Obama The Lion, UKIP The Witch and Europe The Wardrobe

Okay so it does not really fully fit the present day scenario, especially given some quarters usage of closet & wardrobe references-I personally think such folks have not fully all aspects of enlightenment knowledge, though that is of course my own viewpoint & they have theirs.

So Obama has perhaps acted as a Lion in declaring a GRACE for illegal immigrants within the United States of America who upon declaring their presence will gain amnesty from deportation.

Likewise here in the UK (shaped like a Witch on the MAP) we have modern day CLOSET Fascist Party UKIP making headway in some elections and I think we will see them maker even greater gains within a General Election, in Historical terms we have to recall that 100 years ago despite it then being the Tories and Whigs (Liberals) as the main parties there really were many smaller groupings within the so-called make-up of Parliament and I think that whilst these Conglomerate Like Parties have formed that we are going to see greater SPLINTERING & FACTIONS and so on-hard to explain though I am sure I could be completely wrong or be simply hitting the nail on the head.

And yes the wardrobe I have declared as Mainland Europe and further to that I perhaps sought to include some NATO War games that have been mobilised on the Polish Border of Eastern Europe that have been named Operation Black Eagle.

So again that perhaps takes us to the pumpkin printout again. What do I mean-well I could not when I wrote previously recall the actual artistic term though I think it is called a STENCIL.

You might liken this text on the page within a similar fashion-hence my suggestion of people thinking of text as though they are on OVERHEAD PROJECTOR Sheets and so on. I think the most basic thing that can occur with the Meditation type technologies is the clearing out of a lifetimes worth of built-up sediment and deposits and so on within the brain. Yes the binaurial beats act as a kind of low electrical stimulus akin to the mixing of SINE WAVES and in fact they are nothing to really become greatly concerned about in the sense that all you listen to whether music or TV or whatever is received in generally a similar fashion.


You could find as you progress that beliefs about your body and your awareness and CAPABILITIES and so on are incorrect in the sense that just about everything that anyone has ever told you can be put up to question and even if you cannot necessarily think of things to bring up to question the stimulus if you like almost acts in an autopilot type fashion of bringing things to your conscious awareness that you may have long since been running on autopilot. That of course is a subject matter for debate in the sense that many autopilot type activities that we do in our day-to-day lives are auto-pilot for a reason. We have learned a task via conscious repetition and practice and then over time become so familiarised with an activity that it gradually sinks into a kind of non-conscious fluidity or mastery.

Having said that so many things were likely happening in our lives when growing up and so on-that many things that could be useful to have conscious awareness of we lose touch with-and one of those things is the non-existence so to speak of time. By that I mean that we often develop a belief in time existing when really things such-as Calendar’s and watches and so on simply MONITOR time. So the meditation if you like allows us to return to that place where we can really step back and once again monitor time as opposed to being all caught up in it.

Yes I know that most readers are already aware of such details especially if you have bought and paid the Holosync materials and indeed the blogs and so on-though it is worth other people who are writing blogs also repeating such things. Likewise once you have cleared out much of the mental flotsam and jetsam you often find yourself WONDERING what am I do now do and again we have all the assorted product lines that you may find yourself bombarded with mail for. I as I said previously ignored everything and stuck solidly with Holosync for a year or two before looking at what else was available. I settled on the Learning Strategies type courses and teachings and have found them to be great accompaniment to the Centerpointe Research Institute teachings. On top of that I also as I have stated previously did quite a bit of EFT type tapping when I first started learning much of this stuff and I also worked through the ACIM (A Course In Miracles) book and a FREE version is available somewhere on the web-A link exists within this blog.

Now a phrase I heard quite recently is another one of those that requires being brought to QUESTION. So I recently wrote a joke suggesting Never Volunteer For Nothing and likewise that can perhaps go hand in hand with other phrases such-as Nobody Likes A Grass.

The problem with that saying is of course that as you progress with Meditation to Higher Levels and so on-you come to realise that everything at all times is VALID within your mental Hemisphere so to speak and then the question turns into CAN YOU GRASS ON YOURSELF?

So we all of us perhaps have debates as to whether to say something with regard to this subject or that subject and I have found it extremely HELPFUL to simply privately publish any more EXTREMIST type thoughts and feelings and so on that come up during my meditations and so on including reactionary responses to others behaviours, it is only in questioning others behaviours that you can decide on how you want your own World to be so to speak, so some people claim that this or that behaviour is a BETRAYAL (of family or friends or colleagues or group etc.) although generally I think in some cases you really do have to question what LOYALTIES are and what limits (if any) you place on such things.

Yes I know some things written here are now regarded as OUTRAGEOUS to some people and I do generally seek to continue in the mild mannered fashion-though sometimes like all people I am just as part of any patterns & cycles as is everyone else. So the best remedy and most people already know is to simply ignore any seeming extremism-those who already meditate and so on already do-the problem of course comes when NEW people take up meditation or THIRD PARTY’S are questioning as to what I write and so on. Most folks who have ADVANCED KNOW that there is little that I can write that they are not already AWARE OF. We all of us mostly have a generally the same series of patterns and cycles and thought processes and so on-yes these things may express themselves differently within differing people though generally again I think people know what I am speaking of.

So everyone is perhaps starting from SELF_OBSESSED EGOTIST (INCLUDING MYSELF) type places, though generally most of us as we progress develop to a POINT of having a MATURE EGO that understands that there are better ways of UNDERSTANDING ENLIGHTENMENT. Theories such-as the map is not the territory and so on and wave theory and plenty of other theories such-as fractal theory and frequency and plenty that you can develop skills in and may already have skills in though potentially not working or limited in some fashion though POSSIBLY NEGATIVE or CONSEQUENCIAL type beliefs relating to CAUSE & EFFECT.

I am of course working early today it being a Friday and this is clearly just a simply repetition of many things that I have previously written and as I say choice is choice though most of us want easy ways of developing skills that put money on the table-all information that we all of us have in some fashion or another and it really is often simply a case of slowing down and taking our time with the learnings or indeed you could do as I did with LS courses and CRAM them though I am unsure as to how satisfactory that is as an overall strategy.   Sometimes feel like I need to START ALL OVER AGAIN.

There once was a man named Michael Finnegan, Had three whiskers on his chinnegan, Shaved them off and they grew in ag’in, Poor old Michael Finnegan (begin ag’in)

Thought I would throw that in their in support of the Movember Campaigners.

Thank you for reading. God Bless and Be Well 😉

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