Dear Dave

You bloody idiot, I said we are called the AngleAFist Team, clean your bloody ears out man. Now we are going to get all those bloody body beautiful nonces and ponces running around thinking that they can make the grade.



Yes strange though true we can of course mishear or deliberately scult and craft words and meanings to every finer levels of detail and of course INTERPRETATION of IMAGE is seemingly KING.

I of course grew up with an elder brother and typically had many a wrestling like squabble and fight with him during our younger years, whilst I also know of other lads who had similar activities with their sibling’s and likewise you often hear about having sisters being worse in that pulling hair and nails etc. comes to the fore, though I generally think such things whilst high-lighting CLAIMED or PRESUMED differences do not necessarily ADD-UP.

I of course grew up watching great big ugly like wrestlers Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy on British TV and they of course led to the Body Beautiful kinds of Wrestlers later seen within the WWF now named WWE (I think) having had to change due to the World Wildlife Fund owning WWF like names and associations etc.

So of course we can say that many of those American Wrestlers were just as ugly in reality as the Brit’s though typically made up for such things with greater levels of Sun Tan’s and PERSONA and very often HGH OCTANE ADRENALINE IMAGES. Hulk Hogan in the News recently of course The Biggest Legend in many ways, strange how times change though I would say that whilst I have not viewed/watched or followed wrestling for many years, his is a name that carries huge international appeal and weight.

In fact I would go out on a limb and say that them (whomever they are) kicking him (Hulk Hogan) out of the Professional Wrestling Organisation is the same as Britain telling the Queen you cannot be Queen anymore).

Yes I know many other wrestlers existed prior to Hulk Hogan and many others have appeared since, though he was at the Forefront of people’s minds when making those buy at ticket BOX OFFICE APPEAL DECISIONS.

So he was or has been an Ultimate EXTREME Entertainer and it is typically DIFFICULT to have a sane discussion on what such entertainers say or do, because of the World in which they inhabit. If Hulk Hogan’s SECRET BLACK LOVECHILD came out and said I do not mind my dad using the N-word the entire landscape would be forced to shift of course, given the Double-edged sword nature of many of those NONSENSE debates as to what is offensive versus otherwise.

I have of course I think spoken on watching various famed American Black Comedians over the years and typically they would often HIGH-LIGHT the disparity themselves in the sense that any race can have a sense or levels and classes of being within a Community and what labels can be applied to differing characters and shysters and gangsters and so on within those Communities, much like Britain had a great debate a few years ago on some seeming disparaging label being adopted as a positive by peoples within the STYLED CULTURE. What was it? I forget in honesty though we again have had them before and they always reappear in some new variant or DISGUISE.

So much like my speech on Supermarket Fruit and vegetables being obsessively chosen for IMAGE and given to Being Rotten on the Inside.

We can of course say the same about many young men and women who have excelled in modelling themselves on Body Beautiful at the expense of personality or indeed the Brains and ability to be a more all-round kind of character.

Yes the obsession that began with go to the gym and sculpt your body shape is all well and good, though typically does not stand up to the scrutiny of those who follow of train in sports.

I say this as someone who has had a Gym Phase though likewise in growing up playing sports, I came to see that differing muscle groups provided differing strengths and weaknesses, typically many a body beautiful gym freak, would not necessarily last very long with someone who is not considered so beautiful though has all the appropriate muscle and body build for Boxing or Martial arts or any number of strength and stamina like activities.

Finding a balance is of course a tough one, I know ex-army lads who used to complain about being literally fed-up encouraged to eat and eat and so on typically of course not complaining when the exercise turned the FUELS into bigger and stronger bodies and so on.

This Input plus that activity equals this set of parameters, values and attributes whether regarded as body strength and density and weight and stamina and all the rest of those things.

Of course maintaining such things through life you can in fact become stronger and so-called hardened through continuous training, though likewise we do hear of fitness obsessive’s over exerting themselves in some fashion or indeed people who have not warmed down appropriately, yes have warming up periods in your activities and warming down periods, (if possible) because going from any kind of extreme to another in terms of external conditions interacting with your body can cause issues.

Diver’s and climbers of course know this in terms of the appropriate levels of Oxygen and Air RATIO’S required and typically such things have to be somewhat PERSONALISED. Yes Body Mass Index Measure can be used as guidelines though any expert in any area of life and field wants to know intrinsically “What their own Body is telling them” and to be better able to make sensible decisions on that feedback, pushing through any mental wall or barrier is not always the best action, if slowing down or speeding up or having a rest can give you a second wind etc.

So another Hot sunny day and the news has been somewhat limited at present where everyone typically thinking about Holidays and SUSPICIOUS HIGHLIGHTED Stories are typically given a “TOLD YOU SO” dismissive shrug of knowing by those who did not really know though like to PRETEND that they did.

Importance rating of a Lord caught with Ladies making a Living from the Oldest Profession Scandal, BORING, The American Scout Movement enabling and allowing Leaders to be Gay, as though permission is required? BORING, though typically I must add that appropriate countermeasure must surely be introduced to counter people who actually believe that SEX PREDATORS of all stripes can be genuinely trusted within given populations, especially given the extremism that often led to such peoples in the first place.

Yes it is okay for you to be who you will be, though likewise that is something that often requires learning as to the LIES AND DECEIPT and nonsense and bullshit that can be found across all communities at all times by many a peoples and persons for most of our lives.

Who is demonstrating operating from a sensible position and who is simply baiting and nonsense generating?

Dirty Money? Another story of course to be considered, given the SPIRITUAL BEINGS living a human existence IDEAS, shifting the IDEA of MONEY into a SIMILAR VEIN must surely follow, all money is spiritual and modern times demonstrate perhaps such things in terms of them being weird and warped and wonderful numbers in computer systems that systematically demonstrate very often that a ghost exists within the machine, given that it mysterious grows all by itself with INTEREST.

The other story is related to the Suspected Soviet Submarine potentially found of the coast of Sweden, that again perhaps related to the Espionage issues, I did write a long article on espionage matters and how you often in releasing come to be far more DISCERNING in what you decided through choice and options to what to be NOSEY about. Many issues and topics of course because this David’s SHOULDER SHRUGGERS.

I can offer and proffer OPINION and ADVICE based upon my own experience, lessons and life though typically many an INTRANSIGENCE cannot be resolved at the Level of Awareness and Teachings and so on, that many a New person may be coming to these technologies from.

Generational Issues also high-lighted in that a Court overturned a Will, where a daughter claimed money’s from deceased mother’s will. Again Exceptionally WRONG, I really do think that will’s irrespective of the time and so on of writing really could do with being enforced at all times, unless significant demonstration can be made as to COERCION or other malpractice by influencers and manipulators and so on. Son Of Gadaffi also high-lighted hence my Generational Label.

Yes weird warped and not very interesting at all really, we shall have to PROCEED WITH our very own versioning of

The Italian Job, now what Country needs and requires some rogue British criminals to race around in mini’s in dirty dozen anti-hero fashion?

Yes in truth it would have been nice because of all these Heightened Cold War Era things coming to the Foreground to see such a movie based within one of those Great Ancient Eastern European Cities that the West has not had access to in recent years.

The Hungary Job? The Slovakian Job? The Prague Job? The Edinburgh Job? The Liverpool Job?

Yes I found myself seeing one or two reference to Liverpool recently and-or at least that is where my own mental trigger took myself when thinking of other Gerry Anderson like puppet shows, no not Stingray but CAPTAIN SCARLET.

Anyway keep on keeping on and write, write, write until you can see that your Editor may very well be hindering you from the performance of a lifetime, or indeed that your deepest FEAR, that narrow dark passage into some minority grouping, is in fact a major RED HERRING and diversion and distraction to far more important matters that all and anyone could be placing focus and attention and concentration upon, now what the hell was that Securicor Van Doing There?

You are only supposed to blow the bloody HOOD off? Yes taking well worn phrases and then popping in an alternate is of course another excellent thinking strategy to getting shifts, as to variations and etc.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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