Is It Fair To Suggest Someone Was Once A Cowboy

So I was recently in conversation with some colleagues and such conversation can generally be regarded as light-hearted and more “spiritual” than emotional or physical and that might be akin to a group at a pub or sports team and so on when we go across to other realms.

Anyway a colleague suggested that another more senior colleague was the EPITOMY of a MODEL of EXCELLENCE when said character or individual was carrying out the kind of work that I myself now do-and I suggested quite truthfully that someone elsewhere had informed myself that the person was something of a COWBOY when in the job. So who is right, wrong and does it matter?

We have perhaps all heard Management Type speeches (whether for real or in various media such as TV) that run along the lines of “I didn’t get where I am today by sitting on my hands and complaining about the conditions about myself-no-I saw opportunity and I took the opportunity to be the difference etc. etc.”

So I then suggested that many a manager “potentially” when younger actually had one of those MOMENTARY “F*** this physical labour for a game of Soldiers, I want to be doing what so-and-so is doing sat behind some cushy desk etc.”

So in MOTIVATION terms-you perhaps have been worked like a dog and want to get AWAY from being the dog, or likewise you might be motivated TOWARD cushy desk job.

So very often such TRADING PLACES and REALMS comes with a NEW set of “being the dog” parameters that our GREEN BEHIND THE EARS young & motivated person is unaware of.

So the TRUTH for myself is perhaps that EVERYONE know matter how much they CRY WOLF and so on has likely had some whether large or small time of life where they may have operated in a COWBOY type fashion-and likewise WHAT DOES COWBOY MEAN TO YOU?

So we often hear of Cowboy Plumbers and Engineers and so on and it is usually REFERENCED in a derogatory fashion suggesting perhaps like the gunslinger who comes to town takes out the bad guy and moves on-without SUFFERING any RESIDUAL consequences that are left in his/her WAKE.

Likewise you might on an individually motivational fashion regard the Cowboy as actually the good guy as they were usually characterised within the production’s of my youth-it is perhaps as I have suggested only in more recent times that FILM MAKERS & so on have SKEWERED the Landscape so to speak in trying to broaden the SCOPE of personality & depth of such peoples. “Oh that is why so and so is so evil, relentless, unforgiving and so on”

So again having had a time of life where you may or may not have been somewhat “GREEN BEHIND THE EARS” does not necessarily mean you are still the same now-I know that many a Senior Manager carries much weight so to speak in the roles that they perform and again anyone contemplating moving up any kind of Hierarchy-does not want to do so from the position of naivety that some of those in such positions would potentially claim as having had for themselves when they started out.

Elsewhere I found myself thinking again about Soldiers this time an old black & white comedy-I cannot recall what it was called-it may have been the very first “Carry On” film carry on Sergeant or another of the same time period and the only quote that I can recall was when all lined up and asked for volunteers one guy whispered “NEVER VOLUNTEER FOR NOTHING!” and that is perhaps a demonstration of ATTITUDE that people and person gain as they grow older and find themselves having been “SEEMINGLY” hung out to dry by those that were supposedly on the same side and so on-I think it is far too easy to fall into the TRAP as I have written previously of EXPECTING support when in fact:- If you know you are operating outside of acceptable rules or regulations and so on then why do you expect others to place themselves in potential JEOPARDY for your WRONGDOING.

So I do think as we grow older and so on that in terms of CYCLES & PATTERNS and becoming more and more attuned-as many a Business and Company is-that RESPONSIBILTY often becomes the No.1 issue that anyone has to take into CONSIDERATION. Are you capable of being responsible, are you capable of making others be responsible and so on and so forth.

Elsewhere I myself can be HAULED up before the CROSS-EXAMINATION COURT & LAWYERS for saying and previously stating that I myself do not believe in GHOSTS and then referring to myself in the fashion of Ghost Writer.

Well I do not believe in ghost’s and so on beyond perhaps a METAPHYSICAL or METAPHORICAL type interpretation although like many a person I grew up around others who swear blind as to the existence of ghosts and so on-I think perhaps as buildings and any given environment carries and contains FREQUENCIES & VIBRATIONS and so on that it is all too easy to GENERATE the rational of ghosts and hauntings and so on for windows creaking under pressure from the wind and squeaky floor boards and stairs. I think as has been demonstrated that a good SPRING CLEAN type attitude towards UPGRADING any PREMISES can actually go an exceptionally long way in changing the character and overall feelings and so on generated within any ENVIRONMENT and the peoples and person therein.

Again such suggestions can come down to how far anyone has progressed with some of the modalities that I recommend-there is of course a freebie running at present that I received a reminder about-though having the course within my collection (as I do) it would perhaps be a REFRESHER.

So where else well Canada is perhaps being HIGHLIGHTED news wise and Hong Kong is continuing as is Ebola and we have the Church of England stepping into the role of Catholic Church in now making apologies for behaviours of staff within the Church-I say stepping into the shoes-because as I wrote previously-there is little that separates many of these Older Religion type organisations and Institutions (In My Opinion). Elsewhere we have Prime Minister declaring he is going to tackle Foreign Criminals and that is all well and good though what about our own un-tackled criminals Mr Prime Minister?

Yes whatever direction you go in someone can point out the bleeding obvious as to what is WRONG with any given subject matter or issue or topic that you are debating. As I said recently about adopting a SHALLOW approach and the close examination of many a SUCCESSFUL CELEBRITY is that very approach-much like the joke about MISS WORLD COMPETITOR SCRIPTS.

So no matter the script that anyone is reading or playing out about yourself you have the OPTION and you have the CHOICE to REMODEL and REINTERPRET and gain KNEW insight and understanding as to how you as an individual THINK FEEL & ACT.

Someone mentioned that a job I might be interested in has appeared upon the board and given my own stated desire to move from working nights and previous experience-it would likely be a fruitless exercise in INTERVIEW practice-having said that I would not want to put anyone off and it is perhaps a good opportunity for anyone who does desire moving up the management path and ladder in stepping stone terms given the TIME LIMIT associated with position (I am sure once a stand-in type role is created that it is one that can continue in some fashion). From the position of someone who knows nights pretty well I do have to say that I cannot see any obvious candidates among the current personnel although as is often the case-you do not necessarily know what anyone is made of so to speak until they are actually going about a role and performing in said role-so do not let Dave S Perkins’ presence put you off applying as you never know-IT COULD BE YOU!

Well that seems enough to be going on with and who knows I may have a change of Heart though at present I have not been considering any new roles for myself-so that perhaps another option or consideration for myself to consider.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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