So What Kind Of Skepticism Is The Best Of British

Yes it is only a somewhat small story to most folks at present though self-publicists are continuing to keep the story up and running so one may as well comment upon it.

Mr Farage of UKIP fame who came to prominence and wealth fame and fortune via becoming a Euro MEP is high lighting that a No referendum Campaign has yet to have come to the fore. What the Country perhaps requires and needs are campaigners who have not operated on a TROJAN Horse scheming System, VOTE FOR ME I AM AGAINST THE INSTITUTION I am seeking election too, and the wages are lifestyle are dismal, and you can take my word for it having been your MEP representative for X many years blah blah.

Of course MEP’s are a strange breed in that they are lesser known to us mere mortals fed on diet of squabbles at Westminster, yes in Gravy Train Terms, it may well be suggested that creating some minority party that would not make the grade at a local or national level and then campaigning and promoting yourself as authoritative and knowledgeable on all matters EU, is the way to line your pockets and grease the mental cogs of peoples and persons who want some external entity to blame all the wrongs in the World upon as a focus.

We have already said that the EU can only ever ask for finance from National Parliaments, so we could of course simply stop funding them, and then see how quickly he Gravy Train Merchants turn attention from anti-campaigning to where are our wages campaigning.

Elsewhere some American Dentist is being high-lighted for having slaughtered ASLAN or some such Heroic Favoured Lion, we of course have a Great Hunting Tradition in the United Kingdom and many an old and Creeky Castle and Manor House can be found with the Heads of Slaughtered Animals mounted on Shields.

Of course, had such an activity been carried out with his bare hands then he would be regarded as a Samson, or even a Daniel in the Lion’s Den or Hercules type figure, though typical of American Tourists wanting adventure and to appear Heroic and so on, he hires local guides and pays huge sums and fee’s to carry out such activities in a mostly safe (for himself) fashion and manner.

Yes we would all perhaps prefer to have a gun to hand much like Indiana Jones tired of Fighting with sword and whipping out his pistol, though premeditated Hunting that is not for food or to serve some Ecological Topic or issue (such-as Fox & Badger Culling etc.) is generally regarded as an outright offence, of the just because you can kind.

Yes the Just because you can attitude and mentality to life the Universe and Everything, is one demonstrated throughout many realms of Society and of course just as an individual can apply some just because he/she can within some minor or obscure realm, we can demonstrate that the HIGH-LIGHTING of issues can place the boot firmly on the alternate foot in terms of knowing that we have institutions such-as the Police and Military and other External Entities that can also apply a JUST BECAUSE WE CAN attitude toward wrongdoers within some realms.

Of course that is often down to issues of judgment as to ownership and so on, where an owner for instance of a Business knows they have to comply with higher Societal wide laws and sectors, much-as my place of work has to comply with local Authority employed Vets versus internalised Company rules and regulations that may run fowl of genuine laws of the land because such internal business infrastructures and doctrines are often set up as ways and means to pretend and convince employee’s of lack of responsibility.

We have often heard for instance of Car Park type disputes as to whom owns them, a business or a local authority and of course more recent times has seen local authorities sub-letting such managements to outside contractors or indeed confirming that the firm or business is responsible.

So many a business’ and indeed management structures IDEA of taking responsibility is to try to give themselves get out of jail cards, that are based in complete falsehoods and do not stand up to the inspection of outside experts and peoples and persons with more broad and wider based knowledge sets.

Elsewhere we are also seeing The Top Gear Team Signing up with Amazon Prime just as I myself have switched to Netflix, Netflix is still predominantly operating from the Model that I signed up to Lovefilm for, a set fee each month and no surprises. I of course when Lovefilm was bought my Amazon expected the same service to continue though Amazon switched the Lovefilm model into a Pay per view model, and “child of mine” rapidly demonstrated why pay per view cannot be trusted, I typically getting email upon email of “Thank you for your purchase”, set up a pin they say, I set up a pin that only I could use and the PIN SYSTEM does not work, I know this because I continued getting “Thank you for your purchase email” and an ever increasing on-line library of what is best described as “Teen Junk” like shows and so on. Will I cut my losses?

Well I am tempted too, the problem of course being one of integration, So-called coming together of business and the respective hierarchies combining is leaving us users with less choice. If I do decide to completely ditch Amazon Prime, then I will likely stop using AMAZON all together, because they have tangled and interwoven all the business in such a fashion that leaves users with little choice other than to take the most absolute and extremist action.

So I did of course take that approach to Facebook, once I saw the way it was going and indeed the highly negative hate campaigning that it was utilised for.

Facebook in the news for growth and money figures, though it is perhaps typical of an end user delivery system, in the sense that a framework has been created (much as windows or MAC OS) were frameworks for software developers and firms. Facebook of course far more accessible to home user people in terms of super making things easy options and integrations.

So I returned to Facebook for the Learning Strategies Write Well Course Group, though given the lack of interaction I can see or indeed willingness of other course participants to participate, I will likely simply come to the conclusion to DISCONNECT from that service also.

So growth and expansion planning and so on only works if you trust and are in alignment with the feedback and Return systems you are seeking to utilise and indeed are within groups that are active, this group seems to myself to be dead in the water, or maybe that is just myself (who is dead in the water) and peoples and persons willing to interact with myself in an upwardly mobile rewarding and so on fashion is simply not occurring or happening.

Yes Windows 10 is here and free to all and anyone who already has a Windows operating system and account, apparently it is bing highlighted as being more geared to classic desktop pc style peoples and persons, though I typically bucked the trend in loving windows 8 and 8.1 on my Surface Pad anyway, I guess that was typical of cutting my losses on the traditional Laptop PC options, because all these WEB SERVERS and SERVICE COMPANIES (Google, Facebook, Youtube, Myspace, yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn ETC) are ones often geared toward using END USER DEVICES as ONLINE DUMB TERMINALS, (dumb in this instance a word to explain that the ACTIVITY and so on is occurring “OUT THERE” in CYBERSPACE and not local on your PC.

So yes Windows 10 I am sure will be a hit though, I loved Window’s 8 and 8.1 anyway and my experience in more recent years with the Company has been positive, not always a fan of PC’s because I did grow up with INDEPENDANT Home Computers.

So intransigent are all well and good though typically levels of Threshold is perhaps returned to once again in what peoples and persons pupils and teachers alike feel that they can cope with and some stages of Holosync like meditation’s can leave you feeling somewhat shaken and stirred, of course given my early study of Hypnosis like materials, I know I would have typically preferred to have gone straight to Meditation Stimulation, though did not know that until I was Meditating, and few EXPERTS seemingly tell their CLIENTS to click on that little advertising Affiliate Button and go straight to the better all-round remedy, very often preferring to FLEECE CLIENTS in some never-ending spend your money with myself you can trust me fashion.

Of course in truth few can perhaps claim to have experienced or gone through some of the negative experiences that some of us might grab and claim as having experienced ourselves, or indeed those that are often high-lighted by some within CELEBRITY sectors, we often of course encouraged to not be selfish and feel for those poor sad externals rather than yourself.

Easy to say and promote though all peoples and persons perhaps wants to start with money on the table and food in the belly for themselves fashion prior to then highlighting that other externals want the same etc.

What else, well IMMIGRATION is still being highlighted as though it is a CRISIS for us in the UK, of course the sensible approach is to change the conditions by which Externals can legally enter the United Kingdom. How about entry being granted to those who agree and have chemical castration and the female equivalent, so as to not enable them to be able to breed.

Yes the truth of course is that we should get those Hunter types who want to Hunt and simply line them up at Calais and other ports and then say there you go chaps, fill your boots. Clearly all the wishy washy talk talk talk, jaw jaw not war war tactics are and have completely and utterly failed.

We clearly require and need more absolutist and hard line options, typically of course we also seeing reduction in Military and Policing Number Figures when such groupings are seeming being more and more required.

STEALTH PLOTTING and movements and manoeuvrings all round them HUH?

Yes so what next, well I did begin to write several Shirt Stories and often seemingly run out of steam so I figured I would bring together a GROUP OF SHORT STORIES into some Greater Collection of Short Stories as my Writings, the issue then one of shape and form and indeed writing something that I myself would want to read and-or be excited by and all the rest, easy when you are young and not paying your way, though typically maintaining FOCUS and CONCENTRATION when you have no food in the belly and live below the poverty line and are refused help from all quarters and are under seige from intransigents etc, can be difficult to shift or think beyond the most sensible of options, pull the rug from beneath feet of those who are causing the troubles and indeed find greater alignments with people who are one would hope genuinely operating from positions of greater truths and honesty and integrity and so on, rather than bullies and chancers and shysters, who are simply part of criminal networks and gangs.

Yes all have choice though likewise some choices that some folks operate and promote for all are typically exceptionally questionable and subversive in the extreme.

What else, well the Unite States is once again talking on developing a New NEXT GENERATION SUPERCOMPUTER and I of course think HELL YEAH, Let’s get some British Science involved in those projects so we can create our own hodge pot versions of a module here and a power source there and a calculator there and yes, we need and require a SUPERCOMPUTER or ALTERNATIVELY you could very well simply choose to become your own!

Yes brute force processing power systems are typically the stuff of science fiction though getting such systems up and running when CLOUD COMPUTING has seemingly overtaken traditional computing is going to be a somewhat difficult INTEGRATION to make.

I think a NEW MODEL is required, though deciding what is BEYOND present supercomputers, and cloud computers and so on is a decision that will alter the Course of history should the decision making process be found to be right wrong or inappropriate.

Yes a swarm is occurring and Mr Camerron is correct in his wording, swarm also a term of course used for locusts and bee’s and indeed within Computer Modelling to describe some kinds of robotics Modelling, so we can have particle swarm and likewise robots and nanobots can operate in a swarm fashion just as any grouping of people can operate in a swarm.

Yes Military and defenders are supposed to DEFEND barricades against Storming Mobs and Swarming runaways, though typically of course,

All and everyone will always in always return to the most basic of questions as to PURPOSE INTENTION


Thank you for reading and God Bless and Be Well 😉

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