So Why Then Do I Suggest That Even Assumed Grand Masters & Genius’ Sometimes Struggle

Well clearly the IDEA of modelling is that we can learn skills and techniques that give us so-called short-cuts to where we believe or think we want and desire ourselves to be. However typically STRUGGLE is of course itself one of those words that can potentially send one into thoughts and feelings of difficulty.

Typically we live in a World of High-lights when we look to many a media realm impression whether actors on TV or cartoon characters or indeed Theatre Productions. Typically seeing the RESULT end of a given ENTERPRISE without having necessarily having seen the blood, sweat and tears that went into Production.

Likewise the same is often demonstrated within the World of Business and Entrepreneurs where we can often find STATISTICS suggesting that this many a company fails within the first x many years of Business or Trading.

We can also see the same within the Realm of Innovation and Invention where a Given Project Result is not necessarily recognised as a desired result. Typically of Course those who have prospered are often those that have carried out a REFRAME of some description.

So in the TV & Film and Media industry we can see that even though a production may have not had huge global audience it may well have been a good learning experience for those within the production. How many big name stars often years later ask that they can work with unknown so-and-so who they worked with many years earlier when first starting out within the industry.

Likewise in Business and Entrepreneurship. Those that later become successful have often had several business or enterprise fail before hitting the winning formula product or business that they are best suited to at a later beginning point. So effectively whilst an enterprise may be viewed as a FAIL. You can demonstrate IDEAS such-as knowledge and awareness as to why you are doing business along this model and line when a previously used model or product failed to take-off in the fashion desired.

Innovation and Invention of course has more examples than can be listed of products that came out of RESEARCH for something else. Typical modern day examples are perhaps often cited from the SPACE race industry, many a Government wanting some return on the investment and so on looked about the World for Alternate uses for technology. How many of us new we wanted non-stick saucepans or super strength materials such-as the famed Spider Wool.

So in many realms we can suggest once again that ALL IS NEUTRAL and it is often in fact how we ourselves react or indeed proactively INTERPRET how things have occurred. So many of us of course can demonstrate that we have set out with “Good” or “BEST” intentions and then somehow found ourselves in circumstances other than how we ourselves specified such things within the Given Model we were operating from.

So typically of course Paul Scheele could probably retire if he wanted too simply through the ongoing income from his Corporation and the lifestyle such things afford him. However whilst I do get the impression he has stood down from some areas of the day-to-day business it is perhaps clear that he has been focussed in recent years on his becoming further Qualified and likewise investing more of his time within projects that he feels push back the boundaries of what can be achieved.

Likewise Bill Harris was of a similar bearing whereby he repeatedly stated that he still monitors new literature and Science Magazines and World Affairs despite typically being able to retire from such activities should he so wish to do so. He of course recently released a new book that clearly did not happen all by itself overnight and likewise has worked on his Music and Band Tour and so on.

So easy of course for us British of course to be critical of Overbearing over loud and over here yanks-though reality is of course that beyond “Hearing” such things as hand-me-down old wives tales-we can many of us genuinely have no knowledge of such things beyond the realm of FICTION. Typical old war time stories and so on. In fact when you think about it my own INTERACTION of the Holosync Blog may well have suggested that I was the one who was being Overbearing and overloud and over there-at least in terms of where the interaction was occurring in terms of Internet Space and Address’ and so on.

Clearly for myself the interaction was where I myself was and likewise anyone else’s interaction was from where they themselves know themselves to have been located. So typically a later Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now course date has been altered or CHANGED to fall into line with Sam Horn’s Working Life Schedule. She making a Promotional Visit for her works to the Nation of Korea. I speculate South Korea of course though cannot at the time of writing recall whether North Korea or indeed South Korea was specified.

So The Internet is boundary and borderless and likewise I when originally saying Hey You Guys of course created a one-page website without giving any other details as to how anyone could take advantage of such things.

Clearly I may have been fortunate in that having studied Electronics and Artificial Intelligence and so on I was perhaps at a so-called “Alleged” Higher Intelligence level though likewise such things having been created and indeed it being demonstrated that in many ways being logical and systematic and following all the rules and regulations and laws is not necessarily going to achieve any desirable outcome. I can look through my life History as the System of Future Mapping suggests and indeed give greater emphasis as to awareness of cause and effect of how I came to be at the present position I am in my life (so to speak).

So am I over stacking far too many strategies to be able to prosper or does such a tactic actually give myself an abundance of techniques and INTERPRETATIVE methodologies. Clearly early on for instance I wrote a one-page Poem that effectively was geared around the IDEA of TIME however I did not really at that time have an awareness of the IDEA of so-called SPACE. Likewise I believe that the Next Generation version was developed in taking into consideration that Technologies Exist that perhaps provide irrefutable evidence for anyone who tries out those Technologies even if such evidence is very much geared around the Individual and is therefore potentially difficult to spell out to any given group of possible buyers and so on. Most of us of course can be demonstrated to be setting out on such awareness and knowledge journey with a million and one “Hang-up” reasons hence my rush through lower levels.

So does the IDEA presented the other day of “TREND JUNKIE” fit with Models or Reality that I experience today. Well clearly the “Tell someone about it mantra” is potentially the capacity to understand how differing peoples and persons may or may not be adversely effected through the life course they have chosen for themselves and are not necessarily being adversely affected by oneself or any other externally chosen agent or individual within our life sphere.

The one topic I perhaps still have difficulty with at present is of course knowing that IDEAS such-as “feedback and return” or “cause and effect” suggest a sequence of logical progression that Fits the OLD MODEL or reality for many people.

Clearly being ILLOGICAL in the Manner of a YODA character’s SPEECH may actually be beneficial. So I may be better introducing the IDEA of “return and feedback” “effect and cause” so the effect might be you sitting in some Coastal Mansion sat by your swimming pool soaking up the sun or going for a spin in your super car of choice from those on Garage forecourt. The cause then might be considered the stepping stones that “The Law of Attraction” brings to you within your World and Life and indeed how well you yourself UNDERSTAND or INTERPRET EVENTS or “Goings On” via your awareness and knowledge and various formulated Strategies.

So we are all predominantly known to have a MULTITUDE of various Conscious Awareness Editors and many of the DREAM or IMAGINATION zone tools are about IDEAS such-as rolling with it or indeed understanding that our conscious WINDOWS are very often misguided or lacking in fuller representation of broader detail.

Typically I think I spoke on watching the BBC’s Playschool as a young child and whilst similar shows have appeared for later Generations, that show typically had a “Let us go through the… [Round][Triangle][Square] Window”.

Yes of course the Science has seemingly often reverted everything to Numbers and likewise such examples are personal choice as to how far we any of us progress. Those 3 types of windows of course once again taking us back to basics when modern progressive technologies often demonstrate that no limits exist as to how windows can he shaped and formed and so on.

So the IDEA of “In One’s Own Image” perhaps never goes out of fashion-hence we many of us getting locked into potentially seen as “selfish” immature ego. However the ALTRUITIC kind of model or indeed REFLECTIVE model suggests that your own Happiness perhaps can come about through seeking to make others happy. Clearly then in breakdown of System terms we can often suggest that as soon as any demand or order is given we can ask “what do I have to do to make this person happy”. Clearly again it can be demonstrated that some REALMS who perhaps think of such things in this fashion get misrepresented because a non-awareness aligned person’s demand came about through your bog-standard Management styled course instruction without taking into consideration other factors. Typically that of course one of those CIRCULAR arguments as to Experience of Doing a Job versus what the Textbook says and understanding that many a so-called no-man’s land exists in many a person’s working day experience. Likewise again many a stepping stone system of questioning strategy has been introduced to reduce error or misconception (though that takes us into “control freak” realms once again). Though likewise any of us is only predominantly operating as a fitting jigsaw piece within a puzzle or a non-fitting jigsaw piece within a puzzle and despite “INTENTION” we can often come to see through non-linear strategies that some behaviours and attitudes are only as good as the level of awareness or knowledge or World from which you are operating from within.

Typically I have now had the opportunity to go a little into further depth with the Feng Shui level Four and was mightily impressed with that level as a standalone and indeed as a continuance of the 3 previous levels-for myself I should not of course perhaps speak on the course because of just how much relevance and information was available and in positive and uplifting and rewarding fashion for me, me, me 😉 of course we are all of us free to typically choose or otherwise those resources that we feel have most relevance to our own particular lives. Whilst I enjoyed the lower 3 levels I did not truly feel a deep level of connection with the Modality that seemingly comes about with the Level 4.

So that perhaps David simply saying hey that good number is my number and that quality direction is my direction and so on. Something exists for all-comers and enables transformation for all-comers so I can well imagine many a person becoming Happy through that new level of the modality and indeed the more all-encompassing realizations and awareness that people may have as an outcome or result of the course.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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