Dear Dave, Your Punditry Makes Me Look Like Jesus Christ

Dear Dave your punditry makes me look like Jesus Christ, OMG, how could anyone get so many so obvious results SO WRONG.



So of course the problem of course of it always being an inside job, in the sense that all that we take in within our sensory capabilities is also interpreted within our own sensory capabilities and typically we at any age can see just how skewered or distracted we become to where we are placing attention.

Strange though true even with RAISED THRESHOLD and AWARENESS of various CLU’ING FEEDBACK & RETURN SYSTEMS, we still then have the choice and option as to TAKING NOTE of the given information.

I have found through level upon level that a certain degree of variation nearly always occurs in large datasets and typically as I have suggested via many a MATHEMATIC MODEL DEMONSTRATION:-

It only takes the smallest of degrees or floating point numbers to give a HUGE variance from the result you believe you will be getting and the ACTUAL result you will find yourself facing.

Likewise of course, one is reminded that some folks have been practicing such activities for many years, whilst some of us have simply used the SPORTING GAMBLING IDEAS as a kind of witness feedback and return model that is typically a popular one among large numbers of humans about this World.

Many claim otherwise, though rarely when WITNESSING BUSINESS REALM NEWS from all quarters of the Globe do you see much various from SCANDALS as to financial exchange business dealings and indeed gambling syndicate arrests and so on.

So we can keep falling constantly into the short term traps and pitfalls, we can invest some faith hope and charity that the many teachers are being genuine in there teachings and feedback return systems, or we can go the route of setting up for ourselves in some fashion, a means and way to ensure that we are ourselves more centered and so on within our own Universe and are perhaps able to place some distance between MOTIVES and INCENTIVES versus otherwise.

Just to follow up on what I wrote this morning

We have wins in the Rugby for

Japan, Georgia, Ireland, France?

My only correct prediction being Ireland at this point in writing.

And in the football

We had

Chelsea, West Brom, Bournemouth, Watford, Stoke/Leicester draw, Swansea/Everton draw, West Ham

Making this David exceptionally poor had he placed any money’s on the outcomes of these games, in fact I have found similar issues with whatever sport I turn too.

In fact I have found that in reality, no matter how far we want to extend our PREDICTIVE capabilities, that generally they are easy on a day-to-day basis than they are in advance, the more beliefs we have related to TIME and SCALES AND MEASURES of time, the more wrapped up in confusion and chaos we all seemingly become.

So we any of us can become a reteller of stories or reseller or merchant of other manufacturer’s goods and products and so on, and of course very many people set up in business for themselves doing just that.

Likewise knowing where the mental bottlenecks and so on on is an ongoing debate.

Why does this strategy of feedback and return work so well for these other individuals and not myself?

Very often of course it is the refusal to trust what we are seeing and reading and so on at face value, or likewise the face value material is presented in nasty, harsh, hateful or downright offensive, fashion and manner and that generally distracts us from being able to carry out a CROSS REALM INTERPRETIVE ability in a sensible fashion.

Anyway I have a Dr Who and Davros Episode to be watching so

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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