Yabbaa Dabba Dooo

So of course-the number one thing to do when you are doing your write-ups can be to ignore what the experts are telling you and simply write in your own style and so on-I have done over the years a million and one types of courses that all come out with appropriate usage of wording and punctuation and all those HOW THE BOSS expects the report to look kind of things and whilst they sound and look great-again when you look at the million and one themes that any word processor can supply yourself with you come to understand that there is not a format that fits all purposes-and likewise you are again diving into the REALMS of FRAMEWORK and so on as opposed to what can be seen on the surface.

The other issue that comes of course with writing these kinds of articles is of course WITNESSING and some LINKS and ASSOCIATIONS are perhaps easier than others when it comes to making those JUMPS and LEAPS of the references and so on and so forth.

So today for instance this afternoon I had not slept all that well which I shall go into a little more about later-though I wrote a blog piece anyway and the WITNESSING part does not always happen in the sense that your mind is rushing or you are busy getting on with things and so on and so forth and then a little while later something simply CLICKS or POPS so to speak in having a REALISATION.

If there’s something strange in the neighbourhood, who you gonna call? FRED & BARNEY?

Yes I was going to entitle the article IN CASE OF FRED & BARNEY PULL CHORD!

Though obviously the closest link in my own articles from yesterday I guess was making a Robson & Gerome comment.

So it is easy for anyone to get SUCKER-PUNCHED into thinking that someone knows anything about the loves and lives and so on of anyone else-though the reality is very often simply one of SHARED SOURCES and RESOURCES that have occurred throughout peoples lives and so on-and that of course is WHY you can end up having realizations long after some THROWAWAY type comment is made or seeming INSULT although nothing here is (IMO) worth anyone getting upset about.

Yes so Ghostbusters-the song-though the Fred & Barney reference was simply a comparison in the sense that if you are approaching a DARK ALLEY in the middle of the Night on your way home from WORK would you really want a close encounter with (for lack of better idea) real life equivalent BRICK OUTHOUSE Fred & Barney-yes the chord reference is an IN CASE OF EMERGENCY quote though I am quite sure that were I going to have had my head ripped of and so on it would have most definitely occurred.

So why shit sleep Dave?  Well this week I have been working in what many a person can possibly relate to as a hot enclosed environment.  I wear two or three layers of clothing-mostly issued clothing for the job such-as a chemical suit and in the case of this particular job I end up within minutes of starting absolutely drenched in my own SWEAT-and even though I am fortunate in having breaks-where I can dry and change-I still have to return to the environment again and again throughout each night-so on these weeks in this role I am REPLENISHING FLUIDS as much as I can and at the same time seemingly losing them faster than they can be replenished.  I guess experts would say you simply need to bulk up so to speak so that you are starting from a higher place on the hill in the sense of having more excess fluids to lose-so my baseline RATIO and BMI (Body Mass Index) is perhaps out of kilter for working such environments.

The other issue with such work is FRICTION and friction burns and SORES.  So I am drenching in my own sweat and at the same time the moisture laden clothing materials are RUBBING and RUBBING and eventually I find myself getting sores whenever I carry out this particular job.

So what then can I use to reduce sores and so on knowing full well that they are going to re-occur time after time whenever I am performing this particular job and so on.  Well over the years I have tried all sorts of COMBINATIONS of creams and ointments and so on advised by many an expert though in truth nothing seems to stop the sore occurring-so it really comes down to reduction of friction and encouraging wounds to heal and so on-I know you can get eczema type creams from chemists that do a pretty good job and likewise NAPPY RASH type ointments can also work well-so this week I have been getting sores and knowing that they are not going to go away I have simply been applying a substance called SUDOCREME and whilst I am sure that other folks have found or use other recipes-in the sense of finding something that has multiple all round type uses that is what I have been using.  Hopefully the sores will reduce during the coming days though as I say it does seem to be an issue of FRICTION burns and so on and they do come back.  I used to joke that some people have muscle memory and I have injury memory and in a sense that can occur-so when you know that these things can be reduced it can make sense to use them-I used to have a recurring knee injury from a time of having twisted my knee and the injury seemed to occur again and again as though a MUSCLE MEMORY and since taking up meditation “Touch Wood” I have not had a recurrence of that particular ailment.  Though of course these things can often be about the BELIEF that you have in your noggin and when you clear out some of the UNHELFFUL beliefs you can then focus on staying fitter and healthier and so on-yes some things such as the friction burns cannot be avoided though likewise they can be encouraged to heal quicker and so on-the pain whilst mild is like sunburn whereby it acts as a constant THORN in your side sitting in the background and likewise waiting to SURFACE whenever you are PUSHED AGAINST YOUR THRESHOLD or UNDER STRESS and PRESSURE and so on.  So that might be regarded as CAUSE and EFFECT-whereby injuries and so on can have a detrimental effect on your persona and the way you come across to others and all the rest of that kind of debatable stuff.

Highs and lows, peaks and troughs, I see we are once again suffering “The Rains of Hereford City-anyone written that yet?

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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