My Brain Says No and My Wallet Says Yes

So I was best trying to explain my opinion on so-called bargain hunting and indeed Black Friday and all the very many SPECIAL SHOPPING day that have gradually appeared throughout the Calendar year.

The last year or two has of course since the taking of Fast Broadband combined with increased Internet Usage resulted in America’s Thanksgiving Friday suddenly making it more of a World wide shopping event.

Howver we are seeing reports as to empty high streets and mega on-line shopping, perhaps demonstrating something I pointed out several months ago whilst mentioning a shopping trip with daughter.

We had gone to Hereford’s new “Old Market” precinct and it was busy, though the reality did very much appear that in percentage terms, the walk passed numbers did not equate to purchases made in terms of peoples carrying bags.

So everyone wants to not pay store prices with resultant overheads, instead opting for big warehouses and slave inducing wages. Whilst many a shop assistant can complain about wages, those of warehouse type services providers are seemingly worse, according of course to investigations into Companies such-as Amazon.

Sad though true, I really do think that the High street requires saving in some fashion.  Though given the success of the Corporation I myself work for at present, such success does not come without people’s buying into the so-called scales and measures of production.

So just as all the Butchers and Bakers and Candlestick Makers disappeared due to pile it high sell it cheap Supermarkets, it now seems that those very same retailers are now fighting a new battlefront for their own continued High street presence.

Home Delivery is of course already available from Major supermarkets, though given how the local Department Stores have gradually disappeared, Hereford used to have 1 or 2 “Local To Hereford” stores that disappeared, although 1 or 2 nationals have arrived since, I do think that despite many a major retailer sitting on cash and stock piles that many in Society are not going to think the wages are acceptable, when they find themselves losing out in various employment realms.

I know for example that many people who got their head down and worked hard and paid of mortgages and so on, and later became redundant or lost particular employment, found themselves unable to enter the job market at previous rates of wage and pay.  This has occurred across many working life realms, not just those high-lighted in some of the National Media’s.

What else, well I do keep suggesting that I want to broaden what I am witnessing and so on, I think the issue for myself with meditation was of course wanting to get to a position whereby I was not feeling traumatized or triggered by what I take in from my senses and so on.

Sounds strange give how we all spend a lifetime accumulating what is effectively data, though likewise of course life courses can change or turn simply through injury or events beyond our own control etc.

So yes, sometimes I feel that I have reached such a juncture or point and other times not.

Clearly perhaps related to the idea I suggested as to layers and indeed trying to learn to much of materials that you may or may not already have and know on some level of your being.

I mentioned for example “The Man From Atlantis” and “The 6 Million Dollar Man” though beyond some brief fragments such as title sequence or music very little is recalled as to the shows themselves, and the same an clearly be indicated for very many show and subject that we any of us may have been influenced by in our younger formative years.

Anyway what else, so yes I went on to Twitter though am not overly impressed by more of the same, and wanting to find some shift I thought purchase some Newspapers you are not so regular a purchaser of.

So I went to the shop leaving Laptop on for a few minutes whilst out, and bought myself a Private Eye Magazine, and most amusing it was indeed, though does strangely have a kind of level of sense and sensibility in that you perhaps have to be familiar with the papers and readership audience that Private eye is aimed at.  They do tend to be geared toward Telegraph and Broadsheet type readership’s though interesting perhaps in that I can still read and understand such things and not feel out-of-depth as one might assume living being from the working classes and so on.  I also decided to purchase a Saturday Guardian, so something different typically means looking at Left wing oriented broadsheets rather than right wing (possibly).

Yes no matter what an independent observer calls such papers, they will often do something to disagree, though you do typically find that you are switching from one bourgeois set to another, who whilst throwing and slinging mud at one another are somewhat difficult to separate when it comes down to AWARENESS and ENLIGHTENMENT and so on.

Okay so The Guardian suggested to be a Favourite among Teachers and Left Leaning middle-classes, though such Labels do give it that broader appeal perhaps of encompassing Arts and free thinkers, where other broadsheets perhaps far more Business/Money Oriented.

So it might be suggested that one group is far more direct and in your face whilst the other group perhaps hedges and is more indirect and acting with discretion, if such things can be gauged.

Yes reality perhaps you will find people within both sides of the leanings that fit the opposite of what they proclaim in terms of choices and indeed cannot see or are totally blind to the fact they themselves are what they declare to be most abhorrent about the other group or set.

Resaerch wie I strangely found myself researching ISLAND STATES such-as Cyprus and Malta, not sure where such things were taking myself beyond noting that both Islands are somewhat SOUGHT AFTER in terms of Strategic Importance, we in Britain still retain some sectors of Cyprus, though I could not see the same information for Malta, even though it would have made some sense.

I also strangely found myself reading up on Mountains, yes Olympus of course famed in Greece Classical Stories though in fact a name given to Mountains in several differing locals including Cyprus.  I then thought hmmn I wonder and began looking for other famed Story Mountains.

In fact of course whilst we generally have Stories related to Himalayas and Everest and Yetis, and indeed some other Mountains such-as Fuji in Japan, I was wondering as to Classical Stories over SCIENTIFIC STORIES, most modern famous mountains typically regarded simply through height boasts, though classical mountain stories more about the LOCAL mountain and Gods etc.

So local mountain stories that I want for reasons of RESEARCH are becoming scarcer to find.

What else well I go to Sky News and see Headline “PM urges fight against ‘Evil’ of corruption” I then go to BBC and see “PM taking bullying claims seriously”


Yes in fact they are related to differing Story’s though in HEADLINE and non-compartmentalizing fashion it is quite easy at present to suggest that there is something wrong at the Heart of Government.

So Tory scandal relating to young Tory bullying and Prime Minister part of the Bullingdon Club set, something about the name hmmn. No Doubt Bully boy Boris Johnson will have to keep a low profile, just as his predecessor Red Ken Livingstone failed to do for similar BEHAVIOURAL ISSUES a week earlier.

So I do not see how you can separate any young Political groupings from Bullying as it is part and parcel of the Present Governmental System and perhaps also a demonstration that for all generational claims as to Class systems being eroded and disappeared that such things are still not all that far away from the surface as underlying issues and so on.

Yes so I read the Guardian and was disappointed that I kind of want to be interested in learning about differing READERSHIP & AUDIENCE mindset’s though do tend to struggle with many subject matter, because I find much of what the press PRESS on a daily basis to be major league yawn inducing materials.

They do say write for yourself and you will always have an audience, though clearly deciding upon what you yourself like and-or can maintain some INTEREST for over a prolonged period of time strangely eludes myself.

If Jesse Norman MP for Hereford, England, United Kingdom says Paula Radcliffe is a drugs cheat then that is what she is, so there.

PANTOMIME season is strangely peaking a little EARLY this year then is it not?

So The Labour Parliamentary Party failed to stop the election of Corbyn by the National Party membership


The Conservative Parliamentary Party failed to stop the infighting and squabbling of the National Party Membership.

So both Parliamentary Parties Groups (MP’s etc) being sidelined somewhat by the activities of the Greater Populace memberships.

Will Fury Win the boxing? I doubt it very much

Will the Murray Brothers win the tennis, Maybe

Will the White Cliffs of Dover still be the White Cliffs of Dover come teatime?

Will Lord Coe be exposed as another money grubber, little different from those exposed in World Football? 

Will David write his view on today’s premier league action?

Aston Villa

Bournmouth Draw

Crystal Palace

Man City

Stoke Draw

Leicester Draw

Well my luck has to run out sometime and it may as well be after reading Private Eye and The Guardian. 

I had something of a sneezing fit after finishing the latter, unsure as to the reason I give for such an event though I am not a regular sneezing fit person, so it could well be a SIGN.

This is far later than intended because on return from shop I once again found laptop updating itself for some major update from Microsoft to Windows 10, and it seemingly took almost as long as the original installation.

I was going to include writing about one or two invented stuffs I have been thinking about though require sleeping on it and perhaps returning this evening or tomorrow.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well. 😉

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