You Are The weakest Link Goodbye BZZZZZZZ

Yes so like many a person I have those occasional moments of signing up to claim the prize that I have won only later finding that the link and statement lies, and if the advertisement is a lie then the source of the advertisement must also be a lie is surely the most obvious of conclusions to make, so when the source happens to be the local regional newspaper website, you can clearly see that they must not check or validate, who they sell advertising space to or indeed must in some fashion be a vested interest.

So I mention that of course because many of us opt for “rightly or wrongly”, for associative avoidances. So I typically having claimed a prize now some months ago still get phone cold callers from telephone sales “experts” telling myself that I can get money back and that they are the only ones’s who can claim such moneys back on my behalf, for a fee of course. That is often it seems to myself in requirement of banning. Or as the title suggests, I need a button on my mobile that says the title presented abpve, followed by some super electric shocking system to the person on the other end of the line, granted of course that only works as a truth or false system, so if I have misjudged what I am being told no harm is done whilst if they “salesperson” are lying through their teeth and trying to convince myself of some scripted set of lies, they are CHARGED for wasting Dave S Perkins time, yes charged of course something we like to do to batteries for energy efficiency, though it must surely be feasible to develop such a system.

Yes I wrote this morning “MAJOR BUSLLSHIT JOCKEY’S” and whilst I do not always know what they may or may not involve when writing such things, I did note the presence of such an individual at work this morning so that perhaps related to some long lost missing historical trigger, the individual concerned having had his departments hours and shifts changed, has predominantly been taken out of the circulation that he was in previously, one in which I found myself unfortunately, though an occasion annoying irritant presence is preferable to a daily dose of his kind of nonsense, likewise of course having written such a thing, I do often find myself experiencing those cold call sales peoples and persons and indeed waking a night worker who sleeps with phone nearby though can find sleep more difficult to achieve during Summer months, is not something that you want to do unless the matter is one of EXTREME IMPORTANCE, things that come under the label would of course probably be related to FAMILY/FRIEND EMERGENCY’S and not people playing the cold calling numbers game with some script.

Yes I did at one time work briefly for a door to door double glazing sales company and the work was considered commission based on top of a minimum wage like payment, perhaps incentivising workers to achieve sales, the downside of course that those kind of cold calling industries have historically fallen fowl of what they are and are not allowed to say to in order to get sales and so on, the Company was not a pleasurable one to work for and indeed seeing the telephone call scripts that they used simply made one more intransigent as to belief in truth and honesty and so on from sales companies.

Yes so what else, well I have contributed on multiple occasions to the Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now, Facebook page though as suggested it is seemingly not used a great deal by many a person, or if it is not in a fashion that I myself can see, I think I mentioned previously, so anyway when or if I felt a requirement to make or publish a post I often did, though likewise I do have to admit to a certain level of resistance appearing given the lack of feedback or indeed seeming peoples and persons willing to interact, that investment of time and energy versus otherwise.

I mention this of course because one chap wrote or published mentioning a song “It ain’t necessarily so” from Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess and I mentioned in a post of my own, quite honestly, that I was more familiar with another song from that musical/opera HYBRID entitled “Summer time”. Anyway further to that of course some things kind of give you those linear and non-linear stimulus triggers and one such trigger that I had strangely enough was for Disney’s “The Jungle Book”, it was in fact from my recollection one of the Earliest Film’s that I can remember VAGUELY going to the Cinema to see and typically contained within it a Song “The Bear Necessities” or something like that sung by Character Baloo? (I think, whatever the Bear was called). Yes I think I wrote previously how one of the few Disney Films daughter rejected when offered a purchase was that one, much to my disappointment though in reality I could of course have simply purchased it anyway, though if you are finance or money conscious then you typically come to see or EVALUATE as to whether a purchase is a good long term investment of otherwise, EVEN IF THAT IS IN MANY WAYS WHERE WE CAN GO WRONG, it not necessarily being about money and so on, though a position many of us of course sadly find ourselves in at various points within our lives.

Yes I think I mention the Money issues because I saw an article on Barclays Bank and some dispute that they were said to be involved in and having to pay some fine. Likewise of course I am more than happy and believe myself to have written previously that the Company (whilst still my main bank at present) is a Criminal Organisation, who unless you have fallen fowl of them would probably think they are wonderful.

Yes I many years ago had a credit card debt and upon losing job and unable to meet repayment schedule and plan, found that debt being SOLD on by that Company to other so-called Loan Shark and Bullying Bailiff like Companies, it often claimed to be a standard practice within the Banking Community, though clearly I am quite sure I cannot be the only person to have experienced bad attitude & service from the Banking Community, all well and good phoning and making demands week after week and threatening or sending out bailiffs and so on, though the pressure once again can send you into negative life spirals rather than upward spirals, not being able to find work through external employers often of course can become demotivating after various periods of time. Likewise then when you have History of such experience and do find employment you want new employers to be operating from above board practices and behaviours, unfortunately many a realm uses questionable attitudes and behaviours at all levels simply seemingly being through peoples and persons having not been around the block.

Yes I recently wrote on that “Better the Devil You know” debate and can well appreciate how some folks on leaving school or however opt for “PUTTING UP WITH” rather than moving on from some Questionable environments, The Army of course Historically said to “Break you down, to build you up” simply via the training schedule and routine, that may well be said to be differing to how some other environments operate in a break you down to keep you down in enslaved fashion manner, though typically choice and options are of course always available unless you already feel past some designated point of no return, somewhere I am sure many of us have felt at various ages and with some events within our lives.

Well I have of course now had some sleep after this morning’s post on some local news, and the subject has not stayed with myself so can move on, though can perhaps mention that I did have a look at a Google Map of the area to remind myself of the shape and form of the area and see how such things CORRELATE to my notes, I typically make notes along particular routes and journey’s though have often IMAGINED that they are on one of those OVERHEAD PROJECTOR like sheets that can be OVERLAYED on Maps and so on, typically all you often require doing is IDENTIFYING some feature from a particular sector of a route and then having that as an IDENTIFIABLE FEATURE, so for instance I spoke as to being spooked on the Saturday at a Particular POINT along my route and when I looked at the Hereford City Map was able to see where along the City map that spooking (so to speak) occurred, I typically walk through areas that are well lit with other peoples and persons passing through and other sections that are not, though strangely where that occurred did not even in CORRELATION terms equate to the Hunderton estate and was in fact on the other side of the River North, more in fact perhaps Whitecross estate.

Anyway I did that to put my own mind at rest and have perhaps now done so.

Yes strange though true of course, I wrote and many examples of peoples can be quoted as saying that no matter what level of society you regard yourself, some issues and topics and so on always come around for folks in some fashion.

Elsewhere of course the NOOSE NEWS continues apace though the turn of tune out thoughts and feelings also can have an appeal beyond of course looking for inspiration for your writings and SYSTEMS and so on.

Yes I just realised that another individual has posted another related writing site, within the Write Well Facebook Page and may well ask a question in relation to that.

Yes I shall leave this for now and I can also say that I mentioned local Constabulary in a recent published post because I on a morning walk home from work encountered a chap at a garage in Uniform, this was on a diversion from my usual route, he in discussion regarding being a Rugby player with some other Welsh chap getting some early morning petrol along Commercial Road and they were seemingly in conversation as to South Wales, Swansea area I believe.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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