Does Anyone Know How The W5 Form Came Into Being

So like all peoples and persons. I can be effected by “curiosity killed the cat” syndrome. Likewise I can go into any course that I take with an open mind set as to what benefits and teachings I may or may not become aware of through such courses.

So I was thinking about this W5 form and of course we can interpret such a form in any way shape or form that we ourselves specify. That perhaps in many ways the Whole Idea. Likewise I could transition my thoughts to W inner and think of the 5 as being representative of my senses.

We are informed by experts that we have a standard issue of 5 senses using including and not exclusive of SIGHT, SOUND, TOUCH, SMELL and TASTE.

So what if given most people and persons REJECTION of others peoples and person’s versioning of interpretations we say that EACH and EVERY sense can be brought into the so-called Synchronous NOW Window. So typically of course we are told we have a speed of light and a speed of sound and as I have within my own blog suggested-those teaching FAIL to inform your average non Scientist that MEASURES & SCALES, and HIGHS and LOWS and PEAKS and TROUGHS exist within all known measurement and scale CRITERIA.

So can you bring an all-encompassing range of any given sense into a more global Individualised or personal operating system?

Of course Paul Scheele at Learning Strategies demonstrates such IDEAS through the TRANSLATION of incoming Frequency WAVES and-or data into one underlying form. Suggesting that whomever designed language system and the very many processes about the planet must have started with some quite simplistic IDEAS as to the groupings of such information’s.

So everything whether we are conscious of that or otherwise is translated into CELLULAR level data forms and structures and likewise we can in theory learn techniques to let go bad cells and seek to keep the good cells.

We can also of course demonstrate that early on in many a person’s collective mind PARANOIA comes to the fore. Typically of course debates as to sexuality issues and war between the sexes.   That of course in spite of many more advanced Meditators already happily in relationships with little interest beyond politeness of interacting with many other persons contained within the World.

So that all digressions.

Though what would the World and Anyone’s life be like if a process were designed and activated that happily integrated sensory arrangements into SIGHT NOW, SOUND NOW, TOUCH NOW, TASTE NOW, SMELL NOW and likewise brought Historical Pattern and Cycle knowledge of the differing senses into an all-encompassing NOW WINDOW that accommodates everyone with how they believe themselves and the World to be and so on.

Likewise of course some of us are within the Lowest Common Denominator Levels of Society whilst others have perhaps built themselves business’, and empires and are simply seeking to bring the Life Story into a more Dedicated Realm Theory.

So How can I minimise the negative impact (of fears and paranoia and prejudices) and so on that my interaction can cause within any given group when I bring such awareness’ and knowledge forward to be discussed.

My basic Teaching and Understanding however many years ago now was Money on the table and Food in the belly. That perhaps being the zone that most of us can relate to as one of those basics to be found within Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs, separating Wheat from Chaff as to cause and effect and indeed progress.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be well 😉

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