The Improved Posting Experience Is NOT WHAT I WOULD CALL THE NEW EDITOR

So for some unbeknown reason to myself a huge dollop of changes have been made to this wordpress blogging experience and whilst I am sure that the creators are pleased with themselves some of us using the site will likely be considering moving-the most basic of desires that I have as a typist is an editor that can keep pace with my typing and the new editor is so slow that I cannot even imagine anyone anywhere being happy with that kind of performance-yes I understand that buffering and so on exists to make folks slow down and whilst that might be how many old timers and youngsters like it-someone such as myself simply wants to type and type and type with instant response of seeing the word on screen-the cursor speed is just as ridiculously slow and trying to make corrections is near impossible I write a word and have to wait for another twenty words and seeming minutes prior to being able to return for correction-yes I can continue and correct at the end though the instant to screen speed typing is far better for anyone using any kind of editor that can type.

I have written this article in the so-called classic mode and the word to screen keeps up with my typing speed as it should-why cannot this happen in the new editor?

The idea that I as a paying customer should be denied a level of service through poor quality upgrades is ridiculous-what are you doing wordpress?  is the new editor designed for phones at the expense of pc’s and tablets?  I write mostly on my tablet and that cannot be said to be out of date or unsupported-did user surveys say please give us an impossibly slow text editor for phone junkies only?

yes I am really annoyed and the idea that I should have to switch to classic mode is nonsense-WORDPRESS is in the name and if you cannot put a f****** WORD on the screen at the speed at which it is written then your New Editor Experience really is not worth having in any way shape or form.

I would have liked to have written an email to someone somewhere complaining though I have not interacted with the vast BLOGGING population or services and so on keeping my own little site somewhat unpublicised and unknown-I have little desire for celebrity or infamy or whatever.

Yes you like to improve and I am sure I could create some fantastic sites with the many bells and whistles and functions you provide though the most basic one that I personally desire is seeing the  WORDS on screen in a KEYBOARD TO SCREEN instant-not some thirty or forty seconds behind when the material was typed.

Please sort yourselves out WORDPRESS-THANKYOU!

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