Was Aaron Spelling That Compelling

So typical of a child of a particular generation, it seemingly became so that many of my immediate peers and friends and indeed myself watched and viewed the TV works of peoples and persons such-as Aaron Spelling and indeed Glen A Larson, unlike now where a popular observed behaviour is people rushing out of Cinema when titles begin or where many a title sequence is obscured or rushed through at some ridiculous pace on TV, I typically used to enjoy listening to end section theme music and reading the titles and so on and the very many names of peoples and persons who in coordinated and choreographed fashion brought such shows and realms and so on to a semblance of life or versioning of speculated upon futures, dependent of course on the categorisation of show.

So yes whilst I can state or claim to have watched entertainment materials of a broad and wide category, in reality those American Hero like shows whether as a group or individual did seemingly become part of the TV mainstream diet and so on, typically of course we have seen the same effect over and over again whereby some proclaimed NEW idea is brought to the fore as a must watch, I think Game Of Thrones on Sky? Is one I have heard referenced on several recent occasion, though could never comment beyond possibly having witnessed the occasional advert.

It appears to myself to have developed out of a combination of Hammy Acting (typically broadcast day time) Soap Operas and those Channel Five generational shows such-as that Warrior Princess type style show they used to have. Not good in my opinion given the ever seemingly decreasing quality of script and so on, effects have appeared to take over within the TV industry, and it is only longer term type experienced crews (for multiple shows) that are bringing any semblance of quality to the Broadcasting Realms. The same sadly true of many a former popular characterisation and indeed associated actors and actresses.

So we can of course understand that more choice and more options are available for all-comers to watch though likewise some titles and shows standout for all-round quality whilst others perhaps particular audience segments that anyone can complain about though do demonstrate the audience figures to be given a return on investment or ROI as Sam Horn calls it.

Yes so I have in fact been thinking about Poetry once again and despite that have somehow felt a kind of impulse of been there, done that and went unrewarded for that, typically of course we are told that what does not serve you will fall away, though likewise many a Teacher gains audience through a variety of Extremist actions and quotes depending upon where attention is being placed and so on.

All well and good for themselves though likewise as I suggested previously, many people in many walks of life who took up some of the modalities I recommend have often concluded in like-minded fashion that whilst we cannot escape impermanence or suffering one can at least learn to not be reactive to stirrers and troublesome individuals when over the longer haul we all come to see that choice of prejudice or indeed otherwise is just that, some folks often suffer through boxing themselves into extremist conditions and positions simply through an inability to see the wood for the trees.

I typically wondered what had been making myself ill or left in pain in more recent times and another modality suggested it may well have been the Environmental Energies that I was finding myself within, kind of sleeping along Ley lines and dangerous energy interference channels. Strange though true despite having an inkling during younger years to that kind of issue, more recently it had not even occurred to myself, clearly wrong given what I know about modalities such as those of Marie Diamond and indeed that perhaps why I do make those course investments.

The difference perhaps between having inkling intuitions and so on as to supernatural abilities and various circumstances that you can find yourself in and perhaps becoming more coordinated and choreographed in a trained manner and fashion with the developing and evolution of those skills and so on irrespective of the CHOSEN or IDENTIFIED CHARACTERISTICS of a Given or named PROP. Remember all things begin within the mind so all attributes and values and characteristics and anything else in between with any given TOOL (or prop as they are known) are in fact possibly or potentially pre-existing already within your being or personage (given the lifetimes worth of sources and so on that we all grow up accustomed to having). So Dumbo for instance a famed Disney Elephant was given a “Magic Feather” to convince him he could fly though in reality all the associated thoughts feelings and abilities for the Action were already IMBUED (so to speak) within he himself as a character, much like keeping a “LUCKY” Four leafed clover, as I used to carry at one time within my Brown Leather Mickey Mouse Wallet purchased at Euro Disney, I loved that wallet, despite it perhaps more befitting the image of a la-di-da. So whatever possessions and materialistic items you have, whether intentional or otherwise can be given over to having positive or indeed negative associations and typically of course, some folks have possibly lived a life of wanting a hard life and rack of prejudices to cast about themselves, whilst more moderate among us wonder as to what all the fuss is about, if I as an individual person of this name and identity and so on want a Disney Wallet, what has it got to do with you? Can be asked of a million and one ideas as to the way of the World, conflict and confusion and “Major Bullshit Jockey’s” versus a self-referenced more welcoming and open arms attitude to all comers, where ever any of us originate the one thing that seemingly everyone has in common are those suggested within the Film Four weddings and a Funeral, though unsure as to why the Birthing Part was left out, the writer was probably from some fascist cult that thinks he/she does not identify with birth. Of course most men do not because we do not give birth (though I think some fictional realms and science have sought ways and means to change the ground or perspective). We do however just like the female populace have the ability to claim having been given birth too, that is important, because it potentially demonstrates where some STRANGE IDEAS originate and indeed why deep within everyone, irrespective of wanting to change things or sculpt reality to some extremist position of not having this group or faction involved within your reality you will likely suffer for your own sins in some fashion or manner.

I do think the one teaching that is mentioned in many a course and topic is this one of starting position, have I started at the middle, end, beginning or some random point along a squiggly line, though it can often be those more non-linear thought process like ideas that give you further ah-ha’s or indeed take you of on wonderland trips with Alice or indeed other Fantasy realms of The Light Fantastic.

We as a race can often reject many a topic of debate or positon, some through sensible and well-reasoned and thought through questioning strategies and some indeed through irrational strategies and non-linear approaches. It does seem to myself that far too often we get caught up in circles or idiocies, not of our own making and then the choice can of course be to remove ourselves or indeed remove the obstacles in some fashion. Very often some things do strangely resolve themselves through the actions of those better positioned perhaps to take that action and of course that brings us back to gratitude and appreciation like topics.

I am more than happy to show and demonstrate gratitude and appreciation to peoples and persons who have taken up the more life rewarding and life enhancing and life empowering philosophies.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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