Paralysis Paranoia Aerials & Antenna’s

So I was thinking about what subject I have not covered and one of the most basic subjects is this one of Paralysis via Paranoia whereby seemingly under constant threat and siege you come up with the only REMEDY left.


Does nt sound much like a good strategy for many people-though these things can of course be related to childhood games of HIDE & SEEK.

Likewise if you are doing NOTHING to TRIGGER such behaviours in folks around yourself then potentially they are going to come to some undesirable thoughts about their OWN mental state of affairs-that is of course not necessarily true though we do seem to have this continuing roll call of people & persons who want to KNOW the secret of someone being so-relaxed or being LEVEL HEADED and not generating VIBES & so on & so forth.

So everyone can reduce the thought processes to places where AH-HA & ah-ha upon ah-ha & AH-HA can occur and likewise raising Threshold seems to be a favoured SOLUTION for all-comers irrespective of past History and so on.

The problem for myself is of course perhaps having WAITED & waited & waited & WAITED for far too long and not necessarily thinking about where a sensible focus can be APPLIED.

So is waiting the same as PARALYSIS-well I think that depends on how far you personally fel you have progressed-as you go further in meditation and so on-you do come to realise just how silly you yourself mayhave been though likewise just because your PARANOID does not mean they are not out to get you-so to speak. The debate on us & them and WHO “THEY” ARE is of course an on-going subject matter within its own right.

Further to that as the TITLE suggests I have been thinking on this issue that I spoke of in relation to NEW-BORN BABIES and so on and respective thought processes in relation to MOTHER “Does My bum look big in this”-yes somewhat harsh I am sure though it does relate to this covering of oneself with a FIG leaf so to speak in terms of REALISATION of NAKEDNESS and so on.

Further to that most things be they JEWLLERY & CLOTHES & TEETH FILLINGS have the CAPACITY to act as AERIAL ANTENNA’S and Magnets and so on and so forth.

I spoke on having steel pins drilled through my bones as a teen and I recall at that time I was quite CONVINCED that they were acting as some kind of ANTENNA and clearly you cannot TEST such theory beyond learning about some of the subjects that I learned in my return to college and carrying out my ELECTRONICS course and Later University course.

So we are walking & talking HOTBEDS of ARIAL ANTENNA’S and many a thing that we where could potentially be they very cause of MENTAL HEALTH AILMENT & so on though likewise we do have REGULATIONS that are supposed to safeguard against OVER-EXPOSURE to particular materials and radioactivities and so on. The problem of course that given many a youngsters LOVE of SUPERHERO type characters that they could very well be inducing such magnetism’s and frequency analysis NON-CONSCIOUSLY to they own DETRIMENT.

Sounds like another JACKANORY to me Dave say QUASIMODO-though I have to be honest and say that I also as a youngster became convinced that some fillings I had were picking up some RADIO FREQUENCY and likewise when I had TEETH BRACES. So lots and lots of little TRIGGERS all seemingly COMBINED to give myself potentially the worst set of data captures that anyone could possibly want.

I mean yes we can with meditation clear out many such thoughts & feelings associated with RADIO-WAVES & MAGNETISM and so on-though likewise we still have to walk & talk and breath and so on and we will constantly find ourselves not necessarily being APPROPRIATELY EARTHED against OVER-STIMULATION such-as ELECTRIC CHARGES-how easy does rubbing shoes on a carpet to induce STATIC ELECTRIC demonstrate such THEORY.

I see that the UK weather is apparently expected to once again WORSEN though as to where that is occurring and whether they are simply seeking to SQUEEZE extra JUICE out of the SUPER-HYPED CRAY computer SYSTEM I am unsure.

What can I now do to reduce issues related to the title of this ARTICLE?

Well clearly it can perhaps come down to WAITING once again and giving yourself some BREATHING SPACE & not rushing to absurd thoughts and feelings and when such thoughts and feelings OCCUR as they very often do-go back to our releasing and questioning STRATEGY. “Is it true” and “can you let it go”.

Whilst at lower levels of meditation the effects are not necessarily NOTICEABLE immediately-when you step up to higher levels you may well become aware of the ACCUMULATIVE nature of many of the remedies on offer. So we do this course or that course from Learning Strategies with low-level Holosync Binaurial Beats and so on and thinking that thy are working to some degree we perhaps think YES this is for me-I want something a little bit stronger-I know-I will go directly to the SOURCE of the SOLUTION-of course Holosync was not the FIRST SOLUTION in relation to the technology though I think we can all perhaps see that given Bill Harris’ & CO’s PATIENCE towards myself in HIGH-JACKING his blog that over the longer term know-one can have any complaint.

Likewise I noticed that old STRINGS of FEEDBACK were seemingly no longer accessible-that could be for the best given that some materials were not written with the greater AWARENESS that some of us have since developed and likewise any NEW STARTERS have the opportunity to not be negatively INFLUENCED by the RANTINGS of LUNAITIC individuals such-as myself.

I know Bob Marley sang of ZION though given that so many people CREATE such IDEAS within the HEMISPHERES between ONES OWN EARS-what will you own ZION be akin to and can such a place exist within the inner circle of the here & now.

What remedy to life’s minor requirements do you have and what remedy to life’s major requirements do you have-I think given the Nature of the Technology that it could well be to INTRODUCE TECHNOLOGY at as young an age as possible after being of school leaving age-though I am sure that many INADVERTENTLY introduce such things merely through their own PRESENCE and of course any VIBE or PROJECTION that is EMMANATING from them as ARIAL ANTENNA’S.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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