The Fuhrer In The Body

So I have repeated on multiple occasions that we are a thought (or series of thoughts) within a body-though in reality as most of us have come to understand it has been “Discovered” after much research that our left and our right hemispheres of our brains operate in very differing fashions.

The Hegel Model that I recently mentioned has seemingly been a methodology by which people have come to raise their own personal Threshold between the “Competing Left & Right” hemispheres and further to that the stimulation from the Zen like Meditation Technologies that I recommend can create better communication between the hemispheres and indeed raise Threshold very much at the same time.

What are the downside-well as I have suggested I whizzed quite rapidly through many early levels of The Holosync Solution and since I have “RELAXED” my REGIME I have come to find that many of the old abhorrent type thoughts and feelings can sometimes re-emerge.

Of course that could possibly be simply from differing “Layers” so to speak in the sense that most of us have had every kind of “interaction” imaginable throughout our multifarious lives. Likewise the slowing down of thought and so on perhaps allows and enables less “reactionary” approaches to some of the thoughts feelings and actions that such things can “produce”.

So I do agree that some things do seem unavoidable in many ways though you can of course with consistent practice and so on seek to improve your overall composure and be more PROACTIVE in seeking to follow RITUAL or Practice & Drill and repetition of SYSTEMS to be better able deal with issues that arise within yourself and of course issues simply triggered via ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS they of course being other peoples or media or buildings and cars and well anywhere you go really.

I think generally most of us know how we personally regard ourselves and likewise the World about us and whilst others can probably “LIST” a multitude of “BLAME” & “FAULTS” & “ISSUES” we can of course learn to simply continue to Learn and self-develop in any which way we personally desire or choose.

So I spoke previously on my “interest” in some of the so-called ARTS they being a subject area that I generally disregarded during my younger years and was even quite RUDE & DISMISSIVE and so on on many of those subject matters.

However more recent studies have in many ways concentrated my FOCUS on various “LIBERAL ARTS” as ways and means to express one previously suppressed and repressed thoughts and feelings and so on.

So for instance that for some folks might mean learning about music or acting or drawing or any range of Hobby like activities that allow a personal CREATIVE FREEDOM to develop unopposed by popular resistance to la-di-da type activities. Of course not all such things are regarded as la-di-da as I am quite sure many a person continues to follow or participate in various sports.

So anyway I think I mentioned previously how I quite liked some CARTOON type drawing books and materials over TRADITIONAL “classical” type teaching although I have looked at materials from both sectors. I decided once again to review some of those materials and indeed order one or two other learnings and studies on that subject matter.

So what can I learn from those materials that “HELP” so to speak with my writings-well I think you simply when you see a MODEL of how some CRAFT is CREATED take it apart and dissect and so on and learn some of the ins-and-outs and so on.

I think I mentioned Walt Stanchfield books though I have some other peoples “on-the-way” and the thing to do as suggested above is simply look at how they go about the creative “PROCESS” within the particular field that you are studying and that can be gained through an understanding of terminologies and so on. Again I think I wrote on the Stanchfield books previously as I was somewhat awed by the flow of the teachings given.

What I like in particular are some of the reference titles such-as Gestures, whereby they an impression is given of a particular characterisation or movement rather than some EXACT replica of “The Human Condition”.

Do these things help-well they do say that what we resist persists and so on-though likewise given some of the multitude of courses that I have put myself through I had perhaps hoped to have had some further realisations than I have necessarily felt that I have had and likewise achievements.

Of course a million experts seemingly exist of every subject matter under the Sun though some are clearly perhaps more aspiring to some folks than others and of course as we grow older we have potentially differing attitudes and so on towards differing age groups and generational teachings.

I was personally hoping for instance that I could find more on PHILOSOPHICAL realms related to the technologies that I have been recommending-yes it might seem that a philosophy exists and develops in an almost self-realised manner when using the meditation though clearly I like to feel I am being STRETCHED by some of the research. Clearly a stretch is differing to a SQUEEZE and whilst such gestures can be demonstrated and understood through physical demonstration and indeed through being draw it can perhaps be more difficult to WRITE explanation in a descriptive fashion that is understood by any given reader.

I was thinking about this because SO-MUCH really is “taken for granted” as already being known as a common knowledge of terms and words and so on from a young age and in my writings I am never absolutely “SURE” who is reading at any given time period hence my generally saying I like to keep what I write as generally “family friendly”. Likewise I work in a “working man’s” environment where many folks have a deeply ingrained “this is how a working man is supposed to be” of course differences of opinion do occur in acceptable “conduct” and so on though I think like many a business-times change and companies adapt and people move on and turnover occurs and so on and so forth.

Will any of us ever return to our respective “IDEA” of a GOOD OLD DAYS. Well I think it is better to accept that in any given time period or era within our lives we have the POTENTIAL to think of things in EXAGERATED forms, and those of course might be akin to the GESTURE that I spoke of above.

So does having feelings of having been RESET cause new issues to arise-or old issues that I simply had not had the opportunity to previously deal with-I think as I have been experiencing them-some of the reset issues do seem to be more Historical-so I can look at this time period as another opportunity to go into SEDONA type “Letting Go” and seeing what NEW interpretations on some historical lessons and learnings can be given and also what seeds of enlightenment could have brought myself far quicker to improved all-round mental health and so on.

Yes many things are quite easy in just writing and writing and as I suggest you do not have to publish everything publically or indeed privately I do also have writing pads and books etc. The interesting thing from the Animation type book that I refer to above is quite simply this IDEA that you may have to draw a Thousand bad drawings in order to get that one that you want and that is of course along the lines of Thomas Edison and his Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine light bulb recipes that were not quite right or indeed Goldilocks and her Porridge or quite simply a Needle in a haystack.

Yes I can perhaps return to a saying I had repeated to myself many times over during the course of interaction on the Holsync Blog “All Life Is Suffering” and whilst we can seek to improve how we personally think feel and act-that does not mean that we can always play the sufferer when you are not necessarily feeling those thoughts and feelings and so on any longer.

Yes redirection helps as does many a course and likewise progress is taken at an individual’s own pace so whatever our present thoughts on many a Worldly topic I am quite sure that when looked at from a higher place on the hill we can learn to move on from some areas and debates to new areas that we previously may have overlooked or failed to learn from previously and so on.

I also saw a NEW trailer for a new Star Wars movie featuring The Millenium Falcon and whilst I was not particularly impressed with the more recent offerings in the Star Wars series; I did get a sense that this one will appeal to us older folks who sat staring at the old Odeon cinema screen when those magic words appeared upon the screen accompanied by a NOW CLASSIC Theme Tune

A long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away…

The Force Awakens

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

  1. What side of the Force would you be on?

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