED THUG” type thoughts happening.

So did a higher manager have that opinion of himself/herself that he/she appointed a group that (WITHOUT AWARENESS) potentially sabotages his/her OWN SELF WORTH and so on?

Again as we progress we very often return to “The Car has Already Driven Of The Cliff” “The Horse Has Already Bolted” type thoughts and feelings.  So why do I say this?

Well early on in my own EXPLORATIONS I placed my own name in ANAGRAM type engines and then looked at all the kinds of words and so on generated-some were “PLEASING” and others not so “PLEASING” so you might say that when you do the same for yourself “AND OTHER” you can carry out the same actions.  That might be an interesting activity for those Dating and so on-though of course depending on your INVESTITURE in any given RELATIONSHIP will likely affect what words and so on you relate and-or otherwise.

So yes it is easy to take any given set of names and then come up with a NEGATIVE interpretation-though when looked upon from the GAME OF BLACK AND WHITE or INSIDE OUTSIDE kinds of PROCESSES would you rather the Negative interpretation be inside or outside of yourself in REFLECTION.

So for instance the appointments could have been made many years ago-though of course the WEB of INTER RELATIONAL processes that brought them together remains-so what to do about removing your OWN self-sabotage(if that is what it is) from your EXPERTISE decision making strategies and so on.

Of course many a modern business has INTERVIEWING SELECTION CRITERIA that is operated upon and likewise any CANDIDATE can buy books and do courses that DEMONSTRATE how to succeed in interview and so on.  I myself whilst promoting the “You have to be in it to win it” type attitude do find that having been through many an interview that you often simply have to HAVE THE RIGHT PEOPLE at THE RIGHT TIME in the RIGHT MOOD so if your 23rd on a list of interviewees during the day unless some strict CRITERIA is being ADHERED too the chances of your being successful are SLIM.

Quite simply many a statistical study shows that early interview candidates are often preferred over later candidates and so on-I have read many a set of such statistics over the years and the further down any list you are the tougher can be your ability of success.

Why Say That?  Well when looked at from the point of view of statistics and or HUMAN INTERACTION you might say that the simple process of NON-CONSCIOUS COMMITMENT (has potentially happened) and that might work for or against you simply through history-you as an interviewer may feel that you erred in previous appointments and are  more determined to have the best candidate-though HABIT often comes to bite you in the ass irrespective of your INTENTION to change. So reducing the Pendulum Swing might be a good idea for Human Resource’s type influencers to take into consideration.  Likewise some folks make Appointment’s with little intention to change how they operate-the question then for outside WITNESS’ to such “Goings On” might be “IS THIS SENIOR MEMBER OF STAFF A JONAH?”

Yes that question can be asked about anyone at any level irrespective of HISTORY-though I would hope by now that anyone who took up some of the modalities and technologies I recommended can see that some Quirks of decision making or actions really can be better lived without

So take any old stuff you write and apply it to elsewhere in the World about us until you can see it as well as the people that teach seeing claim to do. (IMO).

thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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