How Can I Explain “The Space” or “The Gap” and

How Can I come to terms with the financial money debate and what intransigent intelligences or obstacles are seemingly causing an inability to shift?

Okay so one of the issues of course with any given modelling and flow charting system and so on, is that we can create a diagram after diagram and “MISS” having an AH-HA as to why any given course or programme that we self-invest in is not seemingly working, or is working though we are not necessarily aware of that when initially starting out and so on.

So typically I will once again turn to the Star Trek like facility of Transporters, used as a MECHANISM to get Crew Members from orbiting flight deck space vehicles and so on, down onto any given planetary body or location or indeed other sector of space that they desired.

Typically a crew member would stand on a pad

Then someone would say energise

Lots of sparkly lights

New scene

Sparkly lights

Crew member reappears within new scene.

So what many an astute person has realised though many others miss is that within that so-called transference moment of transportation, in theory at least you are know where, or within or between places a gap or space within a space or gap. (Yes it is a TV show or writer’s mechanism for reducing costs apparently though anyone can use such things to evaluate ideas of thought.

Typically of course later generations of the show shifted to ideas as to Holosuites and decks and so on and that typically led to peoples and persons missing realisations that thy may have gained from the simple transporter mechanism.

Here is a deck where you put in your preferred options and location and all the rest and enter a virtual world.

Now when within that transportation moment we could in theory speculate as to anything and everything in relation to life the Universe and Everything.

What is my form or shape or pattern and cycle within that place, deaf? Dumb? Blind? Other super abilities or disabilities and so on.

So I of course got to thinking about that theory and so-called place because it can of course unlock other dimensional realities with appropriate questioning strategies and techniques and so on.

A doorway perhaps to greater imaginings of what the World, Universe and so on can be in a more malleable fashioned way as opposed to all those learned and often detrimental shapes and forms of patterning beliefs that we often have become intransigent about and so on.

So of course that is one line that people can take to get shifts and breakthroughs go into your transporter, listen to the words energise and then

Yes so the other aspect of course is related to money, how much money, did you carry about with you in the womb or as a new born or toddler and so on. Likewise these futuristic like shows often exist within Universe’s where the ability to create anything and everything has seemingly rendered regular money as not apparently existing, though later versioning’s did once again introduce the IDEA of EXCHANGE and BARTERING and so on.

Clearly then those most astute as to understanding thoughts become things clearly have a vested interest in empowering and generating beliefs of better shapes and forms and patterning’s and so on and indeed better futures.

So how can we take someone or something that has inherent and deep issues with money and turn absolutely everything upon its head?

Typically of course I wrote upon my website FREE. Though that is perhaps once again one of those idealistic mechanisms that does not reflect the truth and reality of the World in which most of us have grown up or experienced life the Universe and everything.

Many of these teachers of course say ask for what you want, you are charging far too little, though of course free is perhaps the most absolutist of bargaining positions that anyone adopting any intransigent intelligence position can ask for. I do and carry out this activity because I like and love and have a passion for these things that I say and do as opposed to having money as the only mechanism of life and so on.

Yes so, it makes absolutely no difference to a Billionaire or Millionaire or whomsoever if I choose to purchase the programmes they sell and make money with for themselves and not then follow suit in the fashion and manner they recommend. They may want to INVESTIGATE the strategy that is being adopted and utilised out of curiosity, though generally of course I can study all and every variation of EXCHANGE and TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS and so on, before or prior to coming to the conclusion that I must be a lunatic or however.

I can of course say that I may well have simply been non-consciously wanting to TEST how many mechanisms and influences and manipulations go on within any circle or group be that a home life or school or college or place of work or clubhouse and so on that is not in alignment with greater realities and staying true to any given NEW learnings and lessons that you have integrated and developed or come to understand.

We typically have body’s that are said to have antibodies that rush and charge and hunt down the virus and disease and so on, likewise we can speculate as to whom within any given circle is the antibody or magic bullet cure or however and who is the virus or sickness and so on, leave no mental stone or strategy unturned within your investigations.

Clearly again many of those things are perhaps best speculated from within a mental place of that gap or space. How can I get my inner workings and body and design and so on into a place where I am existing within a zone of peak performance whether spiritually or physically and mentally and other designated areas of life the universe and everything that have a bearing on any given activity that I invoke or become involved with in terms of time attention and focus and so on. What are the steps and processes I require to gain ever greater degrees of fluency in achievement and health and wealth and so on and so forth within my life and the lives of my friends and peers and-or customers and clients etc. What can I learn, either consciously or non-consciously from this action and resultant events and so on, that I did not previously experience or know?

So yes many a person’s behaviours and actions and belief set often runs exceptionally deep into models of reality learnt in stages of childhood and so on.

The other bearing of course is this idea given of investing in learning is investing in yourself, we are told this over and over again as to what we can expect to gain from having these qualifications and how many of us left school or have used any number of qualifications for jobs and found them not giving the expected feedback or returns on investment made.

Yes I do think that the technologies I have recommended will give any peoples and persons more achievable prospects and understandings as well as the ability to reformulate and reshape inner and outer World communications systems in a more integrated and desirable fashion.

I will leave this here for now as I am simply of course wittering and giving myself something to reflect back on when I gain any further shifts or insights as to where my next stage of personal growth and development may come from.

What expertise and grand designs and abilities can I identify within myself that I can charge others for that they will want and pay myself for?

We do of course see many an expert eventually writing or creating a so-called blueprint model of evolutionary growth and success, though knowing how to bring any given skill collage into a well-developed and maintained stepping stone system of wellbeing and health and all those other desirable attributes and values is an interesting mindbender when it comes to ideas of Agency and Actors and Actresses and synchronisations and serendipities and coincidences.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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