Patta Cake Patta Cake Baker Street Man

Send Me an eagle as fast as you can, loaded with arsenal as yet unleashed, target the terrorists who want to play beast, where will you find them just look for the FLAG, you cannot go wrong with women in drag, double standards and double measures, who did come up with these nonsense called pressures.

Yes so it does of course one on harm at all to stay in with any teaching and ideas and learnings that you have picked up along life journey and course, though likewise re-understanding things often takes a little longer to get ones head around, especially when you consider memory issues and the somewhat hemispheric like fragmentation of memory that can take place.

Of course within Science and the development of computer like systems everything often was reduced to numbering systems and indeed as previously suggested by myself, if a thought as to a technology or action or any kind of dynamical process can exist then reality can often through dedicated practice or even non-consciously operate to make it so etc.

Of course prior to studying computers and science in general at University I had not considered that language processes and so on had perhaps been developed or indeed that so many variants had been created that seeking some means of compatibility and so on can seem like some never ending topic of research and study.

However we can of course look to those futuristic like science fiction like realms and think well, they claimed to have Universal Translators within 1960’s Science Fiction and by the time of 1990’s Science Fiction we were seeing morphogenic like manipulations of creatures and force fields and all sorts of long imagined though difficult to achieve processes. Of course now we typically see reports that computers creating computers and the design of components to achieve particular functioning is accelerating just about every topic of research and area known to mankind or womankind or the human race in general.

Anyway of course being able to see the wood for the tree is typically an interesting area to ponder upon. I recently found myself wiki hopping in relation to some particular films that were released in 2014, one was called LUCY about some women who through accident had a chemical released within her body that gave her superpowers and as the story unfolded she eventually transcended into being able to do more and more supernatural ability kinds of functioning’s. Likewise another film I can mention was Transcendence starring Johnny Depp (I think). Again Lucy was a surprise hit and Transcendence considered a flop though again some SCI-FI often hits the mark with larger audiences that others requires a greater level of awareness to understand. I read up on both films and given what I know as to enlightenment and personal progress and so on, anyone wanting some inspirational like IDEAS as to possible futures and actualisations of things could potentially do no worse than STEALING LIKE AN ARTIST as to IDEAS of what or otherwise may be possible.

Likewise of course many a person considers it a duty to COMPETE though likewise some competitions are not worthy of the effort hence I often suggesting that people shift from particular topics and areas of debate once they have come to terms with the possible consequences of where they are operating from or indeed directing people towards.

Yes I read today that huge ramifications will occur as a result of the Greek no vote, though I did suggest the result a week or two back and when you look through the greater collective of my writings you will likely see as to the themes and reasons why, presuming of course you are on a parallel personal growth and development trajectory and so on.

The report that summed up the Greek Fiasco the best went straight to the HEART of the matter in saying that the VOTE RESULT is typical of CAPITALISM.

  1. The Countries within the EU making financial demands of the Greeks, do not really have the real power to alter the chosen course of the Greek people, beyond of course some invasion like tactic and that is not out of the question, if we can go to war with the middle-east over petroleum access rights and so on, then Greece of course can be invaded to save Historical Marbles and so on from the raging leftists who have taken over the Country.

Yes the report I read actually suggested that the ORIGINAL GREEK DEBTS were with PRIVATE BANKS, and much like the UK GOVERNMENT BUYING THE DEBTS OF PRIVATE BANKS, a similar state of AFFAIRS occurred within Greece, whereby debts owned by THIRD PARTY BANKERS within the Private sector were sold on to the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND AND EUROPEAN INSTITUTIONS, so instead of Private Shareholders and so on taking a hit, the entire European Project takes a hit.

Likewise of course it can be suggested that Greece is ONE DOMINO.

We can now probably see similar Countries of similar debt proportions struggling with repayments to potentially also go the route traversed by Greece, they have had similar AUSTERITY to us within the United Kingdom and do not forget we in the United Kingdom still retained our own Currency, so it would not be as great a hardship for the Greeks themselves to return to the distribution of a new Currency not tied to Europe and all the international monetary policy’s of Greater Powers.

Yes we tried to stay in the European Exchange rate mechanism and it failed us, hence our retention of the Pound, and now we see that we could well be beginning to see A MASSIVE WORLD WIDE DEVALUATION of all markets and all currencies to better reflect REAL REALITY, this was something suggested by myself several years ago on the Holosync Blog as being required and given some of the real loony nonsenses that various CULTURES such-as FACEBOOK and other international business driven agendas have thrown up, it is of no great loss to see such things occurring.

Of course all sides will blame the other whether from a leftist angle or a rightist angle though likewise FREE MARKET ENTERPRISE means just that and trying to ESTABLISH UNIVERSAL ORGANISATIONS such-as a European Community without Budgetary and fiscal Control was always going to be on a hiding to nothing.

Yes local or National Parliaments hold the Budget Powers and Europe MAKES REQUESTS as to expenditure contributions, something the likes of Nigel Farage often forget to tell the people they are selling nonsense IDEAS to.

So will the Markets See Domino Effects coming to bear, will capitalism be vindicated or quashed by the GREEK EFFECT, interpretation of course often coming from those who can see the wood for the trees and are busy away crafting or carving out their own opinions and ideas as to how to make some worthwhile contribution to Humanity and or otherwise raising the FLAG and STANDARD of living for anyone who is willing to listen to what WISER HEADS have foretold for many years.

Yes extremism is perhaps now going to go into overdrive as we see ever greater demands placed on our Armed Forces to have words with the chaps bearing ISIS FLAGS, yes strange though true of course when we look to the Colour Scheme of black and white we are typically reminded once again of pirate like organisations and when you look through history you do often find that similar likeminded cultures and philosophies sprang up around the World in a somewhat Universal Fashion at various points within History.

Are things about to become Long John Silvered?

Yes very important subjects and matters of debate I am sure though typical of someone who knows far to little to make any worthwhile contribution that has not already been made elsewhere.

Another aspect is perhaps that one of compass bearings and numbers though am quite sure that those who require such things are already aware of how the operatives are operating on given point to point travelling and moving days and so on, the difference between having a general idea as to what a given group is doing and the mandate for operations they have been granted and trusted with and-or otherwise. I see that Mr Abbot has been speaking on the ISIS issue and also some report as to our Special Forces stepping up operations within mapping sectors where they presently have no mandate to be, those things of course debatable given that many such peoples and persons within those HIGHER LEVEL CATEGORISATIONS ALREADY OPERATE on borderless identities and teachings and practices anyway, that kind of information can be garnered by anyone who has read or studied some of the books and indeed by anyone who has taken up the meditation and of course likes to speculate as to which group are going to make the most CONSISTANT contribution to finding and spotting targets and calling in the Air Support and all the rest of those things.

I think I have repeated that the World does not stop spinning just because someone wishes to get of and that IDEA can be presented across all sectors of working life and business’ and so on, whilst one group is going into battle, typically another group has signed up for training and rotations are a constant ongoing Logistical Matter whatever the realm and whatever level anyone happens to identify themselves as being at any point within a Career or lifetime and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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