What Is The Purpose Of Inconvenience?

So before asking or debating or coming to some conclusion regarding the title, I would first off like to make a book endorsement.

In fact of course it is one I have seemingly made many times over since signing up for the write well series, Sam Horn initially perhaps made her name coaching and explaining and teaching the philosophy and psychology behind her work Tongue Fu and of course she encountered perhaps many a person such-as myself who may or may not have had as much success with those teachings as she herself, and on encountering such individuals, it could be suggested was the inspiration for another book themed along similar lines

So she then wrote a follow-up book to Tongue Fu, entitled “Take The Bully By The Horns”

And whilst I would certainly recommend reading her collective catalogue suite of teachings, lessons and learnings, it is this particular book that I feel is most applicable to many a person within some of the realms that I have existed in more recent years.

Typically of course we can all be given to suggestions of that’s old and not what latest research shows and so on, though likewise I have a belief that if someone has successfully navigated life using a well-documented and crafted technique and sequence of strategies than little harm can come about in reviewing or seeking to follow some of the guidelines therein contained.

The book does of course contain a questionnaire, so whilst it is perhaps a standalone that I may or may not have judged as to success or otherwise earlier in life, I truly do think that such books and techniques and strategies can allow and enable peoples and person existing in realms of extremists to get some of those mental ah-ha’s and breakouts especially when combined with the assisted meditation technologies and some of the stronger stimulus mental shifts that comes about through those Technologies.

Yes we can all take a book and indeed go through each and every person we have encounters with and come to conclusions as to the spread of trail of destruction that some PSYCHOLOGIES can leave in there wake.

All these PSYCHOLOGICAL DYNAMICAL things are explained within the book in quite simple terms, the husband has a bad day, and says some negativity to the wife, who later finds herself telling of the son who lashes out at the sister who bullies some other child and of course most of us can relate to such patterns at some level though FEW can claim to have developed techniques and strategies that RECOGNISE them and offer INTERVENTION like strategies as to breaking all those kinds of cycles and very often the HOOKS and HINGES and TRIGGERS that perpetuate them. So I discovered the Hypnosis to Meditation Trail and then shouted such things from the roof tops and many others of course tried and tested the Technologies for themselves, do not take my word for it, try such things for yourself and voila.

Slowly and surely a rather large shift had gradually come about within various groupings and individuals and peoples and person within the region and various environments via and through those who could NOW see all the cause/effect relational issues setting up ways and means of getting greater improvements in their lives and indeed the lives of family and friends and so on.

So an idiot stumbling on some greater truths perhaps, though likewise a ripple or splash effect occurring whereby the desire of many people to shift toward positive and empowering behaviours and so on, has also caused a shift in those who were initially less than enthused by the teachings and so on.

Now to the Title

So of course when we experience or have frustration within our lives, we often conclude or settle for long held INTRANSIGENT IDEAS such-as this is how it has always been done or how it has always been, though likewise the mantra and stepping stone nature of many of the teachings and so on really is about that become the change you want to see within your own World.

Of course the simplest explanation of a FRUSTRATION is that of incompatible thinking and thought processes or IDEAS coming into conflict.

Many a third way of conflict resolution involves seeking to identify where agreement already exists and indeed seeking to find ways and means of compatibility between the reactions that can be seen when we try to put a square peg in a round hole and so on.

I was recently given the opportunity to upgrade to Windows 10 on my already malfunctioning Laptop, a device that for the most part only has continued usage because it was a device that has a convenient CD/DVD drive, I had decided since upgrading to my Surface Pad to generally stop using the Laptop, though typically of course, when I do upgrade such gadgets I typically have to reinvest, so this morning I decided to purchase a new battery for the Laptop.

How hard can that be?

Well actually as many a person knows, hunting around for spare parts and this component or that component for a regular PC kind of settled down after the early years, whereby some standards were brought into being, likewise the Laptop Market has gone through similar pains and shakedowns and that was partially why I had chosen to right the thing off once it began displaying erratic behaviours and malfunctions, typically of course whilst you can hunt around for bargain basement replacement parts, once you drawn into researching and seeking out appropriate compatibilities it seemingly becomes more and more nightmarish.

So I know the make and model and part number, though typically the introduced “standards” are still somewhat all questionable, many a firm with laptop development created “lock-ins” with user bases and groups quite simply through being incompatible with all other sellers and retailers and manufacturers, a bit like the incompatibility of Apple products with all other manufacturers and so on, they want to establish a user base that is not going to go off elsewhere any time soon.

So I find a website and think yep that’ll do and begin filling out form, form errors. Okay goodbye.

I find another website and think yep reasonable price and begin filling out the form, form errors, okay goodbye.

Now they can of course say but David you have not filled in or provided us the detail we want. They have “a battery” though not necessarily “the battery”, and likewise I have the funds.

So it seems that I am being intransigent, though having developed a taste for quality service standards through Companies such-as Centerpointe Research Institute and Learning Strategies, I have little desire to return to lower standards. We used to complain of having to Negotiate with peoples and persons and so on, and likewise forms and automated telesales systems are not something that enable such debates.

So I went from website to website again and again and instead of taking an intended say 10-20 minutes, the task turned into some marathon 2-3 hour session, I would rather pay a little higher for an exact fit specification, and indeed not experience any “customer service” form errors when making such purchases.

So eventually I found a website and followed the instructions and got exactly what I wanted and followed the simple 1, 2, 3 step ordering and arranging delivery process.

It is amazing how many OLDER websites “ASKING FOR MONEY” have seemingly not been updated for a long time, or indeed act in a SUSPICIOUS FASHION. Given how rarely I deviate from particular largescale “HERD” vendors (Amazon et al), who through monitoring of feedback have identified BEST PRACTICE and preferred steps and stages of huge numbers of peoples within Society.

So I eventually through an undesired and seemingly enforced having to hunt around, found a site that made the process simple and easy and I hopefully now have order on route.

Yes that of course an experience that many a person can have and no I do not count chickens before they are hatched though typically, it also perhaps goes along with that “you have xx seconds” to make an impression and even if a good initial impression was made or indeed it was BORDERLINE (what if’s), most folks want some consistency throughout and anything that breaks the consistency or impression can typically be akin to the fish getting itself of the hook and returning to the rest of its population within deeper oceanic waters or indeed the flow of the river and so on.

So poor initial impression with the purveyors and advertisers of batteries and spare parts merchants for PC’s/Laptops and those things in general, though typically I eventually agreed to part with the money and the Company boss probably through scales and measure of industry and so on probably lives his life on some exotic island somewhere never buying half the merchandise that so many of us consider as must have’s and so on.

Yes so the daughter received her edition of Windows 10 whilst she and her laptop were in Hereford last week, and my malfunctioning Laptop has the Software though I think will likely only work, if I make some basic repairs and upgrades to the Laptop, the free software perhaps an incentive to use finance that I may have used for a software purchase toward hardware/spare part purchase.

Yes swings and roundabouts of course, though given the lack of upgrades that Microsoft offer for owners of the RT Surface Pad one still does feel somewhat inconvenienced by the lack of support in some fashion. Yes they can say well the take up for that project and gadget was so little that we are not going to continue to support it, though likewise I can perhaps still shout from the roof tops as to the gadgets overall performance and so on above and beyond any other computer gadget and device that I have owned for many years. One of those perhaps that demonstrates that a Diamond In The Rough; whether an Aladdin character in a Disney Cartoon, or indeed simply a well performing purchase of some description an always be something to focus on when you want to shift to more positive and rewarding beliefs and so on.

Yes the car is broke or the bus aint running and the cycles wheels are flat though the feet still work and lungs take in OXYGEN.

Thank you for reading and where are your real values and attributes and focus and concentration taking you?

PS.Sam Horn if you ever pop by, could you consider converting some other writings to electronic reading devices (ConZentration), as I far in a way prefer books on the electronic format services such-as Kindle than otherwise (these days) strange though true, I used to prefer a book in the hand, though one can only ever have so much storage space, and when you take courses such-as Photoreading, that encourage reading huge quantities you quickly can come to see the benefit of electronic books or indeed living in a Library town or City.

God Bless and be Well 😉

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