So I Have Had A Break From Writing

So I have had a break from writing and also come to gradually see that many written things elsewhere are seemingly interwoven or interconnected some in quite direct fashion and manner whilst others are perhaps indirect or indeed regarded as subtle.

I was thinking about this of course because it is easy to conclude that you should stop writing or publically publishing some articles and documents less you become accused of plagiarism or some other similarly styled issue.

However I then thought well you have to write something, even if it is not on the subject matter that others may or may not want to be reading upon. I think that perhaps one of those topics of debate whereby in taking the Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now, writing course I have seemingly come to see that the course in many ways reflects a number of my own publishing’s over the last year or two and indeed such IDEAS or STATEMENTS can either make yourself agitated or indeed think well the stakes have now been raised in some fashion or indeed act as CONFIRMATION that you are indeed working along appropriate themes and lines of investigation and can now accelerate what you are teaching and learning in a more confident fashion and manner for yourself.

So again we all have CHOICE as to how to interpret any given piece of information. I still believe that the ability to raise Threshold however is more of a “Godsend” than otherwise. It might be suggested that some of the earlier Hypnosis materials I studied simply expanded or exaggerated and exploded many a mental conditioning that I had gradually been sucked into or conditioned by.

So once you have progressed in some of the mental cleansing type strategies you do come to see the benefit of not following or rushing to any conclusions as to the World about yourself and the other peoples and persons therein contained.

Again we can clearly perhaps think well it is all about FEAR or all about what any given person’s life experience is or what senses are in usage or otherwise. Clearly It can be stated that you can be aligned and in tune with Greater World-wide events in a positive fashion though constantly under siege from people seeking to force DENIAL of such realities.

That perhaps what occurs to us as very young ages where we are often as previously said told to be quiet and stop making things up and so on. Likewise then the PROTECTIVE mentality comes into play. So if I will stop doing this blog I will no longer SUFFER the consequences of this third party attacking myself or whatever. Clearly such things can be put to test and it can be demonstrated that staying true and honest in the face of such things is potentially the only way to break through some of those mental walls and barriers potentially between the hemispheres or indeed in BELIEF SYSTEM.

So that again part and parcel of this idea that we have structured and sequenced IDEAS as to CAUSE and EFFECT and even when I went through earlier or lower levels of Meditation I was still whether consciously or otherwise still operating from those kinds of thinking methods and so on. As I then progressed further I came more and more into alignment with the ALL IS NOW lack of cause and effect IDEAS. Clearly RANDOMNESS is suggested to not serve anyone in many ways though I do think that such things demonstrate that even DESIGNED RANDOMNESS that we often see within Computer Systems and so on is not really random at all, especially when taken from the Mathematical Viewpoint of the World.

So typically I think I wrote on FRACTALS previously and early on in the study of Fractal Modelling you would typically be asked to enter a SEED PARAMETER or NUMBER. Any number you want and then a computer generated image would be calculated based upon the number provided. Clearly some like to think that is how the World is generated and look I am now entering a seed number to constantly stay in Alpha Wave Brain states. Yes such things are again debatable. How can I for instance go to the same school as this person and read all the same given study materials and then not be good enough to be in a top set and so on. Where or indeed WHEN? Do these allegedly superior conditioned BRAIN-WAVE states come into being or operation?

Clearly it can be demonstrated that such things are still part and parcel of that condition of SEEKING and perhaps never finding. When a product says I can make you this we can of course wonder as to the truth of such things. I think Hypnotist Paul McKenna released a book that I have within my collection “I Can Make You Rich”, one can of course now wonder as to whether he meant “I Can Make You Richter Scale” and simply failed to complete the full title much like that statement from singer songwriter performer Prince on Michael’s Jackson’s releasing of Album BAD. “He could not fit diabolical on the cover” was the quote.

So anyway I can of course wonder as to whether I could have written any of these books that I have studied over the last few years and clearly we can go into the topic of studying method. Where once I was reading all and everything and taking it all in consciously in the fashion of traditional line by line schooling, I have of course trusted that the Accelerated Learning strategies have been gradually working their way into my Soul and being and are working in that PRESUMED state we might have as new born.

So I have followed some of the home work for this course well in advance of the course being released and the Lessons Officially given, though topics as to chicken and egg are not all that important for myself because I can fully understand IDEAS and CONCEPTS such-as CAUSE and EFFECT going by the wayside as being somewhat INVENTED and likewise see that there is little harm in my continuing to write my personal blog with my name at the top as long as such things are not infringing upon the Freedom of others or indeed promoting PREJUDICE in some fashion. Clearly it is Easy to say for instance that PREJUDICE can be brought about when people or persons are given a mandate to monitor other peoples and persons. So for instance within the INTELLIGENCE or POLICING realm we are often told that you require a WARRANT or PERMISSION of PUBLISHER to go into these files or this area of someone’s private life. I personally have found that with respect of the ALTRUISM issue and so on that you can simply keep on writing and writing and at whatever level of awareness you have you will come to see greater diversity as to CROSS REALM INTERPRETATIVE capabilities.

So I spoke on patterns and cycles and ways and means to seek or indeed identify methods that can best serve you in interpretation. I think clearly with most sports that they have TERMINOLOGY that can be used within the sub context of your writings (for instance). Likewise we have the synchronicity relationship issues as to Calendar dates and cycles.

So quite simply we can follow any realm whether regarded as good or bad and then potentially be attuned to that realm because it is in the FOREFRONT of our conscious windows or awareness. So we can then say well all this material over here such as my love of Horror Films has kept myself somewhat in the FEAR ZONE or however and in order to let such things go I am now going to stop watching or reading such materials. Likewise clearly we all seem to go through phases and patterns of FOCUS. So some of us might be regarded as having GROWN UP as to some behaviours whilst others have not and likewise the throwing the baby out with the bath water strategy that many a young adult adopts can often return to haunt them, though likewise few take or pay attention to such advice.

Anyway raising Threshold effectively seems to mean you can pretty much return to your love of Horror or indeed love of La-Di-Da and generally shrug at other peoples and persons not buying into the LOVE or PASSION you have for your given subject matter.

I do think that you are still likely or potentially likely to suffer consequence on some areas and topics though clearly am not perhaps advanced enough to fully understand the full workings and ins and outs of such things. So whilst I can continue to RELEASE and LET GO when-ever I feel myself having some Heart Palpation (for instance) I wonder if I am about to once again go to the Land of Meeting a Maker.

Yes strange as to IDEAS of REAPING what you so and likewise knowing what cycles and monitoring patterns are best going to serve any given intention.

News wise for instance I today see the Headline that Kieth Harris of Orville and Cuddles fame has died and he of course a favourite VENTRILOQUIST ACT within the United Kingdom for many years. Not in the fashion of Baby asking “does my bum look big in this” of mother though one wonders as to whom is pulling who’s strings. Clearly we have to perhaps experience or carry out some reframe as to interpretation if we are continuing INVESTIGATIVE techniques and methodologies. Likewise I see that the Royal Baby is now SPECULATED as being late though clearly subterfuge and so on is all part and parcel of the Life and Times of the Various Royals anyway. So it can often be wiser to simply take things at FACE VALUE than otherwise when it comes to making your own judgement call as to what is really true and what is being HYPED UP for NEWSPAPER or MEDIA SALES and so on.

Yes David still has difficulty in understanding INTENTION and STATEMENTS of INTENTION. I have studied quite a few courses and they all often suggest PRESENT TENSE and that is perhaps a NOW tense, though likewise I wonder as to whether I really do require (for instance) taking note of my own personalised details within some courses. This is your Date of Birth and star Sign and best direction and so on. Does having an OVERVIEW knowledge improve alignment with my own personal statistics or indeed bring such things into question. Especially when it comes to various IDEAS as to COMPATIBILITIES. Yes several Modalities suggest that I have a HIGH Compatibility RATIO across very many areas though clearly such IDEAS as to AREAS or SECTORS have to perhaps be taken into consideration.

They are of course often SUBJECT to other CRITERIA that we many of us neglect to take into consideration. So lots of conflicting and confusing information though clearly such things serve some folks better than others. Elsewhere the recovery or rescue efforts continue about Nepal following that particular earthquake and likewise we can see that we as a Country are sending AID to the region. I think I saw a news article this morning as to a C17 being loaded up with tents and electricity generators being sent over. I actually miss the days of planes having or being referred to a names beyond numbers, such as Hercules and spitfire and so on.

I think some flight companies do still carry out such activities though very often you have to have some FOCUS on such realms in order to be able to have such knowledge, the difference between TRIVIA and otherwise is perhaps how we seek to use any given snippet of information.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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