So I Once Again Find Myself Being Referred To Ian Morris

So I recently found myself being commented upon for an article that I wrote some time ago in relation to the Historian Economics Author Ian Morris-whether intended or otherwise I had commented that for whatever reason I had found those particular books to be highly compatible with the various Holosync Levels that I was rushing through during the early days of Meditation. That is not of course to say that other books are not also highly compatible-though quite simply put in terms of greater stimulus and cognitive reorganisation they really did make something of a difference to myself personally.

So what else-well I have of course just written on the Cern related Large Hadron Collider Tests and Experimentations and further Particle Physics research apparently for something called supersymmetry-unsure as to how such things genuinely work beyond this idea of finding a system that works and then following the CLUE TRAIL. So a TYPICAL example for myself was that I of course signed up for the Learning Strategies Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now course and was indeed invited to join a Facebook Group-I having previously declared myself as being OFF Facebook in the sense of not having participated for several years-feedback issues and separating so-called wheat from chaff-drop a bomb and everyone potentially gets caught in the shrapnel-as is known by folks who run around with shotguns and associated cartridge pellets-hunting and bullet design has of course moved on a great deal from the earliest of so-called Fireworks Technologies originating in China-I throw that in because we ae hearing that a mass Exodus is occurring around the World at present as many Chinese Nationals have returned to the Homeland or Mother Country for Seasonal Festivities and so on.

Anyway that again another of my wondering digressions-so I was invited to join a Facebook Group and not wanting to continue using present long-term account tried to create a new account and was informed that the details I tried to use were invalid according to PARAMETERS within the related Software. I could have simply cheated though in the end simply decided as the Group was a closed group anyway that I would use old account.

So what do I then discover-well it was mostly just people giving introductions to one another and discussing related course topics and materials-for myself in terms of CLUES it was again VERY INTERESTING from a HEREFORD MILITARY point-of-view. The name of the group chief was KADI STORMS and of course we are hearing WEATHERWISE about many incoming STORMS about the Planet-we in the UK are quite focussed as to local weathering though Hollywood Down pours could of course be seen through-out the Oscar opening and closing RED CARPET materials. The event being reported as lacklustre-I think UNFAIR, most folks grow weary viewing wise for anything longer than 1.5 to 2.0 Hours hence so many directors cut versions of long films and so on. So when you know that tiredness is going to set in you could (for instance) do what TV Charity Show do in the UK and change presenters midway through-no great hardship-though the American Academy perhaps has to negotiate with Presenter Stars who do not like sharing TOP BILLING and so on.

Anyway so STORMS by name can of course Trigger fear of storms by nature-though many TEACHINGS and LEARNINGS are in fact about this IDEA that NATURE IS FAKE and that ALL IS NURTURE, I am not truly one hundred per cent in alignment with the IDEA though am gradually being steered toward such CONCLUSIONS and obviously what you resist persists so unwise perhaps to resist WYSIWYG Conclusions of your own Heart, Body Spirit (so to speak).

So one aspect of Storm and of course the Hereford link is related to Middle-Eastern SAS & BROADER Military operations. So Desert Storm was the name of the Kuwaiti Operations following the invasion by Saddam Hussein all those years ago and likewise where Andy Mcnab and Chris Ryan first rose to prominence within the mind of the wider world population and public. Likewise lesser known though just as many other IMPORTANT individuals made writing and authorship information related to Storms. The British Forces operational commander was I think General Sir Peter De La Billiere and his immediate book after that conflict was Storm Command (and various later published related works), another specialist from that time period was Peter Ratcliffe (I think) and his autobiography was again I think entitled The Eye Of The Storm.

So we the public of “Hereford” in becoming attuned to Greater Worldwide knowledge and THEORY of the various SYSTEMS that are in place via handed down awareness knowledge and teachings-can potentially consider ourselves as being in METAPHYSICAL TERMINOLOGY within that EYE OF THE STORM (we are often told that the CENTRE is the safest place in terms of the CYCLIC type patterns and so on that Storms and many weather systems operate within and when we look at the UK as a WITCHMAP with related GEOGRAPHY and or number systems (LAT, LON, ALT) etc. we can come to see why we often strangely go untouched by many extreme weather conditions whilst the Surrounding Landscapes are often suffering HUGE DELUGES and dollops of extreme weather conditions-this of course not an ABSOLUTE FACT though one that can be traced down through the various weather monitoring patterns and so on.

So perhaps we the public should have greater respect and show some appreciation and gratitude to those who are sharing the respective knowledge’s and in turn putting themselves forward for slings and arrows and so on. A CLUE is a CLUE and all these things are of course inter-related to levels of personal growth and development and dare I say it EGO MATURITY, as we each of us grows older and HOPEFULLY WISER we come to change or place greater importance on differing aspects of life than we may have done when fresh faced out of school and keen to show our CAN DO attitude and willingness to be a HERO or HEROINE and so on “whatever the cost may be” to quote Churchill.

So I have written a thousand words on inter related materials on storms without even considering going into the inside-outside view that my daughter and elder sister (as an example) suffer EPILEPSY and that is akin to having MISFIRING SYNAPSES about the brains hemispheres-a Naturally occurring BRAINSTORM.

So what else is TRIGGERED by this information-well I can of course given several topics so-far included bring up the so-called SUBJECT MATTER of PURE ENERGY (PE). We are told that ENERGY can be changed and modified in shape and form though ALWAYS EXISTS because “all is energy” according to EINSTEIN related theory and so on. Likewise I was trying or wondering as to CHAOS Theory whereby we were told that a Butterfly flaps its wings here and a storm occurs There. In energetic theory that makes PERFECT SENSE as to events that have occurred within my own life.

I of course through fortune or otherwise (my other tattoo is FORTUNE FAVORS THE BRAVE bloodied knife) have a name that potentially INCLUDES PURE ENERGY or indeed ST PETER type references as to the gates of HEAVEN-I once lived at St Peter’s SQUARE and that brings us potentially back to non-conscious beliefs in ANGELS and of course I have repeated many times over that SATAN was an ANGEL, so whilst some consider absolutes within all realms the so-called extremes are often demonstrated to be the same-hence my often calling on various FACTIONS & GROUPS to seek to tread a more moderate path-do not lose your head when the blueprint or model that you are currently operating from is higher or lower than the blueprint model that someone you encounter is operating from-the positive attitude is perhaps one of WHAT CAN I LEARN or TAKE FROM THESE TEACHINGS that I have not already considered up until the present moment in time and so on.

So yes I will leave this early morning writing here though say Congratulations to the assorted OSCAR WINNERS we in Great Britain seemingly have a number of Victors that we can pat on the back for having represented British Interests in the somewhat more fickle American Arena.

What else can I comment upon-well quite simply in CROSS-REALM terms it does seem that many a course or module often leads myself to an INTEREST in particular reading MATERIALS-so you might say I am following in the footsteps of-those who have developed and created the respective course materials-and that of course is a demonstration of personal progress for they themselves and perhaps potentially ridiculousness on my part-though I still have that inner child aspect that contains some curiosity and questioning as to what do I know have to do to demonstrate or improve upon what has been handed down previously.

When we consider the all is now aspect it can seem that SUPERSYMMETRY whilst being SEARCHED for in SCIENTIFIC VALIDATION terms of HYPOTHESIS already exists as does anything that appears within the mind of anyone at any given moment or time of their respective life-hence the my future self will save me-when in fact it might be that my past self has also saved me-the REINVESTIGATION of IDEAS that were before or ahead of the time in which they were due to materialise or come to FRUITION.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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